Friday, December 26, 2008

It's a Touch of Dutch Challenge from Ana Lutetia

As part of Achariya's Dress Me Up Challenge Ana Lutetia suggested the following: "hmmm... what about Dutch Touch for a grunge look?"

Well I actually do have some Dutch Touch in my inventory, but not the real grunge stuff so I played fair and bought the Pippi outfit.

I remember seeing this on a friend during my first year on SL and wondered why anyone would wear something with holes in it LOL. I seem to have overcome my aversion here... The textures on the top are very nicely done and the cuffs on the pants are equally excellent. I had trouble finding the right boots in my inventory and ended up wearing my old standby, ETD Calf Boots in black.

I meant to wear a Dutch Touch skin, but I've been having trouble getting the new Fleur Allure Biba off my pixels. This is Biba 1 in Truffle. Hair is ETD Lisa in auburn burnt. Necklace is the Lovely Sorrow one from Curious Kitties.

So thanks to Ana Lutetia for getting me to go "holey."

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Ana Lutetia said...

You look great! DT is one of my fav stores. I love Iki's work.

- Ana Lutetia -