Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mirror, Mirror ...

Facing each other yes, but if one of these sees the other in the mirror ... well then something is decidedly wrong LOL. Yet there is much that is similar.

In both shots I am wearing ETD Jeans in Silver, Miam Miam's Multi Jeweled earrings and necklace, one of the new Fleur Marni skins [#1 & #2]. Artilleri's Oslo sweater in orange and plum and ETD's wonderful new heel strap platform shoes in Persimmon and Orchid. My hair is, on the left ETD's new style, Natasha in cinnamon burnt, on the right Aiiyanna in auburn burnt.

I have to say that the shoes and the jeans in particular have clung to my pixels since I got them. And to finish off a closeup of the earrings, which are among the loveliest I have seen in Second Life.

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