Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweet, sweet Sweetaholic

OK, so I buy what takes my fancy...lol. When I saw this outfit on Grady Echegaray's Strange Pixels I fell in lust with it. Over I went to Sweetaholic only to find another lethal shop and Shinran in three different varieties....decisions, decisions! I opted for Shinran 2.0 as the pink/purples are not what I would normally wear and what a delight it is. The colours are dramatic, the textures so beautiful you want to touch them and the whole feel of the outfit makes you regal. Included pieces are a rose hair accessory, fans, Obi, typing particles and shoes. It was fun to wear and I cant wait for the right occassion.


Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns

Skin: Frick, Peaches, Sailors Delight (Lolly)

Hair: H2L, Aya in black

Eyes: Miriel, Arctic Ocean (Big)

Outfit: Sweetaholic, Shinran 2.0

Eyelashes: Cake, Seperated Lashes


gradyechegaray said...

Thanks for the nod Fury. ^:^
The kimono was a gift from a friend and it just knocked me out when I put it on.
Love the pics and way you styled it!

Fury said...

You lucky thing...a wonderful gift...wow! Thanks for the support:)