Monday, February 16, 2009

Introducing ... Elaine Lisle!

Now we are 4, but I'm NOT changing the title, unless to "The 3 Fashionteers & the Freebie Queen " ;)

I met Elaine at ETD when she was still fairly new. We ended up chatting and one thing led to another and soon she was living in a small skypod above my land. Next thing I knew she was working with me at Inworld Translations and, before I knew it, she was chosen a Fleur Insider by Roslin. She's come a long way since her freebie days, but you will discover that she is still an expert at ferreting out the good stuff. And she's better at using my photosphere than I am!

So please welcome Elaine to our humble blog.
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You may have also noted a dearth of posts from Fury & Noena. Each is rather fully immersed in RL for the time being, but they will be back to share their love of fashion with you!

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