Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little of This and That :)

First, a big thank you to Sasy Scarborough for starting Second Life Bloggers of Fashion. It's nice to have a place to share our blog shots, especially since not all of us are on the main feed.

Second, a look I threw together after visiting the Tableau sim, which may still be in the throes of its festival to placate the angry gods. St Ingrid seems to be involved in some way :) I arrived wearing an outfit I'll blog later, but came across this Purple Western top at Nylon Outfitters.

Somehow I neglected to take a picture of the back, which has the same pretty yoke pattern as the front. One thing I REALLY like about this top is that the bottom ruffle is not a prim that you can't get right at any cost, but is on the skirt layer so doesn't get tossed around by your AO.

From top to bottom the rest of the outfit is:
Janis from Diversity Hair in Ginger Red
Rose #2 in buff from Fleur Skins
Diamond Bee necklace and diamond Bow earrings from Paper Couture
Men's Ivory Wash Jeans from VG Republic [I like the higher waist of men's jeans]
Hampton Wedges in Tyrian Purple from ETD

Third, just a word about my photos. I seldom use the atmospheric shaders in Windlight, but always the basic shaders. I sometimes up the brightness and contrast a little to get a touch of glow back in, but other than cropping and touching up a stray pixel here and there I don't photoshop. I will, on occasion, flip an image horizontally for compositional reasons, as I did with the left hand image in this post. I realize that can be confusing to those who look carefully, but with the time I have available to blog, sometimes it happens. I do use the Photosphere.

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Sasy Scarborough said...

you look fab and love the colours

xox Sasy xox