Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A bit more about me

Hi! As Sam has already said in her wonderful presentation, I am the new addition here at "The 3 Fashionteers" – after all, if the 3 musketeers had D’Artagnan, the Fashionteers could do with a Freebie Queen, right? I couldn’t say no when Samara asked me to contribute in this blog – she’s let me squat on her land for months and I have a lease on her photosphere, so I couldn’t not be here as well! ;-) You’ve got to know Sam to understand the depths of her generosity: after camping for my 100L to buy my first proper ETD hairstyle, I found myself unable to decide between two of them, so she just got me the other one – almost before we even talked! I guess she took pity on my noobness, and that was just the start: afterwards she got me a job, a place to live and a ton of dress hints – and see where it got me! I am very fortunate to have a friend like Sam.

During my nearly two years on SL I have made some very good friends, met my SLove/RLove, learnt how to use Sam’s photosphere and gathered a huge inventory – and I mean huge! I’ll try to show you the best of it on my posts. As we’ve already pointed out, I am a bit of a freebie hunter, so I’ll throw in some nice free stuff in my outfits for you to go grab - if you want. I figured for my first post I’d try to give a sense of my style, so, let's get to work:

So, what’s best to define one's style than a dress from one's all-time favourite stores? In my case, that's *Icing*, the right place for wonderfully elegant and retro-style clothing. In the picture I'm wearing Passion Flower, a special and limited release (i.e. not on sale any more) for the Heart of Love fundraiser, which I’m certain everyone’s heard of by now. I paired it with my beloved Maitreya Verve pumps in violet, another classic: they are so versatile that I can’t stop throwing them in every outfit I put together. Finally, I accessorised with jewellery from my other favourite shoe designer, Shiny Things’ Fallingwater Cellardoor: the Florina earrings and Florinagon bangles in silver. Finishing off the look, on my left arm are Eolande’s Inida Pink Bangles, which I got for free through Eolande’s Picks Reward Programme (just add Eolande to your picks and in 24 hours you can click the gift giver in-store). The skin is Fleur’s Allure Smudged 2 in the Cinnamon skintone (being a Fleur Insider, it figures I wear Fleur skins 24/7). The hair is ETD’s Yvette in Scarlet, best shade of red on the grid. Eyes and lashes are from Miriel, and poses by the genius of Long Awkward Pose. The wedding band is from JCNY. Done.

(For full credits, see flickr)


Samara Barzane said...

WOW! Someone has learned to use my photosphere all right! Welcome Elaine :)

Elaine Lisle said...

Thank you so much!

Beulah said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post
so fresh! I could almost hear you chat to me rather than me reading this.

Elaine Lisle said...

*blushes* Thanks Beu! After about 27 edits I decided I gave up :-p

Fury said...

Welcome to the madness Elaine..lol. Great post!

Elaine Lisle said...

hehe ty Fury