Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sam's "Inner Critter"

I got a blue fox a while back to keep my late friend , Artistic Fimicoloud company, but never really warmed to the head shape or the color. Then, after her death, as I was searching for my "inner critter," as Sunweaver Chieftess, Rita Mariner put it, I came across Cheetah Kitty's Cheetah avatar at Lost Furest and fell in love. My first one was pink for Relay for Life. This is just a quick outfit I tossed together from an old freebie and a Bossa Nova shrug, also free way back when. Hair is ETD Emily in pink burnt.

Of course furry avatars have different dressing issues than human ones, but at least the feet are taken care of *mews*. The cheetah head needs little adjustment for hair fortunately. [The fox was a serious PITA]. Just back a bit and move a couple of strands for Emily.

When I was looking for a black and white cheetah for an event at Club Cutlass [at Buccaneer Bay] I had a very "blonde" moment and couldn't find it again, so I got the Arctic Fox pictured below. I'm wearing a Last Call design, La Muse. Again Emily from ETD in white burnt. I'm also wearing the Paper Couture River Stone necklace, [earrings are an issue for furries] and the mid-length Grey Gloves from Fleur. I didn't win the contest, but it was a lot of fun dressing this avi.

As I stated I originally bought a furry avi to match Artistic, but now that I've found my "inner critter," look for me on the grid as I'll be a FUR from time to time.
Furrily yours,
Sam [don't call me "hun" ] Barzane

Friday, June 27, 2008

Introducing Noena

Finally a blog from the long one of the team. Thank you again Sam for the very kind words. What a way to be introduced!

It is true, according to SL standards we go back a lifetime. I remember the first time we spoke. Samara immediatly pointed out she did not wanted to be called "hun", that her name was "Sam". Hehe, true, I dared to call her "hun" :) But we became friends. Sam is that kind of person that sticks to the ones she holds dear and I love her for that.

Just like Sam, I'm a bit of a busy person. I'm a photographer (NM studio), a model and a CSR at ETD (where I met Sam). If you like you can always take a look at my flickrpage to get a taste of my work:

Yes, I look forward blogging here. So check in regularly, we will do our best to keep it fun and interesting!
Hope you enjoy! Hugs, Noena

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chic Gingham from DelEmm Design

Often two of a good thing is better than one. This is the case with the Gingham Floral Jewelry set from DelEmmDesign. I purchased the purple set first, liking the softness of the gray beads along with the purple and purple gingham ones. What you can see in the left photo is the little ribbon that ties the necklace -- it's FLEXI and it's absolutely adorable. It flutters when you move.

I'm wearing Nyte'n'Day's trimmed camisole in purple, ETD's Maaliyah in Cinnamon burnt and Fleur's Parfait Deux #3 in strawberry.

In the second pair of pictures I am wearing the Green Floral Gingham set, this time the beads are flecked with a sprinkle of bright colors as well as the green gingham and the white. I'm wearing a more wintry outfit [I was grabbing the first green I could find in my wardrobe LOL.] The sweater is the [Decoy] Just Peachy Cardigan in Forest Green, with a Relika tube top underneath. The jeans are my new favorites from ETD, the silver jeans. Hair is the same, but the skin is Fleur Vivant Lustrous 2 in buff.

So you can see two IS better than one :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

I've been unfaithful >>wink<<

Those of you that know me, know that I wear almost exclusively ETD hair. It's not so much out of loyalty, although that is a factor, but because Elika makes the best darn textures and styles on the grid.

So when I was cruising my out of control inventory to get rid of unwanted demos, I ran across a few from Boon, and soon after #75 was mine in Dark Brown and a color called "Mat", which looks ash blonde/gray to me. Bad Sam.

I'm wearing Fleur's Parfait Deux 6 skin in strawberry -- I was wearing the Parfaits this weekend because we had a sale on them at Rue D'Antibes and fell in love again with Roslin and CJ's genius all over again.

My eyes are Miriel's Quiet Green Big. I am wearing the sequined striped cami from "It's All Good" and my jewelry is the charming Butterfly Frolic from Earthtones. All this because I strayed ....


Or were they figments....

I was over at Fuel's store on the Fragment sim and, while looking around I ran into this wonderful build. I learned later on the fashion feed [slow avi that I am] that it's a hot new fashion store. Name of the store is .:: MekaNoiZe Labs ::

I had looked inside, but wasn't my style so took pictures instead.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Something in the wind ..... Introducing Noena :)

You may notice a new name for the blog. And soon a new look :)

All this is because my dear friend, Noena Merlin, has agreed to blog with me! YAY! She's been my friend since October 2007, a lifetime in SL(tm) terms. We've worked together at ETD, we've laughed, we've played and we've shopped. Did I say shop ???? We'll both pursue our own styles and, hopefully, occasionally do a joint post.

The blog name has changed because Noena isn't vertically challenged. The new title is a play on our SL(tm) heights, but it is also an American idiom that means something that you say when you intend to tell someone something in the quickest and simplest way possible or the truth of the matter. Well we may not be short-winded, but we will try to tell the truth :)

So please welcome my friend, Noena, to The Long and the Short of It! Let the blogging begin!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Layers are the new Black!

Although both Marni Grut and Sasy Scarborough have blogged nicely on the new Fleur system layer belts, I figured another set of examples couldn't hurt!

I'm showing just how versatile the new system layer belts from Fleur are, by putting together an outfit that uses both the jacket and the shirt layers. My outfit is the new Vacation from *DP* Serendipity in green and brown, which thoughtfully provides the open jacket on both the shirt and the jacket layer. I substituted a cocoa colored camisole for the bra as I am not a bare midriff kind of avi -- and it helps show off the belts better!

In the first pair of photos I am wearing the Triple Hoops belt in Tan, on the left on the jacket layer and on the right on the shirt layer. This is the one of the 6 belts that is worn at the waist position.

In the second set of photos I am wearing the patent leather belt in tangerine on the shirt layer and the leather weave belt in scarlet on the jacket layer. [The buckle is really round --but I kind of like what my pose did to it LOL] Necklace is an old Canimal freebie. Shoes are Shiny Things Supernovas in sunset.

The last photo shows the patent leather lemon belt again with a combination of tops from Ornamental Life. On the shirt layer is the sheer top from Summer Feels Wee and on the undershirt layer is the tube top from Freckled Lizzy. Shoes, hair and cords are ETD -- skin is Fleur Vivant Pin-Up 3 in bronze.

++ Sasy's Blog
++ Marni's Blog

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Medieval Gala Ball for Relay for Life

Tonight at 6pm SLT The Passionate Redheads [my relay team] are holding a gala ball in a medieval castle, that will be auctioned off during the ball! Silent auctions, dancing and much merriment will complete the evenings festivities.

Here's the location: -- get out your medieval duds and join us!

This is what I am wearing to the ball. Miriel Enfield's Lene dress in amethyst with ETD's Hermia in cinnamon burnt. My jewelry is the Princess Nieve set in purple from Alienbear worn with her Diamond stars & pearl forehead tiara. My skin is Fleur Blossom 2 in buff. Shoes are also ETD's Orsay in eggplant.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

My apologies for the hiatus in blogging. As some of you know, my dear SL friend Artistic Fimicoloud died on May 26. Since then I've been mourning, arranging and attending memorial events and taking over the management of Park Galleries, which she owned.