Sunday, March 20, 2011

FFL 2011...Catsuits


Having walked around the FFL sims over a period of a few days it was so tempting to buy a lot of things. However, budget dictated I moderate my spending so I decided to purchase two items that stood out for me…well the second purchase was a few things that pulled the main thing all together.

The blue of sYs shop attracted me to enter and it didn’t disappoint. Having looked around I was drawn to the PULSAR cat suit and then dilemma hit as to which colour to get. Eventually I bought the black and then added the Sound glasses and the YSIS skin to complete the look. A shiny, latex, skin-tight cat suit with designs and ‘buttons’ highlighting this creators talent makes for a stunning head turner. The blue of the buttons is picked up in the lipstick of the skin and the visor of the sound glasses (although the hair I chose hides the sound glasses as a whole). Griddle provided a fun hair to wear with this cat suit and I used SCHMIDT boots to complete the sci-fi look.

Eshi’s shop is always a wonder to walk around, like being in a candy store but for high fashion. The Opium cat suit is a complete outfit with headdress, jacket and boots. I felt like a walking flower having the whole outfit on but it also felt great to wear it. Mind you, not something you would wear down your local high street. A black, leather looking catsuit highlighted with swirls and blue spheres can stand alone when worn with just the boots. The textures are just gorgeous. Then when you add the jacket and the headdress the whole effect just blows you away. The shoulders, collar and skirt of the jacket are like wild petal folds of red and black with blue flecks echoing the cat suit. The hat is a flower, with wonderful texture and details. This is a work of art. To do the outfit justice I paired it with Glam Affairs Nina V-Day skin and Truths Tanya hair. I am not sure where or if I will wear this but I do just love it.

Only 2 days left for this FFL event.

Taxi to the FFL event:

Headshot here:



Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [sYs] YSIS - skin pure (pale) - cleavage
Hair: <> ; Lunch 2.0 - Black
Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes - Shallow End
Eyelashes: Cake, Seperated lashes, tintable
Cat Suit: [sYs] PULSAR - catsuit (black)
Shoes: SCHMIDT liquid boots
Glasses: [sYs] PULSAR - soundglasses


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: -Glam Affair - Nina V-Day 01
Hair: >TRUTH< ; Tanya - espresso
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, Seperated lashes, tintable
Cat Suit: OPIUM by Eshi Otawara (boxed), includes boots.

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