Thursday, August 7, 2008

My first namesake dress from sachi Vixen

Sachi Vixen of Adam & Eve made an absolutely stunning dress and called it Samara! Now I think my friend Jaydie put her up to it, but still -- I am hono[u]red beyond belief. It's taken me a while to blog it, both because I didn't know how to do it justice and, believe it or not, I'm a private person. It was sort of really MY dress until I blogged it LOL. [OK tell me I need therapy, but you'll have to get in line to do that ;)]

It is not only a generous gesture on sachi's part, but Samara, yes MY name, is a lovely silky, handkerchief-hemmed stunner of a dress.

The first photo-collage was designed to show off the detail on the bodice as well as the beautiful uneven hem and textures. I am wearing Samara in Buttermilk with Damen Gorilla's Lotus shoes in popcorn. My hair is a Bewitched freebie, Kristin in brown. You do NOT want to know what the ARC is on that one, trust me. On the far left I am wearing ETD Maaliyah in cinnamon. In all but the far left photo I am wearing an Adam & Eve skin, Grazia in tone 2, Sky.

The dress comes in several wonderful colors, including apple green, which I ran out and bought.

But sachi didn't stop at the dress -- she made a luscious lingerie "teddy" with the prettiest scalloped edge to the panties. Same fashion credits apply!

Thank you so much sachi HUGS -- my namesake is a delight to own and wear :)


Whimsy Winx said...

Beautifully photographed!

Noena (the long) said...

Okee, I'll say it: you need therapy! :P
But don't worry so do I!! lol
Lovely blog and goooorgeous dress sweetsam!