Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweet, sweet Sweetaholic

OK, so I buy what takes my fancy...lol. When I saw this outfit on Grady Echegaray's Strange Pixels I fell in lust with it. Over I went to Sweetaholic only to find another lethal shop and Shinran in three different varieties....decisions, decisions! I opted for Shinran 2.0 as the pink/purples are not what I would normally wear and what a delight it is. The colours are dramatic, the textures so beautiful you want to touch them and the whole feel of the outfit makes you regal. Included pieces are a rose hair accessory, fans, Obi, typing particles and shoes. It was fun to wear and I cant wait for the right occassion.


Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns

Skin: Frick, Peaches, Sailors Delight (Lolly)

Hair: H2L, Aya in black

Eyes: Miriel, Arctic Ocean (Big)

Outfit: Sweetaholic, Shinran 2.0

Eyelashes: Cake, Seperated Lashes

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cajsa's "Dress Me Up" Challenge reaches the Zenith!

Cajsa Lilliehook challenged me as follows: "I thought I might suggest something neko from Zenith, with some Betty Page Voyager hair." Hm there's a theme here. Two of my four challenges wanted to see Sam neko/grunge. Folks I'm not really that square :) In fact the ears and tail came from my inventory.

So off I trotted to Zenith where I found The Black Sexy Cloths set. The multiple pieces fit nicely, but I had to kill the bling coming from the ribbons. There I do draw the line. The tattoo is also from Zenith, their butterfly one. I have to admit I'd taken the photos wearing the Lxei Nyanotech hair from Curious Kitties [also in my inventory] before I remembered that she had said Betty Page Voyager. So I dutifully trotted off, but couldn't find anything that I liked as well as the Lxei for the style. So here's my response to your challenge Cajsa :)

My skin is Fleur Allure Biba 1 in Truffle. My torn fishnet stockings and fishnet gloves are from *Sheer*. My boots are the New York ones from Digital Dragon. My ears are *Kyu-To Neko Ears Black and tail is Mikon Neko Tail - Black, all from Dirty Lynx.

In League with Momo

OK…so…I feel myself becoming a blog monster…lol

I admit...I follow the fashion feed and yesterday, when I saw the League outfit (sorry can’t remember who blogged it) I knew I had to have it. League are one of my, what I call, lethal stores…lol. I avoid because I always buy but I love them so much that I never quite avoid enough.

Woolstrapped by League has the whole shebang…all layers, 2 skirts, legwarmers and boots. The knit texture is to die for…I just want to bury my hands in it. The design is genius, just enough tears to be sexy but not enough to make it look a mess. I love it and makes me feel all cosy on these cold Winter days in RL.

Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: MM-Pale SkinGloss-Messy
Hair: ETD, Celia in white
Eyes: Miriel, Platinum (Big)
Outfit: League WoolStrapped.
Eyelashes: Cake, separated eyelashes.

This extra is Sams dress me up request…little did I know that when she said "Momo. With hair from a Japanese sim. Have fun!" that it would be my worst nightmare…lol. Now, I own a Momo piece but had forgotten what it sold as a clothes retailer. So over I hopped and, even though the clothes are well made and of quality, found that they are so not me. Pink, froofroo and girly…aggghhhh!

I spent a good amount of time choosing an outfit, which I like actually, but to Sams dismay no skulls or watermelons…hahaha. It does have pink in it though. She then added I should get shoes from G-Field…hmmm, .interesting selection. I purchased the Lady Rose shoes and moved onto the hair. Earlier in the week I had gotten demos from H2L and decided that the updo, Aya, would be just right for this challenge.

So…as you can see…my look is pink(ish) and very girly…think I look cute!

Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Dai Ni Ban Azalea Shoujo 3.
Hair: H2L, Aya in black
Eyes: Miriel, Platinum (Big)
Outfit: Momo, Ducket dress in black & pink
Shoes: G-Field, Lady Rose shoes in white, tinted pink
Eyelashes: Cake, separated eyelashes

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pipped to the Post!

First I would like to thank Sam and Noena for letting me join them in their blog…I will try to keep your high standards…no promises though :) I intend to blog both old and new pieces…my inventory is bursting at the seams so it is a good excuse to air some of it. I am no guru at this, I buy what I like so you will be seeing, I suppose, my style. I will try to match everything as much as possible and, to be honest, I will be wearing a Fleur skin 90+% of the time, unless they don’t match or I feel it needs something a bit different.

Second, my title ‘Pipped to the Post!’. It appears that Elysium Eilde of Photographing SL beat me to blogging this outfit with a wonderful review. However, I am nothing but stubborn so I am going to blog it anyway as my first offering, with a difference…no cheg flashing lol.

I have had this RunoRuno outfit in my inventory for the past week or so, thinking ‘Love it! But where can I wear it?’. This dress or should I say 6 dresses are a bargain…you get 3 black and 3 white in Cocktail, Evening and Dinner lengths. It is called Undress and, if worn purely, is not for the faint hearted. It is a bare breasting experience. Having said that I wanted to make it wearable in public…so a little tweaking and stretching of the chest attachments allowed me to be decent…this dress was not made for the well endowed avatar…lol.

The detailing is stunning, from textures to buckles and with so many layers you can mix and match tops and skirts…fabulous! I chose to wear the top from Undress Dinner with the skirt from Undress Evening. The overall look I would call Edgy Couture.

Styling :

Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Biba 1 in Alabaster
Hair: ETD, Laine in Black, with tint scripted black headband
Eyes: Miriel, Platinum (Big)
Outfit: RunoRuno/Burnt Rice, Undress in Black
Shoes: Maitreya, Verve Black 2
Eyelashes: Cake, separated lashes

Friday, December 26, 2008

Now we are 3!

Fury has accepted our invitation to blog with Noena and myself. Hence the new blog name "The 3 Fashionteers" and the motto "All for Fashion, Fashion for All" [Thanks Noena:)]

Fury is my SL friend of longest standing. I met her in my second month here. I've watched her develop as a photographer over time as she has helped get me out of my noobie hair, skin and clothes. So, with Noena we now have two fabulous photographers and 3 fashionteers. We hope you enjoy the ride!

FYI: Noena and I work at ETD, which is where I met her. All 3 of us work for Fleur Skins. We blog honestly, but an avi has to have some favorites ;)

It's a Touch of Dutch Challenge from Ana Lutetia

As part of Achariya's Dress Me Up Challenge Ana Lutetia suggested the following: "hmmm... what about Dutch Touch for a grunge look?"

Well I actually do have some Dutch Touch in my inventory, but not the real grunge stuff so I played fair and bought the Pippi outfit.

I remember seeing this on a friend during my first year on SL and wondered why anyone would wear something with holes in it LOL. I seem to have overcome my aversion here... The textures on the top are very nicely done and the cuffs on the pants are equally excellent. I had trouble finding the right boots in my inventory and ended up wearing my old standby, ETD Calf Boots in black.

I meant to wear a Dutch Touch skin, but I've been having trouble getting the new Fleur Allure Biba off my pixels. This is Biba 1 in Truffle. Hair is ETD Lisa in auburn burnt. Necklace is the Lovely Sorrow one from Curious Kitties.

So thanks to Ana Lutetia for getting me to go "holey."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays to You All!

Thanks for making my time in SL (tm) interesting, rewarding and [sometimes] frustrating!

May 2009 bring us a stable grid and newness from all our favorite creators :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a "Sick" Challenge from Dot Lane :)

Dot Lane said:

Hmmm...I see you in something Japanese...maybe one of the Yugao dresses from Plus Nine paired with one of the Fleur Biba skins, ankle boots, and zero style hair. I'd also like to see what you could do with the "Sick" dress from Yome Shoujo with a Fleur Vivant Pin-Ups skin...

OK Dot, here we go :)

I started with Plus Nine's Yugao Long Skirt Set (Cassis) because I loved the colors. It came with some serious shoulder fur, but that conflicted with my Zero Style hair [Dana in Black Cherry-I feel like a Black Forest Cake LOL] so it got left off. I LOVE the hem flounces, but in action they don't fit well as you move. With those and the system skirt I had trouble finding poses that didn't screw up one or both.

As requested, my skin is Fleur's new Allure Biba 3 in Truffle. The Kristin Booties are from ETD, but I couldn't decide whether to wear plum or teal so I wore one of each!

Sick you say? There are two Sick dresses by Yome Shoujo, neither of which look that way. I bought both, but ended up using the lighter of the two. The dress has layered flounces and puffy sleeves, but the pièce de résistance is the stuffed heart necklace. Normally I wouldn't wear a pillow on my chest, but this funny face grew on me during the shoot.

The skin is the requested Fleur Vivant Pin-up 2 in Blush. My clunky shoes are from the Bare Rose, It's Only a Paper Moon costume. Hair is Zero Style's Hays in Golden Wheat. [Yup, it's the demo LOL] I wanted something pig or ponytailed and this did the trick on a day when Phil's Place was no cooperating.

I had fun with your challenge Dot --thanks <3

Monday, December 22, 2008

Achariya's "Dress Me" Challenge from Achayria herself :)

Achariya said:

Oh I know! I'd like to see you in one of Zaara's sari's, and accessories to match. So here you go!

I LOVE Zaara Kohime's work so this was no problem. But I after looking at a gorgeous sari for a lot of lindens, I opted for Red Riot, an older [and still gorgeous] one available in her discount room. The bracelets are Zaara's beautiful Suvarna ones, but the rest of the jewelry is Yak & Yeti's free Bollywood set in tourmaline. I copied and edited the forehead piece to serve as a belly jewel LOL. Hair is ETD's L$1 Lily style in Carmel Burnt. The skin is Fleur Parfait Deux 1 in Strawberry.

Thanks for the excuse to go Bollywood Achariya!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Late to the Party:) Dress Me Up Challenge!

I was out of town and missed the challenge from Achariya so here goes.

Please dress me up? [Picture is by my longest time SL friend, Fury Stapleton] It's cold where I live and I'm going to freeze if you don't LOL

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Stringer Mausoleum + Biba = Stunning!

Working at ETD and Fleur has its advantages, one of which is meeting avis who are wonderful content creators. This is the case with Fleur Insider, Helena Stringer, owner and creative impulse of The Stringer Mausoleum.

She was kind enough to drop her style, Wrapped, on me as an early holiday pressie and, while I normally don't wear hair that is almost as big as I am, this one is a honey :) I'm wearing it in crimson tipped with the included hairbow and snowflakes. Top is the Lookr "Naughty".

Skin is the about-to-be-released Fleur Allure Biba 1 in Truffle. Biba has transitioned gracefully from Vivant to Allure. The new Allure skin tones and body detailing make Biba work for me in way she never did as a Vivant makeup.

So after Helena dropped Wrapped on me I wandered over and ended up getting the Stargazer Eyelashes in the Colour Pack. They are seasonally outrageous LOL. You get 6 colo[u]rs for L$150 -- be sure to click on the picture to see how wonderful these are :) The skin is Fleur Allure Winter Nights 3. Hair is ETD's Luth in auburn burnt.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I go away for 2 weeks and ... miss a lot ;)

I come back to not only the glorious new Allure Winter Nights skins from CJ and Roslin, but a sweet new outfit called Fair Isle. And I missed the Secret Sale:( But seriously, thanks to Fury for taking over in my absence! I may take another vacation!

Here's my blog for before I knew the sale was over *cries* -- so instead of wearing Winter Nights, I'm wearing the formerly-on-sale Shoujo 6 in the just-right-for-me new skintone of Azelea.

But the big news is the Fair Isle outfit from Fleur with plenty of options for layering. Take a good look at the beautiful silver clasps in the middle photo, as well as the faultlessly designed sweater underneath. I even went out and bought the Shiny Things Plainers in cherry to complete the look, knee socks and all! In the right hand photo I paired the dress top with the L$1 ETD Cords in Moss to show the versatility of this new outfit.

Hair is ETD's Luth in auburn burnt. Jewelry is from (luc) and Caroline Jewelry.