Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Stringer Mausoleum + Biba = Stunning!

Working at ETD and Fleur has its advantages, one of which is meeting avis who are wonderful content creators. This is the case with Fleur Insider, Helena Stringer, owner and creative impulse of The Stringer Mausoleum.

She was kind enough to drop her style, Wrapped, on me as an early holiday pressie and, while I normally don't wear hair that is almost as big as I am, this one is a honey :) I'm wearing it in crimson tipped with the included hairbow and snowflakes. Top is the Lookr "Naughty".

Skin is the about-to-be-released Fleur Allure Biba 1 in Truffle. Biba has transitioned gracefully from Vivant to Allure. The new Allure skin tones and body detailing make Biba work for me in way she never did as a Vivant makeup.

So after Helena dropped Wrapped on me I wandered over and ended up getting the Stargazer Eyelashes in the Colour Pack. They are seasonally outrageous LOL. You get 6 colo[u]rs for L$150 -- be sure to click on the picture to see how wonderful these are :) The skin is Fleur Allure Winter Nights 3. Hair is ETD's Luth in auburn burnt.

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