Friday, October 31, 2008

Hello Fellow Ghosties & Ghoulies!

Every self-respecting witch should have a classy broom--thanks to Kari & Torrid Wear I do :)

The outfit is the same as yesterday with the addition of ETD Heel Strap Platforms in Persimmon and the new Allure Audacious 1 in Ivory.

Happy Haunting!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Kani Halloween!

I danced at Club Cutlass last night, the human friendly, furry club on Sunweaver Air. The theme was 'toon characters, but, being in a hurry, the best I could do was a quick Kani Halloween! Who says bunnies are only for Easter?

My avi is one of Uchi Desmoulins beautiful Kani Bunnies -- this one in Mocha. I adore the pinkish inner ear :) I am wearing a Halloween special from Hexed called Envy. It may or may not be last years. The necklace is recolored from the Cachet Christal set.

My hair *is* this years from the Grid-Wide Halloween hunt. I'm a crappy hunter [I'm a bunneh!], but I did manage to acquire this amazing hair from IROLLIC. We need another pumpkin holiday so I can wear this more often *grins*. What is obvious is that not all hairstyles fit around Kani ears ;) But who cares -- it's pixels and it's a Happy Kani Halloween :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

From Top to Toe:)

I have to admit that I'm a copycat here:) After I saw the (luc) Rebirth poster on the feed and knew I NEEDED it, I was also hunting down the camisole Grazia was wearing in the ad. As luck would have it, it was part of Celestial Studio's Phoenix Sweater Dress. Which I then bought in two colors because it was so wonderful. I'm wearing the Thistle.

Now how many ways do I love this dress? Many!! The cami *is* superbly lacey, but don't miss the wonderful textures on the dress itself, with the ribbed edge and the delightful double row of little buttons, plus a prim belt that is amazing and helps to mask the connection between the top and the system skirt. Yes -- system skirt. Thank you Starley for not saddling us with one of those mini-skirt prims. This is a delight! Oh and then there are the lace-edged leggings. This is just about perfection in pixel-wear.

My shoes are Elika's new Kristin Booties in Plum. The softness of the textures and the yummy bow on the side make these booties very wearable indeed!

But of course not forgetting where this all started -- with the new (luc) set, Rebirth. I got it in Turquoise, which reminds me of the Navajo Blossom design, but with the added benefit of a metal change script. I'm showing you both the black and the silver.

While looking for hair that wouldn't cover the eyes on my new Allure Smokin' 2 skin from Fleur, I rediscovered ETD's Tyra in my inventory, which I am wearing in Cinnamon Burnt. The skin shade is Truffle. Between this makeup and Lounge 2 I may never need another skin. What pleases me so much is that, in providing us with more detail and contrast in Allure, Fleur has not lost sight of the perfection that is their hallmark.

So thanks to (luc) and Grazia for getting me started and the Celestial for keeping me going!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Launching in Style!

I was going to wear Nicky Ree's beautiful Mooie Vogel to the launch of Fleur's new skin line, Allure, but when my ARC came in at over 7,900 I opted for the pants version of Nicky Ree's Brenda in pink. I figured that I shouldn't be the one to lag the sim LOL

Anyway this is one of my first Nicky Ree full outfits that I purchased and I am happy as could be that I could press it into service for the event. My shoes are even older, the *Essential* Stiletto in Rosy Brown from Prim Seduction. And they seem "made" for the outfit. I'm wearing sachi Vixen's Bad Hair Day in ... erm I'll have to check [insert embarrassed face here] and Lucas Lameth's Butterfly Frolic in Gold.

All of this was to show off the new Allure skin I am wearing. In Allure I normally wear Truffle, but somehow Ivory slipped on my pixels and stayed. The makeup is Exotique 3.

I'm sorry I've taken so long between posts, but I have been busy helping many of you find your perfect "Allure." Don't be shy -- I'm happy to help!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's Allure-ing . . .

The new skin by Fleur -- yes I work there, but I'd be in lust even if I didn't :) We've been waiting for this release and now it's here!

Come see the new glam and luxe skin line starting at 12 noon SLT. Demos are free AND transferable!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's All New !

And, to borrow Camie Cooper's store name briefly -- "It's All Good!"

First and foremost I am wearing a preview copy of the NEW Allure skin line from Fleur, specifically, Exotique 3 in Truffle. The fashion feeds have been full of wonderful reviews and I've been too busy with the impending launch on Sunday at 12 noon SLT to post myself. BUT it IS all good. Delicious shading, scrumptious makeups and new skin tones to melt your pixels. I am so happy and proud for Roslin & CJ -- Allure was worth the wait!

I am also wearing a new release from (luc) Fashion Jewelry [formerly Earthtones] called Athena--the beautiful crystals sparkle with a complex color range. (luc) had a wonderful opening last week, so be sure to check out the new build and the wonderful new sets. He also has new store cards available.

My hair is from ETD--YES Elika Newness :)))))) Can we say happy? How about ecstatic?? I'm wearing Tiana in Apricot Burnt and just plain loving it. The other new style, Yvette, is lovely too. My shoes are also ETD's Peep Slingbacks in Red.

Last, but not least, is the Japanese Dress from !WigWamBam. It is the prettiest, best made dress I have seen for L$100 on the grid.

So grab the newness available now and come to the Allure Launch on the Fleur sim at 12 noon SLT, tomorrow, Sunday, October 18!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wowie in Kau'i!

Last evening there was a smashing party at Seven, Ultra Lounge to celebrate the re-branding of Lucas Lameth's Earthtones to the epynonomous (luc). I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend, along with a Who's Who of SL fashion. The DJ was duckyfresh Watanabe. I'd never been to Seven, and I must say I was impressed by the ambiance.

So what did this small avi wear? I did try for low ARC with middling success. In the end it was the boon 75 hair in Mat that did me in LOL. I wanted an outfit that would go well with the Silver Kau'i set I had bought at the closing sale for Earthtones, so, after an inventory rifle, I selected Shai Delacroix's Roche in gray with Alligator slacks in olive. Shoes are Zhao's Sadie, bought on sale. My skin is an old Gala "Gray" in Medium that is still available at the Alady store.

Be sure to visit the new (luc) store -- your old Earthtones LM will still get you there.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DelEmma's Seaglass Jewelry an Expo Must!

My ETD colleague, Emmanuelle LaFollette, dropped the new Seaglass Sets on me last week and I was too d**n busy to even look. So imagine my delight when I found their booth at the Jewelry Expo [Thanks again Miriel!] and there it was and I said hmmmmm ... I think I have that already. And lo and behold I did!

I'm wearing the Seaglass set in the Mediterranean colors. The others are Atlantic, Baffin Bay and North Sea. The colors and textures are marvelous, having the dull luster of actual seaglass. My photos don't show the wonderful way the necklace lies on the neck. There are two bracelets, once of which is visible at the far left. It's a lovely additional to my wardrobe. Thanks Emm and Del :)

I'm wearing ETD Shari in Auburn Burnt. I modified the barrettes to complement the jewelry. My top is one of the Cashmere Sweaters from Sn@tch in Aqua. Skin is one of the Fleur Boutique Parfait Deux in Strawberry.

Taxi to the DelEmma Design Group booth at the Jewelry Exposition

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What's a Girl to Do?

When Elika isn't making new hair ...

What I have been doing [and have also been recommending to our regular customers at ETD] is to try on demos for styles you never looked at before. This way I have discovered Madeleine, Mary, Tessa and Vanessa I among others. And sometimes a customer's request leads me to a style new to my pixels. Such was the case with Chalisa II, which I am wearing in these photos.

The color is Copper Burnt. It is a non-flexi pony tail that I am finding a pleasure to wear. I am also showing of one of the soon-to-retire Vivant makeups from Fleur Skins. It is Freckle Face 1 in Buff. My top is the *Camie Cooper* Striped Sequin Tank in Red. I THINK the jeans are Iki's old ones that were at Pixel Dolls, but I'm not sure. Necklace and earrings are Bliensen + MaiTai's Agroglyphe in Gold.

But the point is Chalisa II!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

(Kunglers - Couture) Volcana

This past Tuesday I was one of the models in the "Passions of Black Swan" show, directed by Timeless Modeling Agency. It's a great series of shows with lots of beautiful designs and outfits, and all this in the wonderfull setting of the Black Swan sim.

One of the dresses, shown during this latest show, was the (Kunglers - Couture) Passions of Black Swan - Volcana. I didn't model it myself, but I was fortunate to have it dropped on me. And as every fashion loving chicka, I adore being dropped gorgeous dresses! :-)

The Volcana was designed in the spirit of the Black Swan theme and became a very lush and luxorious long gown. It has a lovely feather texture and skirt, with a dramatic collar that is a real show stopper.
The necklace comes in two color versions and perfectly finishes the look.

It's the dress to wear for a glamorous night out, sipping champagne and strolling about on the arm of that handsome man. Or to steal the show as your single amazing self! :)

Hugs, Noena

hair: ETD Aveda-short crop2 (cinder)
skin: LionSkins Suzana - pale 62