Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are not ourselves today (Part II)

It all started when my good friend, Jaydie Sapeur, and I thought it would be funny to attend the ETD Staff Meeting in each other's shape to see if anyone would notice.

They did eventually, but what we learned is that your AO, skin choice and other style preferences are a large part of being recognized as the avi you are. We were *finally* "outed" when a colleague noticed that I was as tall as her now LOL

Anyway here's me as "Jaydie Sapeur." She is such an elegant and *cough* nicely endowed lady :) Because I'm a lazy avi I'm wearing my outfit from my previous Sn@tch post. So to see Jaydie as ME and read her wonderful post you can wander over HERE.

Sn@tchable Goodies!

I'm liking the Pose Challenge from Achariya's Pose Challenge as there is no rule that says you can't post more than once :) So today I am featuring Ivey Deschanel's poses from her store, Sn@tach, now on sale for the measly amount of L$17 each. I'm not sure how much longer that will last, so best to sn@tach them up while you can!

Sn@tch's poses are a bit edgier and unusual than some other poses I have. Since the poses are numbered I don't feel the need to label them as I did with the poses from {flowey}. The full set does include 29 poses, of which Iam showing the requested 5 :)

To show off these versatile poses I am wearing:

Hair: Maaliyah in Auburn Burnt from ETD
Skin: custom skin from Soda
Necklace/Earrings: Melancholy in Violet from Violet Voltaire
Top: Trixie Cami in Wisteria from Celestial Studios.
Jacket: Slink Tie Front Shirt in white
Pants: Persona's Itaparica in brown
Shoes: Heel Strap Platforms in Orchid from ETD

Friday, February 27, 2009

Flowing with the Pose

My response to Achariya's Pose Challenge.

I admit that I never credit to poses I use in my blog, which, is current parlance, is a FAIL.

I have poses from [LAP], Reel Expression, AnnaH, AnaLu, Sn@tch and Torrid that I can remember. But I'm choosing to feature pose maker, Flutter Memel's, work because I really like the imagination behind the poses. And many of her poses work beautifully with system skirts. I especially like her poses with one hand up as they get the hand out of the way of prim skirts as well as showing off any ring you are wearing :)

So without further ado, here's {flowey} -- five poses to meet the challenge.

From left to right the poses are named: "Love is everything I can give to you", "I don't love you", "Rainy mornings which never end", "Oh do you?", "I was going to send you loveletter". Each provides a unique twist on the situation it names. One element that I really appreciate is the foot positions. Many poses end up with one of your feet inside the other--not with {flowey}.

To show off the poses I am wearing the following:
Hair: Maaliyah in Auburn Burnt from ETD
Skin: Meredith Silver Shine in Sunkissed [group gift]
Earrings: Gypsy Soul from Love Chic
Top: Eva Turtle neck in Cocoa Puff
Pants: Last Call Ariana Pinstriped trousers [no longer available]
Shoes: Kristin Booties in Spice from ETD
Wedding Ring: Eros from JCNY

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Retail therapy, anytime

This period after Christmas has filled the grid with sales all around, probably as an antidote against worldwide financial crisis mixed up with post-holiday depression. Since I’m not a depression-prone type but I’m always up for fattening my inventory, I’ve been hopping off from one store sale to another – and the PixelDolls 50L one became a big spree. I had set eyes upon the Innocent Dans L’Amour dress long ago, so this was my chance to get it. It comes not only with a ton of layer options, which would be nothing new for PixelDolls, but also with enough gear to turn you into the girl in the store poster – skin, shape and hair included. However, I decided to ignore those and go for a more personalised look, because... Where’s the fun of putting an outfit together if you get everything you need in a box? So, I kept the dress in Ivory (without the forearm prims, which didn’t work too well with my shape) and the AO, and set off in search for the perfect accessories that made me feel more like “me”.

It isn’t too easy a task, for Innocent Dans L’Amour doesn’t really provide for an “everyday look”, since it’s towards the more formal side, but it was a pleasure to accessorise it. What was really clear in my mind was that the accessories had to pick up on the dress colours, so all the jewellery would have to be fine gold with something pearly. I’m not really big on gold, or on fine, for that matter (I tend to prefer boho/chunky accessories), but I dug out my inventory and finally found this matching set from Ryker Beck’s ..::Genesis::.., called Estelle, which was exactly what I had in mind. I’m not sure when I got it, and whether it was a freebie, but it doesn’t seem to be available at the store any more.

The hair is from another 50L sale where I emptied my pockets, in this case by >Truth<, going on until the 26th February, so you still have a chance. I’m wearing Gillian in Flame (my favourite shade of red after ETD's Scarlet). Speaking of favourites... the skin... can you guess? Yes, it’s another Fleur, in this case the limited Valentine’s release – in the red version and the Azalea skintone. I love the fact that these skins are not too heartsy-valentiney and that they can be worn all year round, with really versatile makeup and the cutest beauty mark. I bought the two Valentine's skins back when they were released and have been shifting between red and pink ever since, depending on whether I want to look more casual or formal. As usual, eyes (Quiet Green) and lashes (Glamour) are from Miriel.

The dress was so long that I could have been wearing my Pikachu slippers and no one would have noticed – but I’ve added a separate picture as proof that the footwear department has been provided by Maitreya once more. In this case I’ve paired the dress with the Group Gift Pumps in maroon, which matched the skirt quite nicely. If you’re not on their subscribe-o-matic list, TP to their store *right now* and join, you’ll get the pumps fatpack as their welcome gift. If you’re a member but you never got them, don’t panic, you can still find the pack available in their archives.

Finally, the poses used for the pics belong to the Red Carpet Diva set, from Long Awkward Pose.

See full credits here

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Versatility Rules!

Having shown you the Whippet & Buck highwaisted skirt in Green Pea with the new Anoorea blouse from Michami I was led to see what else I could wear it with.

And here's the result :)

From left to right: Muism's Open Cotton Shirt in White, the top from Chic Boutique's Calypso Dress, The Campy Cable Knit in Purple from Ki2 and last, but not least, The Mojo Wrap Sweater in Magenta.

Shoes are from Stiletto Moody and Kitty's Lair. Bracelets from ~flirt~. Hair is Tiana in Burnt Auburn from ETD and skin is Barest Blush in Alto from Symphony Skins.

The W+B skirt comes in other colors, so imagine the wardrobe fun to be had here!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's about time!

It's about time that I blogged Milla Michinaga's work for her label, Michami. We all missed her blog when she went on hiatus, but little did we know when the first few items were released that so much would emerge from her creative mind. While not every item has suited me personally, the dedication and workmanship has always been evident.

Anoorea is the latest in her creations, a blouse and skirt sold as separates that permit the ultimate in mixing and matching. In fact I started by wearing the blouse in cream under my new Whippet & Buck Victoria High-Waisted Pencil Skirt in Green Pea. At that point I didn't realize that there were prim blouson sleeves, but, thankfully, Milla had finished the sleeve edges nicely.

I'm also wearing Savvy?'s Repairs Necklace in Silver and Repairs Necklace Lapis Lazuli and Jimmy Chau Shoes Lily in Black. My hair is Elizabeth from Truth in Pumpkin and I am wearing the Fleur Allure WinterNights 3 in Caramel.

Then I tried Anoorea in Fuschia and decided to omit the prim sleeves again as on my smaller avi the smoother line works better. artilleri's snakeskin sash belt in black with the silver buckle pull the outfit together. I like Anoorea with the belt because it highlights the close-fitting triangular peplum on the skirt Also complementing Anoorea are the *KessKreations* Cerrie Pearl Necklace [a jewelry fair item, no longer available as far as I know] and the *MM Luxe* Amethyst Jewel Chandelier Earrings, from the now-closed G.L.A.M. store.

My hair *is* available. It is Adam & Eve's Bad Hair Day in Aflame Red. And the my skin is from Gala Phoenix -- :GP: Sugarplum with Freckles in Lumine. On my feet are the Stiletto Moody Pinup Pumps in Grey Patent Python. These were the Moody shoes that were the start of my downfall at the last member's 40% off sale.

So one name, Anoorea, and two looks -- one casual, the other dressier.

Ben fatto Milla!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashionable Relay Challenge: Post Three

It's now my turn in The Fashion Bloggers' Relay as Ryker Beck has passed the baton to me. Thanks again to Sasy for the idea and the fun!

**OK my item from Ryker's post is the Pixel Dust Apatia hair, in Dark Ginger for me.**

I had gotten to know Autumn Hykova from Plurk and, when she announced her Bushfire Relief contribution, I popped over to Pixel Dust, shamefacedly for the first time. That style didn't suit, but Apatia was love at first pixel. It reminded me a bit of Elika's AJ, but without all the hair in the face and with some lovely front tendrils tickling my neck.

Of course my skin is Fleur. I would not have been working for them this past year if I didn't love their skins. [Not to mention them!] So I'm wearing Fleur Allure Smudged 2 in Caramel. The detail in the face as well as the patented Allure bewbies and the butt dimples -- what's an avi not to love? If you don't own at least one Allure what are you waiting for?

I normally wear Miriel or Bijou eyes, but these are Celestial Studio's Light Sage which I'm liking more and more. As a redhead I prefer green eyes, but most are too definite a color for a daily look. These seem about right. My eyelashes are the Deviant Nation ones, also from Starley's talented pixels. I like their openness as I hate looking as though a bat attached to my eyelid.

Chic Aeon is responsible for the earrings, her Love Chic Gypsy Soul in Gold. At only L$25. these are an amazing bargain. For some reason I've had trouble finding plain gold earrings that I can wear often. The search is now officially over.

The artilleri colour thread *orange threads* scarf is not the only one I own from there, but it seemed to go well with everything else that was emerging. And you get a "winter breath" object with it, which, if you, like me, just right click/wear on the folder, can be a bit of a surprise ;)

My necklace is Dakota Buck's Repairs in Amber and Gold, now available at Whippet & Buck on Festivale. And *cries* it doesn't seem to be available at her Savvy? store in Imogen. I will will beg until she puts it back out for you. The Hearts & Diamonds Bracelet is from ~flirt~ and changes color with a menu. I'm wearing it in Yellow Jasper.

The Campy Cable Knit in Coal from Ki2, minus its turtleneck prim, is a really nicely textured one and available in several other colors. The Pencil Skirt in Black from Ingenue is everyone's standby, with good reason, as it is an excellent system skirt! The high-waist on the jacket layer is just as nicely textured as the skirt. Since the Coal of my top and the Black of my skirt aren't the same I wanted a pair of stockings that would help pull things together. Thus I am wearing Mimikri's Ajour stockings in Gray.

At the bottom are the Armidi Gisaci Oxford Leather Ankle Boot in Persian Red to help pull the oranges and golds together.

And now I pass the baton to .... Adaire DeCuir of Free*Style. Enjoy yourself Adair. I certainly did!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A bit more about me

Hi! As Sam has already said in her wonderful presentation, I am the new addition here at "The 3 Fashionteers" – after all, if the 3 musketeers had D’Artagnan, the Fashionteers could do with a Freebie Queen, right? I couldn’t say no when Samara asked me to contribute in this blog – she’s let me squat on her land for months and I have a lease on her photosphere, so I couldn’t not be here as well! ;-) You’ve got to know Sam to understand the depths of her generosity: after camping for my 100L to buy my first proper ETD hairstyle, I found myself unable to decide between two of them, so she just got me the other one – almost before we even talked! I guess she took pity on my noobness, and that was just the start: afterwards she got me a job, a place to live and a ton of dress hints – and see where it got me! I am very fortunate to have a friend like Sam.

During my nearly two years on SL I have made some very good friends, met my SLove/RLove, learnt how to use Sam’s photosphere and gathered a huge inventory – and I mean huge! I’ll try to show you the best of it on my posts. As we’ve already pointed out, I am a bit of a freebie hunter, so I’ll throw in some nice free stuff in my outfits for you to go grab - if you want. I figured for my first post I’d try to give a sense of my style, so, let's get to work:

So, what’s best to define one's style than a dress from one's all-time favourite stores? In my case, that's *Icing*, the right place for wonderfully elegant and retro-style clothing. In the picture I'm wearing Passion Flower, a special and limited release (i.e. not on sale any more) for the Heart of Love fundraiser, which I’m certain everyone’s heard of by now. I paired it with my beloved Maitreya Verve pumps in violet, another classic: they are so versatile that I can’t stop throwing them in every outfit I put together. Finally, I accessorised with jewellery from my other favourite shoe designer, Shiny Things’ Fallingwater Cellardoor: the Florina earrings and Florinagon bangles in silver. Finishing off the look, on my left arm are Eolande’s Inida Pink Bangles, which I got for free through Eolande’s Picks Reward Programme (just add Eolande to your picks and in 24 hours you can click the gift giver in-store). The skin is Fleur’s Allure Smudged 2 in the Cinnamon skintone (being a Fleur Insider, it figures I wear Fleur skins 24/7). The hair is ETD’s Yvette in Scarlet, best shade of red on the grid. Eyes and lashes are from Miriel, and poses by the genius of Long Awkward Pose. The wedding band is from JCNY. Done.

(For full credits, see flickr)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Introducing ... Elaine Lisle!

Now we are 4, but I'm NOT changing the title, unless to "The 3 Fashionteers & the Freebie Queen " ;)

I met Elaine at ETD when she was still fairly new. We ended up chatting and one thing led to another and soon she was living in a small skypod above my land. Next thing I knew she was working with me at Inworld Translations and, before I knew it, she was chosen a Fleur Insider by Roslin. She's come a long way since her freebie days, but you will discover that she is still an expert at ferreting out the good stuff. And she's better at using my photosphere than I am!

So please welcome Elaine to our humble blog.
+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + -
You may have also noted a dearth of posts from Fury & Noena. Each is rather fully immersed in RL for the time being, but they will be back to share their love of fashion with you!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sometimes It's Just One thing!

When I tp-ed over to Sweet Magic the Softish Cami in Late caught my eye. But what to wear it with? It's pretty definite color with a detailed black lace edging. So started trying on inventory items.

Then I remembered that a very kind avi had given me some Last Call items.Now why anyone would clear Last Call from their inventory I can't imagine and why she didn't want any money... well I didn't argue! So I finally settled on the LC Marie-Helene White Linen suit. I adore the lovely hand drawn tie knot on the jacket, and the buckle on the pants is classic Ginny.

I am, of course, wearing the Street Magic Late Softish Cami along with Maitreya's Mishima Dawn in Shiny Auburn. My jewelry is from (luc), his Feuille Naturelle in Silver. Finishing off the look are ETD Luth in auburn burnt and Fleur Allure Limited Release Valentine Red in Truffle

I had my Neko ears on from a party I attended when I bought the Tiered_skirt(blue) by **nikukyu** at the MNK Shops. I also bought a contrasting top there, but thought, hey -- the flowers in the skirt are dusty pink and the late softish cami ... So I tried it out.

Then it seemed a bit bare--all skirt and just a cami, so I inventory-groped again and came out with the Ibizarre soft metal Bolero in silver. With the medallion hanging from the bolero tie I didn't need any jewelry.

I'm wearing my favorite Kookie shoes, Phoebe in noir as well as an older Fleur Vivant skin, Dakota 3 in Buff. The discovery for me in this outfit was the Apatia hairstyle from Pixel Dust in Caramel. I know Atumn Hykova from Fleur and Plurk, but this was the first time I had gotten over to her store. With Apatia it was love at first pixel!

My ears are the Kyu-To neko Ears in white from Dirty Lynx. I axed the tail cause it looked a bit odd whisking around under the skirt. These are my absolute favorite Neko ears for their funky punkness. My socks are the free ones from Shiny Things, the thigh-highs in pink. If you don't have those you should. They come in really useful wardrobe colors as well as being modifiable.

Thus one camisole begat two outfits!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Walk Like an Egyptian

I was one of the lucky bloggers invited to preview the Egyptian-themed Kings Rezzable before its opening. We were treated to a dazzling fashion show, displaying the clothing made especially for this project.

After applauding wildly at the end of the show, we were able to shop the vendors. Goodies are available at many price points, from as little as L$200 to L$1500 and up. Since my spending is currently on a diet, I purchased from the lower end, but never fear! The Mereret dress by Blue Blood is a lovely fluffy bit of Egyptiana. I also couldn't resist the Inorite Cleo Bob in Rust with its gold tiara.

The Mereret outfit includes shoes and jewelry for L$400. There was also an interesting headpiece, but it didn't work with the tiara so I left it off.

For those of you who missed the show, here are a few pictures of the stunning build and a few of the outfits. The models walked down the rays of the sun. There are many items for men too, so this is a show for everyone:) Thanks again to Voshie Paine of Nocturne Modeling for the invite, to the Nocturne models and to Rezzable for bringing us another wonderful show.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh Michami!

You've gone and done it again. Laila is a lovely set of separates. With a low linden balance, and the likelihood that it could get lower, I could only afford one top, but I hope you will forgive me ;)

The Laila tops are semi-sheer, which given my modest nature, I dealt with by wearing a Style Starts Here black lace bra. I "faked" the pants by wearing the Ibizarre Soft Black Leather ones edited for boots with the Michami Joanie Cigarette Pants cuffs. So I AM Michami from head to toe -- I just cheated a bit in the middle.

Necklace is Tuli's Wooden Heart, Hair ETD Patricia in Arpicot Burnt. Shoes are ETD as well, the Kristin Booties in Emerald. My skin is ... drumroll please ... The New Fleur Shojo Valentine Pink skin in Azalea. Fleur has a Flickr contest on right now featuring the new Valentine's skins, so grab a couple, take those photos and ENTER!

Monday, February 2, 2009

REaDy or Not!

I've had the Helena outfit from PixelDolls ready to go for a while, but when the Sarah Red Swing Dress from Lost Dreams crossed my radar I had a title and a post! The Helena outfit comes in several colors, but I found the red rich enough to support the simple shape. The puffy sleeves and skirt are prims on a system base. I love the off-the-shoulder elegant sexiness. My hair is ETD Patootie in Auburn Burnt, stockings are Shiny Things freebie thigh-highs, still available in the store in this and many other colors. Those are the Stiletto Moody Gladiator Sandals in Black. Jewelry is Violet Voltaire's Love Like Blood in Blood, perfect match for the helena dress. My skin is, alas for you, my holiday present from my bosses at Fleur, a custom Shojo in Azalea.

One of the most interesting thing about the Sarah dress is that the skirt is a single bell prim. This is the second time I've run into this design choice and, while it can look silly while dancing, it is rather nice, and in this case, matches the design nicely. There is a front section of prims for the pleats, which fall nicely from the waistband and the deep V neck. I fell in love with the dress for the fabric pattern, nicely detailed and, again rich looking. I'm wearing (Miriel) Limited Edition Heart Necklace - Gold with the dress, a necklace made for The Heart of Love fundraiser just completed. Shoes are Tesla's Marie in red/tan. They pick up the dress colors nicely I think. Hair is my standby, ETD's Patricia in Auburn Burnt. I'm wearing [and loving!] Fleur's Allure Smokin' 3 in Truffle. Smokin' is currently on sale at Fleur for 50% off until Friday.

With these two outfits in your wardrobe, yes you are ready to wear RED!