Sunday, February 22, 2009

Retail therapy, anytime

This period after Christmas has filled the grid with sales all around, probably as an antidote against worldwide financial crisis mixed up with post-holiday depression. Since I’m not a depression-prone type but I’m always up for fattening my inventory, I’ve been hopping off from one store sale to another – and the PixelDolls 50L one became a big spree. I had set eyes upon the Innocent Dans L’Amour dress long ago, so this was my chance to get it. It comes not only with a ton of layer options, which would be nothing new for PixelDolls, but also with enough gear to turn you into the girl in the store poster – skin, shape and hair included. However, I decided to ignore those and go for a more personalised look, because... Where’s the fun of putting an outfit together if you get everything you need in a box? So, I kept the dress in Ivory (without the forearm prims, which didn’t work too well with my shape) and the AO, and set off in search for the perfect accessories that made me feel more like “me”.

It isn’t too easy a task, for Innocent Dans L’Amour doesn’t really provide for an “everyday look”, since it’s towards the more formal side, but it was a pleasure to accessorise it. What was really clear in my mind was that the accessories had to pick up on the dress colours, so all the jewellery would have to be fine gold with something pearly. I’m not really big on gold, or on fine, for that matter (I tend to prefer boho/chunky accessories), but I dug out my inventory and finally found this matching set from Ryker Beck’s ..::Genesis::.., called Estelle, which was exactly what I had in mind. I’m not sure when I got it, and whether it was a freebie, but it doesn’t seem to be available at the store any more.

The hair is from another 50L sale where I emptied my pockets, in this case by >Truth<, going on until the 26th February, so you still have a chance. I’m wearing Gillian in Flame (my favourite shade of red after ETD's Scarlet). Speaking of favourites... the skin... can you guess? Yes, it’s another Fleur, in this case the limited Valentine’s release – in the red version and the Azalea skintone. I love the fact that these skins are not too heartsy-valentiney and that they can be worn all year round, with really versatile makeup and the cutest beauty mark. I bought the two Valentine's skins back when they were released and have been shifting between red and pink ever since, depending on whether I want to look more casual or formal. As usual, eyes (Quiet Green) and lashes (Glamour) are from Miriel.

The dress was so long that I could have been wearing my Pikachu slippers and no one would have noticed – but I’ve added a separate picture as proof that the footwear department has been provided by Maitreya once more. In this case I’ve paired the dress with the Group Gift Pumps in maroon, which matched the skirt quite nicely. If you’re not on their subscribe-o-matic list, TP to their store *right now* and join, you’ll get the pumps fatpack as their welcome gift. If you’re a member but you never got them, don’t panic, you can still find the pack available in their archives.

Finally, the poses used for the pics belong to the Red Carpet Diva set, from Long Awkward Pose.

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