Monday, April 8, 2013

Strawberry's Meme

1. First SL Friend:  Literally my first friend was Kegan Allstar. We clung together for a bit, then she didn’t log on for a long time. My First REAL Friend was and still is Fury Stapleton. I bought my first 512 uphill from her. Her house was a wreck, literally, from some event I forget. She was tall, gorgeous and chic-ly dressed. I was in total awe. Fury is the one who took me to ETD and Simone to get my first decent hair and clothes. We’ve been best mates ever since, having met in RL twice.
2. First SL Kiss: Nope. Altho there was this French avi who followed me around for a while asking me if I wanted to neck. I finally shook him off.
3. First SLex time/place/partner: Nope. I cybered in back in telnet days, when words were the medium. Made the decision on arrival not to go that route.
4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband:  My RL husband. He’s never online, but the name in the partner box and the ring stops most pests.
5. First SL Job: Assistant to Ella Sartre, owner of a translation business. It was Ella who got me in the door at ETD.
6.  First SL Creation: Probably a very bad house.
7. First Encounter with a Linden: Socrates, when I rezzed one of those take your money things-I wasn’t dumb enough to click yes, but I was dumb enough to rez it. Since then I’ve met a couple more, either at ETD or when I was having a land issue. Torley commented on my  “Only in SL” set on Flickr. *dies*
8.    First Encounter with a SLebrity: Would have to be Elikapeka Tiramisu, who hired me even though I was clearly a fashion disaster. It was Fall 2007 and I was still wearing system eyelashes. Next would have been Roslin Petion who was wandering ETD while her sim rebooted. I ended up working for her too. The other two people I was in total fangirl/awe of were Milla Michinaga—her blog was soooooo chic *sighs* and Grazia Horwitz whose photo skills scared the crap out of me, but she was a friend of Roslin’s so I got to know her. I ended up working for Milla for a year and Grazia is my SL sister and we’ve met in RL also.
9.    First SL Sim you fell in love with: Svarga
10.  First SL Blog Post: Do I have to? I knew I should have deleted it.