Friday, February 13, 2009

Sometimes It's Just One thing!

When I tp-ed over to Sweet Magic the Softish Cami in Late caught my eye. But what to wear it with? It's pretty definite color with a detailed black lace edging. So started trying on inventory items.

Then I remembered that a very kind avi had given me some Last Call items.Now why anyone would clear Last Call from their inventory I can't imagine and why she didn't want any money... well I didn't argue! So I finally settled on the LC Marie-Helene White Linen suit. I adore the lovely hand drawn tie knot on the jacket, and the buckle on the pants is classic Ginny.

I am, of course, wearing the Street Magic Late Softish Cami along with Maitreya's Mishima Dawn in Shiny Auburn. My jewelry is from (luc), his Feuille Naturelle in Silver. Finishing off the look are ETD Luth in auburn burnt and Fleur Allure Limited Release Valentine Red in Truffle

I had my Neko ears on from a party I attended when I bought the Tiered_skirt(blue) by **nikukyu** at the MNK Shops. I also bought a contrasting top there, but thought, hey -- the flowers in the skirt are dusty pink and the late softish cami ... So I tried it out.

Then it seemed a bit bare--all skirt and just a cami, so I inventory-groped again and came out with the Ibizarre soft metal Bolero in silver. With the medallion hanging from the bolero tie I didn't need any jewelry.

I'm wearing my favorite Kookie shoes, Phoebe in noir as well as an older Fleur Vivant skin, Dakota 3 in Buff. The discovery for me in this outfit was the Apatia hairstyle from Pixel Dust in Caramel. I know Atumn Hykova from Fleur and Plurk, but this was the first time I had gotten over to her store. With Apatia it was love at first pixel!

My ears are the Kyu-To neko Ears in white from Dirty Lynx. I axed the tail cause it looked a bit odd whisking around under the skirt. These are my absolute favorite Neko ears for their funky punkness. My socks are the free ones from Shiny Things, the thigh-highs in pink. If you don't have those you should. They come in really useful wardrobe colors as well as being modifiable.

Thus one camisole begat two outfits!

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