Thursday, August 7, 2008

Impressione Weekend of Beauty

At the same time the RL New York fashion week will kick off (Sept 5), Impressione will be bringing the fashion excitement straight to us in SL with their own “Impressione Weekend of Beauty”.

How do I know all this? A friend, and the big force behind the project, JennyH Gossipgirl told me what her team was up to and I immediately loved the underlaying message. Natural beauty lays very close to my heart.

And Impressione will make it huge: It will be a celebration of health and beauty in all its shapes and sizes throughout the ages. The 72-hour weekend will bring to you runway shows, the Natural Beauty by Impressione competition, a charity art auction and gala, music festival, treasure hunt, film and photo competitions, and so much more.

The festivities will already be starting this weekend (Sat at 12pm) with the Natural Beauty competition, where the finalists will be chosen for the contest during the Impressione Weekend of Beauty.

Personally, I believe that the importance and elegance of "natural beauty" can not be underlined enough. So I hope you will join them at the runway this weekend & September and show off your gorgeous natural selves!!


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