Friday, March 14, 2008

When one is not enough!

At the moment Second Wave Apparel still has the newish camis and capris on sale for L$25 and L$45 respectively. No saying how long Sioxie will leave these beauties at this price, so hop on over to Plush Omicron and help yourself. I did!

On the left is the cami in Hawaiian Blue with the blue stars cami. On the right is the pink plaid cami with the pink mini-dots capris. The textures and detail in all are super :)

I'm wearing ETD's new Hampton Platform shoes, on the left in steel blue. on the right in black I think, although charcoal would do as well:) . Hair is ETD's Jasmine in strawberry burnt and my skin is Fleur Marni 2 in buff. I was so excited to share these with you that I forgot to put on jewelry LOL.

So go grab some of these for yourself!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Marni! Marni! [Something Old, Something New!]

For my lindens one of the most interesting content creators in Second Life is Marni Grut of Royal Blue. She's just released a new small group of her unique and very wearable creations. I'm wearing two of her highly structured dresses, along with, of course, the Marni 1 & 2 skins from Fleur.

The first is the 80's Power Dress in black. Your attention might go first to the sleeves and the neck, but don't miss the wonderful detail in the bodice and skirt. I love the way the droop of the sleeves reflects the shape of the skirt.

The second outfit is her Circus Dreams, a new one that I first saw her wearing as she roamed about ETD. Again it's the shape that sings, although the placement of the two colors is masterfully done. The plunging back topped by the airy ruff blend enticement with majesty. Very *royal* indeed and definitely blue ;)

Hair is ETD's Ashley in fire. Boots are my trusty ETD Calf Boots.

Marni is taking a brief break to work on a new project, but she promises to be back with surprises for us. I, for one, can't wait!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Visit to Dutch Touch

One of the things that I noticed when I joined Phil's Place almost a year ago is how prevalent and how creative the Dutch residents were, from dance clubs to fashion, including The Dockside, Aphrodite Creations, Blooberry and the well-known Dutch Touch.

I had avoided Dutch Touch as I'm not into urban grunge, nor am I entranced by bruised and battered skins. Violence against or among women is not a joke to me. But when I saw the recent releases on the fashion feed I had to go and see. It took me three visits to choose the Josh dress and then another to select the Fiep outfit.

What really won my heart once the dress was purchased was the high quality and detail of the textures. The poster shows the Josh dress without the short sleeved shirt, which needs a better picture than this to show its lacy detail, very much like an antique curtain of linen. This blouse option turns a sexy little dress into almost a national costume. Very "Dutch" in fact. The textures of the skirt layers [which needed adjusting on my small avi] are delicate and complex.

On the right is the Fiep outfit, which has numerous pieces and many layers. Since it's still winter where I am I just wore them all LOL. I am admiring the way that different colors fit together so beautifully. My only complaint is that the trousers are no-mod -- I would have liked to have been able reduce the cuff flare a bit.

On the left I am wearing the new Hampton sandal platforms in charcoal from Elika at ETD, on the right my standard ETD Calf Boots in black. Hair in both cases is ETD's Jasmine in strawberry and my skin is Fleur Marni 2 in buff.

I am also going to try to post the maker of the poses I am using from now on -- after all that is creative work indeed! Today's poses are from [LAP] Long Awkward Pose, a source of interesting and well priced poses.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting Pixeled!

When I was a relatively new avi a good friend of mine took me to the old PixelDolls store in Chartreuse. At the time I wasn't particularly style savvy, and didn't like much of what I saw. Then I discovered the Port Seraphine store just before the big sale there. And at that sale I helped myself to a lot of PixelDolls history.

On the left of the collage is Starcrossed in red. It is no longer available, but I am posting it to show that the PixelDolls style is more consistent than it might seem. I love the Japanese obi feel of the midriff with its dark gray wrappings. It's a "go-to" dress if I'm going dancing on a Friday night:)

In the middle is a new PixelDolls dress, Bonney in citron. I liked contrasting the dark lace corset with the demure pose ;) On the far right is Marzipan in aqua. The flexi skirts for both Bonney and Marzipan have a similar look and feel although the detail is quite different and the Marzipan shirt dips longer in the back. Both skirts needed adjusting on my smaller avi, but the prim sleeves for Marzipan were perfect the moment I popped them on.

I still don't like all of what PixelDolls has to offer as it doesn't suit my personality, but I'm loving these two :)

The shoes are Elika's new Heel Strap Platforms in black. At L$ 175 they would be a bargain, but, given the fine workmanship, these are a steal. No they are not Maitreya or Schmooz or whomever, but I'd love these even if I didn't work for ETD. I think my stockings on the left are Canimal Zephyr's Week of Love Fishnets. My hair in all three shots is the new ETD Aiiyanna in auburn burnt. The skin is Fleur Lustrous 2 in buff. [Somehow I got Marni off my pixels, but it wasn't easy -- she'll be back soon LOL]

I also have to mention that my new eyelashes are from Cake, the Bedroom ones. I was getting frustrated with my old ones so asked on Fashion Emergency for soft, full and not uneven. The miracle is that. not only are they perfect, they FIT perfectly from the get go. What a lovely surprise:)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I've been tagged!

My very first one ... and I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't done a google search on my name [to see if I had said or posted anything that would haunt me LOL] and found that I'd been tagged by with the "page 123" meme that's going around.

So the rules are....
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

My book near to hand [because I love Scotland AND it and the Paris Michelin Guide are the right size to prop under my husband's laptop when I use it for its good graphics card] was "The Green Guide: Scotland" published by Michelin. And, believe it or not the book opened to that exact page, a sure sign that this was THE book ;)

The requisite sentences come from the end of the discussion of the town of Oakley near Dunfermline.
. . . On the intervening wall spaces of the nave are Stations of the Cross in carved and painted wooden blocks also by Gabriel Loire.

Loch Leven: 12 miles north by M 90. Loch Leven is the largest lowland loch in Scotland ( some 5.5sq miles) and is of international importance for breeding and wintering wildfowl.
With the mention of birds I will first tag Marni Grut [her wonderful dress with bird neckpiece]. In that vein [although I am sure she has been tagged] I include Nicky Ree for her Swan Lake dress. Segueing from Swan Lake the dress to the ballet I'll tag Caliah Lyon for her ballet shoe jewelry and Hyasynth Tiramisu just because:) Finally, since I know Elika has already been tagged, I will tag one of my other bosses, Roslin Petion.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mirror, Mirror ...

Facing each other yes, but if one of these sees the other in the mirror ... well then something is decidedly wrong LOL. Yet there is much that is similar.

In both shots I am wearing ETD Jeans in Silver, Miam Miam's Multi Jeweled earrings and necklace, one of the new Fleur Marni skins [#1 & #2]. Artilleri's Oslo sweater in orange and plum and ETD's wonderful new heel strap platform shoes in Persimmon and Orchid. My hair is, on the left ETD's new style, Natasha in cinnamon burnt, on the right Aiiyanna in auburn burnt.

I have to say that the shoes and the jeans in particular have clung to my pixels since I got them. And to finish off a closeup of the earrings, which are among the loveliest I have seen in Second Life.

Monday, March 3, 2008

What to wear with apple green shoes!

The Shiny Things' Mary Jane Clogs were calling to me.... Samaaaara ... so I bought them. In apple green, because I loved the color. Then they languished in my inventory because -- what goes with apple green? I ran across them in one of my futile attempts to find something in my totally out of control inventory and decided they deserved to be taken for a walk. So here's the look :)

On the top I am wearing Catt's Creations Fever Green Sweater. The heart-shaped earrings are from Earthtones in gold. The forest green skirt is the Forest Mid-thigh Skirt from SLink. The leggings are from Corduroy -- with long green undies made by me to soften the transition from legging to skirt. And at the bottom those wonderful chunky Mary Janes *sigh*

I'm pretty sure my skin is Fleur's Terre 2 in buff. The hair is ETD's Bridget in auburn burnt.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Marni is here and I'm in LOVE ...

The new Fleur skin being released today at the Vanity Skin Fair is named after the avant-garde content creator, Marni Grut, who nagged Roslin for this "look." The makeups are wonderfully vivid, yet the white shadow under the brows lightens and focuses the makeup I think. So without further ado I give you Marni 1, 2 & 3 in buff.

And as you can see, I'm not having much in luck getting Violet Voltaire's Angel jewelry set off my pixels. Hair is ETD Maaliyah in Elika's Red I THINK.