Sunday, May 18, 2008

We had a BALL!

Yesterday was The Spring Ball held in a glorious ballroom, built by Fleur's master of prims, CJ Carnot. The ballroom hovered elegantly over the sims of Nicky Ree Designs and Fleur skins -- why you might ask? To celebrate a major collaboration between the two content creators [and several others] which resulted in 6 beautiful new skins and 6 fabulous new gowns.

In order to reduce the lag for me my settings were at "runway resolution", so I didn't get any pictures there. But fortunately others did. For pictures of the skins, gowns and build take a look at the Modavia Supermodels blog and for pictures of Achariya and hyasinth Tiramisu dancing with several of their partmers, including yours truly, please take a look at Ach and hya thoughtfully came dressed as boys to help make sure the ladies had partners. I must say that Ach dances divinely!

Wearing Fleur Shoujo Florence in Lily and Nicky Ree's Florence in pink. Hair is ETD Aiiyanna white tinted to match the gown. Jewelry is the Vine set in silver from DK Innovations. Shoes are Sasy Chic from Aphrodite Creations in Rose.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What matters to me...

The grid is down and I leave for the airport in 3 hours so I am taking the opportunity to talk about something very close to my heart, The SL(tm) Relay for Life. My family has been fortunate so far in not having any major brushes with the terrible disease of cancer, but in Phil's Place, one of my dearest friends is. Her name is Artistic Fimicoloud. I don't remember how I met her exactly, but we were friends by the time of last year's relay.

A thoughtful Fimi at the ACS sim opening -->

Last year I did a lap at Relay on my own, taking my time to grab some pictures. This year we are both members of the Passionate Redheads team.

Whatever you can do, please do it. Join a team, contribute at a Relay Kiosk, or run a lap by yourself and contribute, as I did last year, for the distance you run. Do it for everyone affected by cancer as I will be, but in my case it is especially for Fimi.

Here is a shot from last year's Relay. The sims are varied and fascinating -- it's actually hard to keep running LOL.

At least drop by the Passionate Redheads campsite and cheer us on! GO RELAY!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Zdravo od Skopje!

I'm still in Macedonia with some time on my hands and good internet access. So with the grid down I thought I would share some images that have been lurking in my Flickr waiting for their chance.

The first is of two outfits from Nyte'n'Day-- both with wonderful skirts. I will add more later, but I particularly like the hem detail on the right-hand one. But I can say that I see these skirts on my friends in Skopje -- they call them "Gypsy skirts." My hair is ETD Natasha in auburn, skin is Fleur of course! My shoes are by Kimberley Casanova -- the Samantha in wood.

The second is a mixed group- the yellow dress is Devilish Cupcake I think -- the color is dandelion -- very springy. I originally meant this post for Easter time but you can see I am a bit late LOL. Tights are from Corduroy. On the right is the Boing Fromage Folklore dress, which I have had for a while. The pink leggings from Aoharu. Hair is still Natasha etc... Shoes also Samantha in wood.

So that's it until I get home next week and take some new photos.