Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Bit of Backlog!

I've had a few outfits ready to post, but got waylaid by that pesky RL. So here are two, very different ones.

The first is a mix 'n' match from Last Call, Queen Queen Disco, Truth, Ume, Tesla and LionSkins. I started with the QQ Disco "One Piece" top -- the rest of the outfit didn't really suit me, but for the price, the top was worth it. I've paired it with the high waisted trousers from Last Call's Ingrid and the new Tesla Marie Red/Tan Heels. The necklace is the *::UM::* Wood+Turquoise_Necklace from Ume

I'm wearing Bambi by Truth in apricot and one of the sale Lionskins, #11 I believe, in Pale

The next is my first Doc Eldritch outfit from DE Designs. And to be honest the sweater was what grabbed my attention --it's an interesting twist on the ubiquitous turtle/cowls we see on the grid in winter. The sculpted mini-skirt prim is also better than the average one.

The outfit comes with the contrasting cowl and the stockings, although I wasn't entirely happy with the way the stockings photographed. It's the detail and the design on the sweater that really swayed me here. Hair is Truth's Bambi again in auburn and I'm pretty sure my skin is Fleur Vivant Pink Basic 2 in buff. Shoes are Fleur's Mary Janes in black.

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