Monday, December 31, 2007


To anyone reading this post, SL or not, please accept my warmest wishes for a wonderful 2008! Let the rezzing begin!

I'll end the year with pictures of two special friends, both a bit "furry" ;)

First my treasured friend, Artistic Fimicoloud. She is an artist, a gallery owner and a breast cancer survivor. She has taught me more about courage and the importance of attitude than anyone I know. I love you Fimi! We're at Park Galleries, which she bought last year from the founder, Angel Enoch. I THINK we were in the process of moving things around a bit. Fimi's work is amazing -- visit her gallery [SLURL to come] for her story of how painting has helped her live fully with her changed health. I'll also try to find some pictures of Fimi's wardrobe -- she has totally conquered the world of dressing the female furry. She's a chic lil fox she is :)

The other is my little rabbit, Philip, who recently joined my SL and is a friend to everyone he meets :) I owe his presence in my pixelated life to my friend and ETD colleague, Noena Merlin. I think her "snowbunny" and Philip are a bit of a "number" [>>wink<<]

Worthy of note in the Philip picture is that I am wearing Elika's new style, Nadia, based loosely on the limited edition Sea Nymph from last July. The color is cinnamon burnt. I like her "burnt" textures as they add a note of depth to her wonderful range of reds. With it I am wearing Eolande's color-change beads designed especially for this style. Not to mention those Second Mirage Christmas freebie earrings and the Persona Holiday group gift sweater in green! I'm pretty sure the skin is Tête à Pied Lustrous 2 in buff as I wore it throughout the holiday season :)

And again -- a wonderful 2008 to all both in RL & SL!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Party Clothes!

Although I was away the first half of December, I did get to attend a few holiday parties. My dress of choice was "Confetti" by the indefatigable Simone. The flexi skirt has texture and movement that are both flirty and elegant at the same time. And the detail on the skirt and bodice are simply scrumptious ;)

I'm wearing the Vine necklace, earrings and bracelet from DK, the hair is ETD's new Emily in caramel and the shoes are also by ETD, Orsay stilettos in red. The skin is Tete a Pied Dakota ... I'll have to check the number when I get back inworld later today.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Before the season gets away!

I thought I should post what I've been wearing around the grid, in the Christmas spirit ;). The freebie frenzy was nice while it lasted, but to be honest, after a couple of rounds I only went to a few of my favorite places in order to avoid further inventory bloat. For a small avi I have a BIG inventory [most of it ETD hair of course ;)] and waiting for it to load is trying my patience! [Time to find a quiet island and do some serious pruning and sorting.]

Okay -- The pants and the hair are NOT from the Christmas rush. They are SWA's silk pants in red [I must have them in every color by now LOL] and ETD's new style "Emily", a current favorite of mine, in caramel.

Starting at the top -- the antlers are from Callie Cline, given to me by a friend for Christmas. Second Mirage provided the Christmas tree earrings for free next to their advent calendar :) The green sweater was a group gift from Persona. The necklace was a L$ 15 holiday special from JCNY and the boots-- SIGH -- are the Ziggy ones from Tesla -- amazingly cute and, despite the high heel very wearable.

I did acquire more "loot" than this, but there is a limit to an avi's attachment points LOL. So as we head for [hopefully] a safe and sane New Years let's give a huge HURRAH to all the content creators who made out holiday shopping much more fun!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wishing one and all a wonderful holiday season!

As the gift-buying frenzy comes to a peak in both SL and RL, I'd like to pause to remember why we are celebrating. Below is a picture I took in France recently of a "santon" crèche scene at the Santon Museum at St Trophime in Arles. [Here's an explanation of the tradition.]

May your season be both blessed and merry!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another nice content creator!

I met Aphrodite Outlander when she was shopping at ETD this morning. We had a nice chat, during which I figured out that she was THE Aphrodite of Aphrodite Creations, whose new dress I had seen on Fashion Planet and admired. So when my shift ended a friend and I wandered over to her store to have a look around. Her prices are more than reasonable and the designs are terrific!And Aphrodite was there too! All I can say is get yourself over there. Not only are the dresses wonderful, but she was kind enough to model one for me also.

So here are the two I bought. First Tender Allure in gold. The top has two layers, which adds depth to the system shirt. The skirt is smart. And the leggings! Oh my -- I am in love with them. What is nice about her clothes is that you can mix and match with her pants suits.

The second dress I bought was Greyceful, named after a good friend of hers. It has a dark, almost gothy feel -- and with the scarf suits the winter sims we are seeing right now. It comes with two skirt lengths, both smarter than I am LOL

One of the things I like is that for a small amount of lindens you get two or three color combinations. Aphrodite is not only nice, she's generous! I'm sure glad she came into ETD this morning!

Details: Hair in the second picture is the new Emily from ETD in Copper. In the first picture Lisa II in Cinnamon, also ETD. The skin is the group gift from MM -- Pale Lime. Boots are my usual Calf Boots from ETD in black.