Friday, December 31, 2010

What to Wear? Try RED from A&E

It's New Year's Eve and I'm wearing Adam and Eve, starting with sachi's new and elegant formal, Chiandra, in RED. Yes it comes in other colors, but the RED is what you want:) It is a modest dress, despite its color and beautifully textured. I'm also wearing A&E's Connie hairstyle in Golden and the new Taylor skin in Natural Blush. My jewelry is from Donna Flora and the poses are the "Rosalie" ones from Gesticulate. All items except the jewelry were either presents or review copies.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

52 Cerise

Now *I'm* the one who is behind again. So here, a bit later, is CERISE! I started with the ~silent sparrow~ special edition Lysander suit, but in the end all I am wearing from it are the belt and the wings, which I tinted slightly. My tube top and pants are from 5th + Oxford. They are having a brand-closing sale. Everything is 50L including these nautical outfits. My shoes are from Adam n Eve, the newish Margots in cerise/white. My skin is and old Fleur Allure one [alas no longer available] and the earrings are "No Love Lost" from Violate Voltaire. Poses are from the "Naughty & Nice" set from /GEEZ/.

Monday, December 27, 2010

52 Week Colour Challenge…Green

Doing this blogger challenge is really good fun, but it does tentd to make me slightly lazy in the fact that I can always find a formal in whatever colour arises. So to stop this I decided to shake myself up a little and work at each colour by using a different folder in my inventory for each colour. This week’s colour comes from my undies folder.

I love Chanimations and deviousMinds; such creative talent flowing with great ideas. The Feather Queen Diamond lingerie compliments the burlesque poses and props supplied from the same stables. It’s almost there lingerie but still covers the essentials, meaning the imagination still holds supreme in the seduction game. Brrrrrilliant!

I kept the rest simple…the shoes are N-Cores ILLUSIONs, as they seemed the type a burlesque performer may use.

Skin by PXL Creations complimented the green theme, along with Miriels eyes. Hair I kept long and curly for the temptress feel.

Original shot here on Flickr:


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT Lime DEB
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Peacock (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, Seperated lashes, tintable
Hair: Cake - Faith - Black - Flexi Hair
Lingerie: deviousMind: (*FeatherQueen Diamond\lingerie **ABSINTHE**
Shoes: N-core ILLUSION XtremeHeel "Apple"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WOW! New Release

I know I wax lyrical about Nicky Ree and her clothes but this week she blew me out the water with her latest release.

The Pheonix Costume was designed for Serene Faith and helped her win the Miss Virtual World 2011 title.

Now this spectacular gown is available to the rest of us. Based on the Tang dynasty but with a modern twist this costume is a show stopper.

A beautiful svelte gown lies beneath fabric panels then its topped off with a sumptuous transparent full length coat. The design, the textures, the prim work…all absolutely amazing.

I have shown it here as MVW 2011 national costume. The hair is from Tukinowaguma and is complemented with Alienbears jewellery and head piece. Both creators joining Nicky in creating the most elegant, regal, stunning national costume for the competition.

I’ll let the picture speak for themselves…

Flickr shot here:


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT Wine DEB
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Arctic Ocean (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, Seperated lashes, tintable
Hair: Tukinowaguma Youmei Ebony
Dress: *DNR* Phoenix Costume in Ruby Olive
Shoes: N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II "Gold"
Accessories: Alienbear's Oriental Pheonix Serene Set (red)

Monday, December 20, 2010

52 Week Colour Challenge...Cerise

Cerise…well, I am not a huge fan of pink but I do kind of like cerise. That said I don’t have much in the way of cerise in clothing.

After a short search I rediscovered Mimikri’s gift of a while ago, the Seduction hot pink. A system, knee length dress made of beautiful lace. The beautiful touch being the wide waistband sash and big bow at the back made from satin. It reminds me of a cocktail and contemporary version of the Monroe dress when she sang Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend.

I used PXL Creations Candy skin, Lime, to compliment and contrast the dress.

I found a couple of Dressing Room treats that matched this chic dress…*YS&YS* Stiletto Baby and booN LOK255 hair pink. Then another gift finished the look, GaNKeD Suri Rose necklace and earrings.

Thinking about what to do for the shoot I remembered a Juicy gift, Shopping Girl, with pose and shopping bag props. To add to this I also used a recent purchase of DM poses, Toxic Model and Exquisite.

Flickr shot here:


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT Lime DEB
Hair: booN LOK255 hair pink
Dress: Mimikri - Seduction hot pink, gift
Shoes: *YS&YS* Stiletto Baby
Accessories: $GaNKeD$ Suri Rose Gift Box 1
Poses and Props: Juicy Shopping Girl, gift
DM- Toxic model, Exquisite

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Stuffs!

After a hectic Fall I've poked my pixel head above the waterline and lo and behold NEWNESS!

First up is NYC Shirt Dress which is new from the hands of sachi Vixen of Adam & Eve. As you can see I'm wearing it as a shirt;) It has a lovely stand-up collar and puffy sleeves and comes in other yummy colors as well. (This is lemon) My skin is also A&E's Taylor Natural Gold. Jeans are the highwaisted ones from Narwhal, hair is my fave from eha. Jewelry is the Carollin set from (luc) Fashion Jewelry. Poses from /GEEZ/. Background is the view from the Empire State building taken by a young friend of ours.

Everyone was raving about "mon tissu" the brainchild of well-known and respected designers, Emma Gilmour and Julliette Westerberg. Took me a while to get there, but folks were right. This is very beautifully done work at a fair price. I'm wearing the Joli beaded top in brown. And right here I have to say that the textures are amazing and that the sculpted prim skirt thingy is the best I've seen for wearability and matching.

I'm also wearing the MichaMi Laila trousers in Coffee AND my One Eleven indulgence, The Wanderer shoes in Brown Sugar from Ingenue. And, while digging through my mess of an inventory for jewelry I came across "Louhi" by Tekeli-li, which is usefully color-change.

Hair is from the, alas, defunct Amrita store. I saw it first on Cajsa Lillehook, who is very sick right now. So a shout-out to her to get well soon so I can get more ideas from your blog:) Poses are from Gesticulate. Skin is A&E's Taylor, again, in Natural Blush.

Friday, December 17, 2010

52 Week Colour Challenge...catch up, part 3

OK so I am still playing catch up…hopefully I will get in synch next week.

Sepia…interesting colour. I confess to having lots of earthy colours in my wardrobe but not that many that are actually sepia. The best, and most fondly rediscovered, is Rebel Surf Co. Cocoa Floral Bikini.

Yellow…oooo…definitely not my colour and as such I don’t have much in my inventory that colour. Fortunately, working for Nicky Ree means I get a variety of colour dropped on me for work. One such gown was the DNR Reona Gown in Yellow.

Again, letting the pictures speak for themselves…

Flickr original:


Week 5…Sepia

Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT PaleLips DEB
Hair: > fri. - Anna - Moody Brown
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Honey (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, separated lashes, tintable
Beachware: * Rebel Surf Co - Cocoa Floral Bikini
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Tiptoes

Week 6…Yellow

Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT Orange DEB
Hair: > >TRUTH<>

Eyes: (Burroughs Eyes - The Art of Painting (base)
Eyelashes: Cake, separated lashes, tintable
Dress: DNR Reona Gown in Yellow
Shoes: *H&S* DROPS yellow
Accessories: ~Muse~ Chatelaine Collection - Choker w/ feather (gold)
Zaara : Kashiti bobble ring *onyx* (gold)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Glitter and Fur

Nicky Ree’s latest release is a nod to old Hollywood glamour. The Gina Mermaid Gown sparkles and will turnh heads wherever you go.

A wonderful deep cleavage ‘v’top front matches the deep dipping back, with spaghetti strings mimicking the front ‘v’. A svelte skirt finishing in an abundance of net forming the ‘mermaid’ tail shows off every curve a girl has. Included are both the fur boa and hat to keep you warm on these Winter nights. Every surface has Nicky’s famous hand drawn textures meaning that the quality, as well as the design, is just first class.

I have hardly taken it off my pixels since getting it and blogging other things has become a bit of an issue as I have to take it off…lol.
Seriously, want a head turner for this Christmas??? Then you can do no wrong with the glamorously stunning DNR Gina Mermaid Gown.

Other Flickr pikkies:


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT Wine DEB
Hair: >TRUTH< Tanya - espresso
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, separated lashes, tintable
*DNR* Gina Glitter Gown in Red
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Esprit-Xtd Cherry

52 Yellow

Took me two shoots to get yellow right, but I think I got it. I also experimented with AnaLu's windlight settings. I know, I'm so 2008. Shadows? What are those?

My top is /artilleri/'s Ah Bella shirt in Tropical Yellow. I love the neckline and the sleeves. They are tarty, yet elegant. My skirt is part of the *NR* Gift Box Satin Shine Cocktail Dresses Yellow from Designing Nicky Ree. The ETD d'Orsay Stilettos in Random Yellow grace my feet. They are oldies, but very goodies. The last 3 items are no longer available I think.

Hair: *eha~ Yuki Light Red
Skin: Adam n Eve Taylor Blush makeup in Natural

Thank you again, Luna Jubilee for the fun:)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

52 Week Colour Challenge…catch up, part 2

OK, so I have found a work around for shooting…woot! Still involves an alt but I can now use my main inventory so more choice of clothes.

Goldenrod…now what on Earth is that???? Judging by all the posts I have seen so far it’s a shiny yellow. As it was Nicky Ree released the DNR Josie Corset Gown and Dress which, in yellow, appeared to be the perfect colour…result!

Plum next and this caused a bit of fun finding something. In the ned I was a tadge liberal with my plum…I ‘plumed’ for a pale plum in the end….I know *groan*.

Again, pictures and styling speak volumes.

Flickr picture here:


Week 3: Goldenrod

Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT Orange DEB
Hair: >TRUTH< Evie - dune
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Fire (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, separated lashes, tintable
Dress: *DNR* Josie Corset Dress in Yellow
Shoes: *H&S* DROPS, yellow

Week 4: Plum

Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT CE PaleLips DEB Hair: booN XFE275 hair purple TDRB
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Sunset (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, separated lashes, tintable
Dress: {SMS} Chiffon Dress Mauve for TDR

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

52 Week Colour Challenge…catch up, part 1

Thanks to Luna Jubilee for this wonderful blogger challenge…such fun finding things to wear…woot!

OK, my avatar is having problems in both V2. And Kirsten so, although these shots are taken before my problems the remainder, until further notice, will be from an alt I have made with less finances. I guess it’ll be more of a challenge for me.

My first catch up is for the colours Grey and Blue.

Grey was interesting as I thought I had quite a bit of grey in my inventory. Turns out I do but not a lot to my current liking….fickle? Yes!

Blue was a bit trickier, as it’s one of my favourite colours, but I love what I ended up with.

I’ll let the pictures and style details speak for themselves.

Flickr originals:


Week 1: Grey

Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: -Glam Affair- Castalia Skin - TDR#14
Hair: >TRUTH<>
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, separated lashes, tintable
Dress: -AZUL- GroupGift01004#1
Shoes: AC Vintish Shoes
Jewellery: Zaara : Raga oyster ring *pearl* (silver)
Wings: Seven Selections, Ragged Fairy Wings, Natural, Tinted

Week 2: Blue

Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT Orange DEB
Hair: >TRUTH<>
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Snow (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, separated lashes, tintable
Dress: Evie's Closet Isabella Formal Gown (BlueSilver)
Shoes: Taboo Paris Roses Edition (long)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

52 Sepia

I've been champing at the bit on this one as I knew the minute sepia was announced as the next 52 challenge color that I would wear hyasynth Tiramisu's Coronis Suite from ~silent sparrow~. It was one of my first big splurge purchases from there and I've never regretted it. Coronis is a ball-worthy gown if there ever was one.

Also wearing:
Necklace: Donna FloraMISS-G black set
Hair: Season in Brown 02
Skin: Adam n Eve Taylor in Blush Natural with bewbs.
Poses: [LAP]