Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little corset dress

You know those little occasions, that at the time seem so unimportant, but can set off bigger things? Well I had one of those a few months ago when a friend of mine dropped me a picture of a dress. She found it as a freebie and was wondering if I wanted it too. I didn't like the print of the fabric, but the style of the dress itself was very pretty, sporting a great corset.

Usually I would have just forgotten all about it, but a few days later I was still thinking of that strawberry textured dress. So I decided to take some action and while remembering the saying "asking won't hurt" I IM'd the designer AvaGardner Kungler, the co-owner of Kunglers Fashion Design together with Barbra Kungler.

I explained that I loved the dress, but was wondering if they had it in a plain colored fabric too. She didn't, but she told me she liked my proposition and had been thinking of it herself. She promised to make a new version of it. I was joking to her that if she was out of names for the dress she could always call it "Noena". She laught and said she might just do that.

That was that. Time went by and Second Life rolled on as it usually does.

And then, on that very lucky day, I logged in to find that Ava had dropped me a folder, containing two gorgeous corset dresses. And you get one guess what they were called... *big smile*
Dress: Kunglers Noena (black and white)
Hair: ETD Janine II (blond and black)
Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze Sultry 3

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Bit of Backlog!

I've had a few outfits ready to post, but got waylaid by that pesky RL. So here are two, very different ones.

The first is a mix 'n' match from Last Call, Queen Queen Disco, Truth, Ume, Tesla and LionSkins. I started with the QQ Disco "One Piece" top -- the rest of the outfit didn't really suit me, but for the price, the top was worth it. I've paired it with the high waisted trousers from Last Call's Ingrid and the new Tesla Marie Red/Tan Heels. The necklace is the *::UM::* Wood+Turquoise_Necklace from Ume

I'm wearing Bambi by Truth in apricot and one of the sale Lionskins, #11 I believe, in Pale

The next is my first Doc Eldritch outfit from DE Designs. And to be honest the sweater was what grabbed my attention --it's an interesting twist on the ubiquitous turtle/cowls we see on the grid in winter. The sculpted mini-skirt prim is also better than the average one.

The outfit comes with the contrasting cowl and the stockings, although I wasn't entirely happy with the way the stockings photographed. It's the detail and the design on the sweater that really swayed me here. Hair is Truth's Bambi again in auburn and I'm pretty sure my skin is Fleur Vivant Pink Basic 2 in buff. Shoes are Fleur's Mary Janes in black.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Freckles... so what?

Yesterday, when Lion dropped me the above advertising for LionSkins' new freckled skinline I got curious, real curious to see what else this liongirl had in store for us!
Those new skins will only be released tomorrow, so I started impatiently biting my nails.

But roooarr, she had mercy on my nerves and this morning she dropped me some of the freckled beauties. And asked me to make all of you just as curious as I was (hehe).

Or should I say "curious as I am". Cause seeing these new designs only makes me hunger for more. Now I'm even more walking up and down restlessly for tomorrow to arrive! So maybe she wasn't really merciful... maybe she's just playing with me, like a cat with a mouse... mmhh... lionfriends, you sure have to be carefull round them ;) lol

But tomorrow will soon arrive and so will the party that LionSkins is hosting to celebrate the launch of their Suzana line.
This party will take place Saturday, August 16th at 11am SL time at their flagshipstore.
And at that time, they will be announcing a special contest I am told. So even more to look forward too! :-)

It's all written down in my agenda and I'm so ready to party with the lions!! Do join if you dare ;-)

Roaring Noena

Pict 1: LionSkin Suzana 05 - ETD Trinitee black
Pict 2: LionSkin Suzana 36 - ETD Flapper blonde
Pict 3: LionSkin Suzana 19 - ETD Trinitee chestnut
Pict 4: LionSkin Suzana 09 - ETD Flapper smoke
Pict 5: LionSkin Suzana 25 - ETD Trinitee copper
Pict 6: LionSkin Suzana 16 - ETD Flapper chestnut

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alphamale & Blacklace sim

A new sim will be opening today. And not just any sim, the home of Alphamale and Blacklace!

Alphamale is known for its fine menclothing and Blacklace for the lovely lingerie. I have the privilage to be one of the Blacklace models. So ofcourse I'm jumping from joy that they are spreading their wings to a whole new sim.

Yelmer Pfeffer and Mariska Simons (the designers behind both brands) will be celebrating this new beginning at their new main store today, August 9th, at 12pm slt.

You'll be able to check out new releases from the boutiques, gifts, special offers for the groupmembers (so join quickly ;) and don't forget to visit the very stylish Jazz club!

I'm anxiously counting the hours and I hope I'll be able to greet you there!

For more info, please check:


Thursday, August 7, 2008

My first namesake dress from sachi Vixen

Sachi Vixen of Adam & Eve made an absolutely stunning dress and called it Samara! Now I think my friend Jaydie put her up to it, but still -- I am hono[u]red beyond belief. It's taken me a while to blog it, both because I didn't know how to do it justice and, believe it or not, I'm a private person. It was sort of really MY dress until I blogged it LOL. [OK tell me I need therapy, but you'll have to get in line to do that ;)]

It is not only a generous gesture on sachi's part, but Samara, yes MY name, is a lovely silky, handkerchief-hemmed stunner of a dress.

The first photo-collage was designed to show off the detail on the bodice as well as the beautiful uneven hem and textures. I am wearing Samara in Buttermilk with Damen Gorilla's Lotus shoes in popcorn. My hair is a Bewitched freebie, Kristin in brown. You do NOT want to know what the ARC is on that one, trust me. On the far left I am wearing ETD Maaliyah in cinnamon. In all but the far left photo I am wearing an Adam & Eve skin, Grazia in tone 2, Sky.

The dress comes in several wonderful colors, including apple green, which I ran out and bought.

But sachi didn't stop at the dress -- she made a luscious lingerie "teddy" with the prettiest scalloped edge to the panties. Same fashion credits apply!

Thank you so much sachi HUGS -- my namesake is a delight to own and wear :)

Impressione Weekend of Beauty

At the same time the RL New York fashion week will kick off (Sept 5), Impressione will be bringing the fashion excitement straight to us in SL with their own “Impressione Weekend of Beauty”.

How do I know all this? A friend, and the big force behind the project, JennyH Gossipgirl told me what her team was up to and I immediately loved the underlaying message. Natural beauty lays very close to my heart.

And Impressione will make it huge: It will be a celebration of health and beauty in all its shapes and sizes throughout the ages. The 72-hour weekend will bring to you runway shows, the Natural Beauty by Impressione competition, a charity art auction and gala, music festival, treasure hunt, film and photo competitions, and so much more.

The festivities will already be starting this weekend (Sat at 12pm) with the Natural Beauty competition, where the finalists will be chosen for the contest during the Impressione Weekend of Beauty.

Personally, I believe that the importance and elegance of "natural beauty" can not be underlined enough. So I hope you will join them at the runway this weekend & September and show off your gorgeous natural selves!!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

From NY, NY to Paris, France in A&E Shoes :)

In this case the picture says it better than words:)

My good friend, Jaydie Sapeur, allowed me to collage her picture with mine and gave it the above title--thanks Jaydie! She's in NY, NY and I'm in Paris, France -- actually the Sacre Bleu sim owned by friends of mine :)

We're both wearing shoes from Adam & Eve, hence the title.

Fashion Notes:
Jaydie: A&E Jaydie's in silver, A&E's Lacey dress in blue, Denier Cri's hair, Nicky - Warm (1), A&E's Pandora skin - Diva Fall Collection in Primrose
Sam: A&E Lotus in amber, Cover Girl's Kathy dress, ETD hair Monique in auburn burnt, Fleur Vivant skin Glam in Gold buff

Saturday, August 2, 2008


A few days ago my attention was drawn by a notice I got from the LBD-group. I'm a big fan of LeeZu Baxter's designs and I know when she wants you to look at something, it's worth looking.

She mentioned that a new store had been opened on the plaza of "To The Nines". A skinstore. I didn't need to know more and tp'd right over.

The new store belongs to Lion Jonesford, the designer behind LionSkins. I'm afraid I must admit I had never heard of her before, and taking one look at her skins I regret missing out all this time. I was really impressed. My mouth probably fell open while gazing around. :) The textures are great and make-ups amazing in a way I prefer them: runway and theatrical.

Meanwhile I also had the pleasure to meet Lion and she turns out to be a great lady. So now, do yourself a big favor, go try some demos and show your support to this terrific artist!!


picture 1:
- LionSkins -Suzana-pale beast 32
- ETD hair: Deidra - blond
picture 2:
- LionSkins -Suzana-sunkiss run.40
- ETD hair: Maxine - Elika's brown
picture 3:
- LionSkins: Suzana-pale beast 26
- Naughty hair: Maya II - starfish