Thursday, December 18, 2008

I go away for 2 weeks and ... miss a lot ;)

I come back to not only the glorious new Allure Winter Nights skins from CJ and Roslin, but a sweet new outfit called Fair Isle. And I missed the Secret Sale:( But seriously, thanks to Fury for taking over in my absence! I may take another vacation!

Here's my blog for before I knew the sale was over *cries* -- so instead of wearing Winter Nights, I'm wearing the formerly-on-sale Shoujo 6 in the just-right-for-me new skintone of Azelea.

But the big news is the Fair Isle outfit from Fleur with plenty of options for layering. Take a good look at the beautiful silver clasps in the middle photo, as well as the faultlessly designed sweater underneath. I even went out and bought the Shiny Things Plainers in cherry to complete the look, knee socks and all! In the right hand photo I paired the dress top with the L$1 ETD Cords in Moss to show the versatility of this new outfit.

Hair is ETD's Luth in auburn burnt. Jewelry is from (luc) and Caroline Jewelry.


Grazia said...

...and she's back!!!! YAYYYYYYYY *does a lil happy dance*

Fury said...

Welcome back look fabulous!!