Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Hair Fair

What's an avi to do when ETD isn't at the Hair Fair???
Well THIS avi explored, and to be honest, didn't find much to her taste.

BUT I did get something wild -- Wild Orchid by exile -- which I am wearing in Auburn. The flower is color-change by touch. What I liked about this style is that for "big hair" it has a light and airy feeling -- good for a small avi such as myself.

My second discovery, or should I say, rediscovery, was Diversity Hair. I had owned a few in the past, but hadn't been fully satisfied with color, texture or design. Well Janis [below] changed my mind. Lovely textures, good colors and a lighthearted design. I am wearing it in Ginger Red.

My last purchase I am featuring [I purchased a couple of "mistakes", which I won't mention] is Alesa. To be honest the photos below were taken wearing the demo, but the Vanilla Blonde did me in and back I went :)

I am also wearing Fleur Vivant Skin Après Ski 2 in Bronze and Ornamental Life's Summer Feels Wee.

So, even minus, ETD, the Hair Fair was worth the time spent:)

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