Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sweet butterflies

A few weeks ago, while I was checking out a new store, I got dropped a jewelry set. Too busy shopping *grins i'm a girl* I didn't look at it right away. And also, I'm pretty difficult when it comes to jewelry (ok ok, I've got an overall difficult taste :-), so I'm always sceptical when I'm dropped items.

This set was a happy surprise. It turned out to be a delicate butterfly jewel, by the hand of Caithlin Carter Designs.

The set has a nice range of different items, including two bracelets and a bellyring. Another clever detail is that the necklace comes in two version, one worn on the chest and the other on the spine. And above all that, it is scripted. You can resize, recolour, retexture and manage the bling.

So if you like to make it a sunny autumn, fly straight to CCD (Caithlin Carter Designs) for some sweet butterflies.

• hair: ETD Tyra in black
• skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze Basic Pink 3

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Samara Barzane said...

You are totally delectable!