Friday, August 15, 2008

Freckles... so what?

Yesterday, when Lion dropped me the above advertising for LionSkins' new freckled skinline I got curious, real curious to see what else this liongirl had in store for us!
Those new skins will only be released tomorrow, so I started impatiently biting my nails.

But roooarr, she had mercy on my nerves and this morning she dropped me some of the freckled beauties. And asked me to make all of you just as curious as I was (hehe).

Or should I say "curious as I am". Cause seeing these new designs only makes me hunger for more. Now I'm even more walking up and down restlessly for tomorrow to arrive! So maybe she wasn't really merciful... maybe she's just playing with me, like a cat with a mouse... mmhh... lionfriends, you sure have to be carefull round them ;) lol

But tomorrow will soon arrive and so will the party that LionSkins is hosting to celebrate the launch of their Suzana line.
This party will take place Saturday, August 16th at 11am SL time at their flagshipstore.
And at that time, they will be announcing a special contest I am told. So even more to look forward too! :-)

It's all written down in my agenda and I'm so ready to party with the lions!! Do join if you dare ;-)

Roaring Noena

Pict 1: LionSkin Suzana 05 - ETD Trinitee black
Pict 2: LionSkin Suzana 36 - ETD Flapper blonde
Pict 3: LionSkin Suzana 19 - ETD Trinitee chestnut
Pict 4: LionSkin Suzana 09 - ETD Flapper smoke
Pict 5: LionSkin Suzana 25 - ETD Trinitee copper
Pict 6: LionSkin Suzana 16 - ETD Flapper chestnut

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Samara Barzane said...

RAWR!! You look lovely in spots:) HUGS, sam