Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh Michami!

You've gone and done it again. Laila is a lovely set of separates. With a low linden balance, and the likelihood that it could get lower, I could only afford one top, but I hope you will forgive me ;)

The Laila tops are semi-sheer, which given my modest nature, I dealt with by wearing a Style Starts Here black lace bra. I "faked" the pants by wearing the Ibizarre Soft Black Leather ones edited for boots with the Michami Joanie Cigarette Pants cuffs. So I AM Michami from head to toe -- I just cheated a bit in the middle.

Necklace is Tuli's Wooden Heart, Hair ETD Patricia in Arpicot Burnt. Shoes are ETD as well, the Kristin Booties in Emerald. My skin is ... drumroll please ... The New Fleur Shojo Valentine Pink skin in Azalea. Fleur has a Flickr contest on right now featuring the new Valentine's skins, so grab a couple, take those photos and ENTER!

1 comment:

Milla Michinaga said...

You are the cutest little avie in MichaMi for sure! Thank you! <333