Friday, October 26, 2007

My world and welcome to it!

There are plenty of challenges in Second Life as demonstrated in this video. Once you get past those there is slow rezzing, lost inventory and regions crashing, not to mention avis crashing. When you add a forest of 7 foot avatars to the mix, a small avi could get lost! [A frequent comment I hear from my friends is "Where are you Sam?"]

Well of course, you say, she could be 7 ft too! And that's true. But my choice to remain small wasn't really a choice. I am short in RL and am happy thank you very much, so I saw no reason to suddenly shoot up 2 whole feet. But I DO have to confess that recently I *tweaked* my avi all the way from 5'6" in heels to 5'7" -- how daring!

Sure I get noticed -- I've been asked if I am a child avi [let's not go there:(] The comments range from funny to a bit rude, but being short in SL helps me keep my RL & SL well connected. And I'm pixel proof that being 7' is not necessary for grid happiness. [A new hard drive would help though...]

Okay what will this blog cover after we run out of short jokes? I will deal with some of the problems of being short, but also with a bit of fashion as well as reflections on the pixelated universe our avis inhabit. This will not be about my "Real Life", but, of course, who I am and how I think will come through. Sam is, in every sense that matters, ME.

I welcome comments, but will reserve the right to remove bad short jokes LOL.

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Tymmerie said...

Oh! I am going to like this blog, I do believe! I am also a shortie in RL: 5' 1/2". I feel TALL in SL (my Av is 5'8") - not having to get every pant and skirt hemmed...LOL! And we can fly to reach things on high shelves! I will have to come meet you in person at ETD (I practically live there it seems.)