Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sweet butterflies

A few weeks ago, while I was checking out a new store, I got dropped a jewelry set. Too busy shopping *grins i'm a girl* I didn't look at it right away. And also, I'm pretty difficult when it comes to jewelry (ok ok, I've got an overall difficult taste :-), so I'm always sceptical when I'm dropped items.

This set was a happy surprise. It turned out to be a delicate butterfly jewel, by the hand of Caithlin Carter Designs.

The set has a nice range of different items, including two bracelets and a bellyring. Another clever detail is that the necklace comes in two version, one worn on the chest and the other on the spine. And above all that, it is scripted. You can resize, recolour, retexture and manage the bling.

So if you like to make it a sunny autumn, fly straight to CCD (Caithlin Carter Designs) for some sweet butterflies.

• hair: ETD Tyra in black
• skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze Basic Pink 3

Saturday, September 20, 2008

(Kunglers) Nadja

In RL a lot of clothing outfits go better with one bodyshape then the other. I for instance have broad shoulders in RL (did a lot of swimming when I was a teenager). When I came to SL and created my avatar, I gave her the same build (don't worry I gained some weight too since I was a teenager ;). So it's funny to see that my avatar looks good and bad in mostly the same outfits as the RL me. And when the Kungler sisters dropped me their latest design, I was reminded of that.

Their Nadja outfit contains a lovely feminine blouse, which I love (also in RL), but I just can't get it to work. When I put it on, it looks "wrong". So I turned to my sweet friend and blogging buddy Samara. And yes! She wears it very well!

So for this blog our own lovely Sam is my willing model. She perfected the outfit with lovely green *GF* Wood Wedge Sandals and ETD Nadia hair in apricot burnt.
We did skip the stockings that also come with the (Kunglers) Nadja, but we thought it to look younger without them.

Thank you very much dear Kungler sisters for yet another great design. And thank you Sam for your very fashionable smile.

Hugs to you all, Noena

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great Minds!

Both Jaydie Sapeur and I made a beeline for Adam & Eve when sachi put the new Jura dress out, only she had the brains to buy it in TWO colors LOL. So without further ado, here's Jura!

It's a lovely satin slinky little dress with incredible detail in the banding--almost like an Indian sari. And, per usual, sachi has provided more options that you can imagine:) As Jaydie said: "With Sachi adding the extra shirt, this outfit is so versatile, you can find 101 uses for this outfit"

I'm wearing Jura in blue with a & e's Grazia skin in sky t2 modded. Shoes are Starley in Cerulean by ETD. Not perfect, but was too lazy to search my mess of an inventory! Stocking are Vine pantyhose from Sheer. Necklace came with the new Nadja outfit from Kungler. ETD Hair is Patricia in apricot burnt.

As for Ms Jaydie, she is wearing the Jura dress in red and green. And rather nicely I should add :) Her shoes are A&E's Miranda in Moss and Red Flush. An Adam n Eve skin from the Diva Fall Collection in Primrose, jewelry from Earthstones and ETD's Fair hairstyle in Mahogany Burnt complete the lovely photos.

So you see -- two minds were better than one in this case! Thanks to Jaydie for letting me share her photos and to sachi, of course, for creating such a flattering dress for two different avis.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New at Persona/Jelly Tots Redux

Myllie Writer just goes from strength to strength. I remember picking up her first freebies-- I think she was in a mall in the Ivanova sim or some such. And she's never looked back. Now on her new island, she can stretch out and strut her stuff!

My first outfit is Persona's Dove in green, which I've blogged before, and VG Republic's men's jeans in Ivory Wash, but the point of the picture is the synergy between the Muted Jelly Tots and the Aoharu Bubble Pearl shoes in green. Bubbles, meet Tots :)

Hair is ETD Bonita II in apricot burnt. My skin is one of Fleur's Parfait Deuxs in strawberry.

One of the newest items from Persona is the Arabella top, which I am wearing in purple. The sculpty sleeves and collar are really well done. They fit on first wearing. And the flexi tie in back is a charming and well done accent. I am wearing the top with the Barb Plaid pants in charcoal, again without the prims, because they swallow me. My only complaint is that the trousers are not mod for tucking into boots. It's just a small thought:)

And yes I'm still wearing my Jelly Tots from Fresh Baked Goods as they tucked perfectly under the collar-well after a bit of fiddling LOL. [Pretty soon I'm going to be wearing only items made by wrongly accused creators.] Shoes are ETD Starley in Blurple. Skin is from SLink -- one of the special skins for her new release, the Isabelle. This is a special makeup that just seemed to go with the top and the tots. Hair is Bambi from Truth in apricot.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jelly Tots Are Back!

And Sam has got 'em ;)

I'm not going to link to the really unfair saga of their disappearance and return. I'm just going to celebrate! Here's some Fresh Baked Goods Donuts all around:)

I'm wearing the Jelly Tots Necklace and Earrings in gold/muted, along with a Magika L$50. style called Betty in Red A and the turtleneck sweater from Très Blah's Mod Outfit. Skin is Fleur Vivant Basic Pink #2 in Buff.

Welcome home jellies :)

A Little of This and That :)

First, a big thank you to Sasy Scarborough for starting Second Life Bloggers of Fashion. It's nice to have a place to share our blog shots, especially since not all of us are on the main feed.

Second, a look I threw together after visiting the Tableau sim, which may still be in the throes of its festival to placate the angry gods. St Ingrid seems to be involved in some way :) I arrived wearing an outfit I'll blog later, but came across this Purple Western top at Nylon Outfitters.

Somehow I neglected to take a picture of the back, which has the same pretty yoke pattern as the front. One thing I REALLY like about this top is that the bottom ruffle is not a prim that you can't get right at any cost, but is on the skirt layer so doesn't get tossed around by your AO.

From top to bottom the rest of the outfit is:
Janis from Diversity Hair in Ginger Red
Rose #2 in buff from Fleur Skins
Diamond Bee necklace and diamond Bow earrings from Paper Couture
Men's Ivory Wash Jeans from VG Republic [I like the higher waist of men's jeans]
Hampton Wedges in Tyrian Purple from ETD

Third, just a word about my photos. I seldom use the atmospheric shaders in Windlight, but always the basic shaders. I sometimes up the brightness and contrast a little to get a touch of glow back in, but other than cropping and touching up a stray pixel here and there I don't photoshop. I will, on occasion, flip an image horizontally for compositional reasons, as I did with the left hand image in this post. I realize that can be confusing to those who look carefully, but with the time I have available to blog, sometimes it happens. I do use the Photosphere.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gone Dancin'

I have a real backlog of photos to share, but the confluence of the RunRuno free Tube Dress, and my final giddy succumbing to the Red Metallic Tease High Heels from Kitties Lair took over my consciousness and the die was cast.

The Tube Dress is a seemingly casual tossing together of prims, but don't be deceived! After a small adjustment to the front prim, I found the dress mobile, flirty and elegant at the same time.

The stocking are Sheer's black pantyhose in the Vine pattern. The necklace is from Cachet, the pearls from the Christal outfit, which I colored to match the shoes. The outfit needed a bold, but simple necklace and this filled the bill.

Hair is Chelsea by Truth in Apricot [still on sale] and the skin is the Limited Edition Relay for Life, Emma from Fleur.

I hear music so I'm off!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Something Old, Something New :)

I'm just back from my niece's wedding, hence the post title.

The "old" is pretty wondrous actually -- It's a 2005 Pixel Dolls dress that I found at a resale shop. Called Josette, the details on the system skirt are really nice. It's obviously early Nephilaine Protagonist, but you can see a clear line of development from Josette to her current work.

As an hommage to MY early days, I'm wearing the Penguin Studios freebie shoes, called Diamond Heels, and still available at The Free Dove. My skin is Fleur Basic Pink #2 in Buff, hair is Truth's Ivy in Carrot. The simple gold and pearl jewelry is by Alienbear Gupte and Lyra Muse.

For the "something new" I ran over to Persona the moment she blogged her new Fall separates. I knew I wanted the Barb slacks in Dark Turquoise, but to be honest I have enough cowl neck sweaters to dress the grid, so I opted for the new Dove sweater in Green, beautifully trimmed in lace. I tried to show the lace at the wrists as well as the neck, so click on the photo to get the full-size image.

Skin is Fleur Dig Ophelia 1 in Buff. Shoes are Starley by ETD in Teal. Hair is new from Diversity, Janis in Tango and my necklace is Star feather from Dark Mouse.

For an explanation of my post title try here:)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

hya & June

Two of the most creative and prolific designers on the grid are hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silent sparrow~ and June Dion of BareRose Tokyo. Each of them reaches an wide audience that overlaps in their work in the Gothic strand of pixel fashion. I'm almost in time for the 3 year celebration at BR, but woefully dilatory in my blogging of hya's Dominion Suit. Bad Sam :(

So I will start with hya's :)

Hya helped me pick the Dominion in Rust for me -- she is right -- goes with the red hair I prefer. The layers, the textures, the details are superb examples of her work. Although I wasn't brave enough to wear the plunging cleavage [I know--chicken!], so I popped the corset from the Sepia Coronis Suit underneath. I particularly like the shadow effect of the gray/black on the inside, an effect that makes the Rust seems more, well RUST :) The pictures don't do the textures justice at all. Go take a look for yourself!

My hair is Morgana, from Bewitched, found in their clearance section. Boots are my ever-trusty Calf Boots from ETD. My skin is the special Shoujo Black Swan #1 from Fleur.

"It's Only a Paper Moon" is a wonderfully light-hearted and, at the same time, sophisticated costume from the hands of June Dion. BR specializes in outfits with lots of options, so this is a bit of a change.

The image of paper swirling is very effective -- the shoes, I have to think, were made intentionally chunky to complement the outfit. The hat is the "pièce de résistance." With a gold-trimmed cream mask I'd be set for a masquerade ball! And the ARC is surprisingly low for such a detailed creation.

Hair is ETD's Bonita in Strawberry. Skin is Fleur Vivant Lustrous 3 in Buff.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Hair Fair

What's an avi to do when ETD isn't at the Hair Fair???
Well THIS avi explored, and to be honest, didn't find much to her taste.

BUT I did get something wild -- Wild Orchid by exile -- which I am wearing in Auburn. The flower is color-change by touch. What I liked about this style is that for "big hair" it has a light and airy feeling -- good for a small avi such as myself.

My second discovery, or should I say, rediscovery, was Diversity Hair. I had owned a few in the past, but hadn't been fully satisfied with color, texture or design. Well Janis [below] changed my mind. Lovely textures, good colors and a lighthearted design. I am wearing it in Ginger Red.

My last purchase I am featuring [I purchased a couple of "mistakes", which I won't mention] is Alesa. To be honest the photos below were taken wearing the demo, but the Vanilla Blonde did me in and back I went :)

I am also wearing Fleur Vivant Skin Après Ski 2 in Bronze and Ornamental Life's Summer Feels Wee.

So, even minus, ETD, the Hair Fair was worth the time spent:)