Monday, August 31, 2009

Elaine's occasional post

(Soft knocking) O HAI!
After almost a month without posting I fear Samara will soon start sending me intimidating notes, so I figured I'd better get to work before she puts the "on leave" sign on my picture too (coughs). She's nice, though ;-)

Now seriously, I've been photographing every outfit I've worn, but unfortunately this past month I couldn't find the time to edit the pictures, not to mention the energy to write something that made sense, so I figured it was better to wait for a suitable moment... and here it is. From now on my posts will be few and far between due to busy RL, but that doesn't mean I'm off the Fashionteer hook. Now on to the pic...

A long, long time ago... I went on a massive shopping spree at Aoharu (well, not massive, because their prices are so affordable) and I think this was my best find, the BT Floral Dress in soft blue, which comes with innumerable options - sculpty and prim skirt, separate belt and neck and back prim bits, which give the outfit an extra dose of floatiness. Here I'm wearing the sculpted skirt version, which works perfectly with the system skirt shape, otherwise if you have a full derrière like me it is a pain to adjust.

The shoes are an old classic, the Maitreya Frisky wedges in brown. They have been with me since barely 5 months after my rez date (I checked!) and I still wear them every now and then. They were my first decent pair of shoes and I was in awe with them, so I keep a particular fondness for this pair - they probably made me realise I was crappily dressed, too.

I accessorised with something old and something new, on my left wrist are the +plus June bangles, and on the right, the Exodi snakeskin bangles in ghost, both tinted to echo the colours of the dress. Earrings and necklaces were impracticable, so I left it at that.

The hair is the lovely Linda by Truth, and the skin is Tuli's Hope, my makeup of choice being Sultry, with muted smoky eyes and yummy red lips. Eyes and lashes are still Miriel (aquamarine and glamour, respectively) and poses are by Long Awkward Pose.

*Edit: for full outfit details, check my Flickr.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kindred Soles

One of the first creators I had contact with in my Second Life® was Aphrodite Outlander of Aphrodite Creations. She was responsive to requests and lots of fun, so when she took a SL break, I missed her :( But she's baaaaaaack and best of all creating again.

My friend, companion in crime and fellow blogger, Fury Stapleton took the pictures of Aph's new Inure shoes. Now Inure has two meanings, the usual one a bit negative, but the positive one certainly applies: "To serve to the use or benefit." These shoes, coming as they do with 3 different heel styles for the teeny price of L$299 are not only beautiful, but very versatile.

Fury decided to show off the shoes alone so you can see the three types of heels and admire the colors and textures up close.

You can blame me for the red ones. :) You will find the shoes to your left as you enter the store.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Knobby Hair Post

After I saw Amacci's new Olivia on the feed I knew it was mine. I like it a LOT, especially the knobs and the escaping tendrils, but after a minute of mulling, I realized I had a number of knobby styles in my inventory. Hence the post title.

I'm wearing Olivia in Henna from the Copper pack. Top is from the new Ibizarre Tweed set. The earrings are the Sofia ones from [chuculet]. Skin is my new standby, Kim Natural Spring Rose from PXL Creations and my eyes are from poetic colors, the Summer-Lavender Field.

And here are the knobs I can remember owning approximately in order of acquisition:
Top row l/r:
Annie May III in Smolder from Celestial Studios; Patootie in Auburn Burnt from ETD
Bottom row l/r:
Christy in Auburn from Deviant Kitties; The Art Teacher in Nutmeg from Tiny Bird.

Each is different from the others, but all share that wonderful knobbiness that seems to entrance me.

Pose by Penny Dreadful Arcade

Monday, August 24, 2009

That Old Voodoo Magic!

Something slightly different for this blog…I have a guest model and creator Voodoo Shilton, who is modelling both his new Sitar and what he is wearing.

Voodoo is a talented creator of anything he puts his mind to. In this case it was increasing the range of his musical instruments that he sells inworld. He has built a highly detailed sitar with both animations and music included.

The design, colour and textures are excellent. Care has been taken with the details, in the consideration of poses, animations .and has over 20 pieces of music that you can play.

For more details, on this instrument and others, and how to buy visit Voodoos shop inworld at

Having twisted his rubber arm to pose for me Voodoo decided to stay in keeping with the sitar and wore International House of Style Kurta Pajama in Burgundy. A wonderful outfit with a tunic of embroidered burgundy lined with gold hem and collar. A gold sash flung over the shoulder and white trousers completes the look.


Shape: Custom, Voodoo Shilton
Skin: *REDGRAVE* Tanned Skin 04 Emil
Hair: "Jau" by Analog Dog
Eyes: Custom, Voodoo Shilton
Clothes: India - Kurta Pajama, Burgundy by International House of Style
Sandals: from "Summer 09 Set - Beige" by Alphamale
Instrument: Sitar by Voodoo’s Instruments.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Me and My Shadow

It started with 5th & Oxford dropping both their yet to be released skins and cocktail dresses on Samara and myself. Then, inspired by Achariya and Mourna’s joint posts, Sam and I agreed to do likewise.

The 5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail skins have the Audrey base with a new set of fresh, vibrant makeups. We both chose to wear the medium skin tone…Sam went for the simple, elegant make up no.5 with its ‘natural’ eyes and classic red lips. I chose the flashier no.6 with its blue eyes and rose lips. All the make ups are suitable for that cocktail party look.

The Cocktail Dresses that will be released at the same time as the skins are the typical quality and design we have come to expect of this creative pair. The dress is a retro styled system dress with prim details. The plunging neckline keeps this dress sassy, the vibrant colours match the make ups wonderfully and the design and textures are perfect. The prim sleeves finish the top beautifully and the wide prim belt completes the dress. Sam is wearing the dress in ‘Blue Lagoon’ as being a redhead it suited her and I wore ‘Cosmo’ as the red suited my colouring. There are 6 colours in total to chose from, one to suit everybody.

Next came the shoes…Sam dug into her inventory and after several tries decided upon the ETD peeps slingbacks in blue. I, on the other hand, knew exactly which shoes would complement the dress…AC Sasy Chic in Passion. Both sets of shoes complemented the classical, elegant look.

Keep an eye open for the skin and dress releases at

Sam suggested the title and no shadows were harmed in the making of this blog.


On Samara…

Shape: her own
Skin: Summer Cocktails Medium #5 (soon to be released)
Hair: Amacci Svea Henna
Eyes: poetic colours-frozen night medium
Eyelashes: lashes-deviant & classic-celestial
Dress: Summer Cocktail *Blue Lagoon* (soon to be released)
Shoes: ETD peeps slingbacks Blue
Accessories: Glass Chunk earring - retro mix

On Fury...

Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Summer Cocktails Medium #6 (soon to be released)
Hair: ETD Eva II - Black
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big), no longer availabale
Eyelashes: Cake - Separated Lashes - Tintable*
Dress: Summer Cocktail *Cosmo* (soon to be released)
Shoes: AC Sasy Chic Passion
Accessories: SILVER COUTURE >>>> coin necklace

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feline Felice-ity

I'm late to the party, but with undies as fine as these, there can never be enough bloggage. Annyka Bekker's foray into lingerie has been stunning. I blogged Yvette earlier, but now it's Felice's turn :)

I'm showing Felice's meticulously textured leopard print in several of the many available colors and in both the long and scanty style panties. On the left I'm supposed to be wearing a mini-skirt prim, but they and I do not normally get along very well. So I didn't even try --instead I went for the longer retro look.

Other details:
Shoes: Precious in black from Zhao, tinted for each color
Skin: Grace Natural Cateyes/Flamenco Lips from PXL Creations
Hair: Ava from Dernier Cri in Red, tinted slightly to suit.

Otherwise it's just "Feline Felice-ity"!

Monday, August 17, 2009

In the Pink of the Mode!

I knew I wanted "In the Pink" for my post title, but looked it up just to be sure I wasn't committing some linguistic faux pas. And found the above phrase in the literary definitions!

The "pinks" in question are hya's Panty Raid Hunt goodie, the Helena set in Madder, and MichaMi's Beatrix dress, in Pink of course:) I'm wearing them both with Truth's new Marianne hair in Auburn and one of the about-to-be-released Audrey Summer Cocktail skins from 5th & Oxford. My shoes above are ETD's Peep Slingbacks in Purple. Please note hya's wonderful textures. Jewelry is Violet Voltaire's Melancholy in Purple.

MichaMi's Beatrix is a dress I had ignored until now, but, with my new job at MichaMi I thought I should give it a try and I'm glad I did. The skirt is a fun one giving sudden peeks at the teeny plaid panties underneath. SHOCKING ;) My shoes are Shiny Things Lady Zig Zags in Black and my jewelry is the Alienbear Teardrop set in Black

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's all about MichaMi!

As was announced yesterday Milla Michinaga has asked me to be Store Manager at MichaMi and I accepted happily :) While I miss Milla's fashion blog, at least now we get her fashion eye in her own creations. Speaking of which, I had these two outfits in the pipeline and what better time to share them with you as I begin my new duties:)

Above is the Selma camisole and shorts in Mint. The dotted swiss pattern on the cami doesn't show up as well as I'd like, but it's there. It's a bit sheer, although your "assets" benefit from a lovely built in bra look. The puffy shorts are a lot of fun to wear too! My belt is the Disk Belt Silver, by Mix and Match. I saw it on the feed and had to have it. It only comes on the jacket layer, but for L$50 I can live with that. Besides Milla *always* provides everything on every layer. My shoes are the Satin Bow-Tied in Green, now in their discount room for L$100. My earrings are Lucas Lameth's Dragonflies, now discontinued :( PXL Creations skin, Grace Cateyes/Rose Lips with Freckles in Natural is gracing my pixels. My hair is Deviant Kitties' Christy in Auburn.

In the second photo-collage I am wearing The Laila top from MichaMi in Cream with the Cigarette Pants from Michami's Joanie in gray. Laila does have its own wonderful trousers, but I like the little bit a of skin that shows on the side with the pair from Joanie. Shoes are, again, from the Shiny Things Discount area, the Lady Zig Zags in Fawn. I remember drooling over these when they were much much more. They are pre-sculpty, but still oh so good. My jewelry is the Platinum Spyraea Necklace & Earrings from Sue Stonebender's Appetite & Eve Jewelry Salon. My hair is Svea in Henna from Amacci. And I'm wearing the same PXL Creations skin as above. My eyes for both outfits are Frozen Night Medium from Poetic Colors. Now that Miriel Enfield is no longer making eyes, Poetic Colors has become my *eye crack* of choice. They aren't inexpensive, but they often have hunt gifts or freebies that ease the pain a bit.

So please poke me inworld if you want help at MichaMi --see you in the store!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A *Modest* Summer Shopping Spree

I sure my age is showing, but I'm not fond ofhaving my pants dip perilously close to my nether regions in either life and it's very hard to find trousers or shorts that don't have that feature in SL. Sure I can always wear a long top, but I'd rather have the shorts do the job.

Fortunately this fashion season there are several options for shy buttons. The first are the Stein Tailored Shorts from Whippet & Buck. The upper part is provided on all layers for easy mixing and matching with your choice of tops. On the left I am wearing the Stein shorts in Finch with the Mo Tube Top in Grasshopper from Miel. My shoes are my summer favorites, the SueShoo in Green from Periquita, now available in their outlet store at Starlust.

On the right I'm wearing the Stein shorts in Navy with the top from /artilleri/'s Jeanette Bikini in Red & White. You can't see, but I am wearing SueShoo in white! My hair in both pictures is Elizabeth 2 from Truth in Jupiter. PXL Creations Kim in Natural is gracing my pixels.

I discovered threse shorts from Beetle Bones when wandering around Creators Pavillion. It's a store new to me. There aren't many items there, but it's worth the wander. These are the Jasmine Highwaisted Pants in Cream. As always I had to play with the primmy bits, but they settled down nicely after a little coaxing. Shoes are the hyasynths from Shiny Things. Skin & hair are as above.

So a summer salute to Beetle Bones and Whippet & Buck for providing some summer modesty with a fashion flair!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Fawn Ballet

It started with the 50L$ Friday promotion and finished with a hair fair find.

When I saw this group of designers and creators with such a brilliant initiative I thought I’d like to support them, especially as one of my favourite new finds is amongst them.

I made my way over to This is Fawn knowing I’d be in for a treat. I was not disappointed. A simple and pretty dress was on offer as part of the promotion, Francophile Dress [grey] The simplicity belies the design. A simple spaghetti string strapped black ‘vest’ sits on top of a multi-layered flexi skirt. A broad waistband and clever textures makes this skirt exquisite. In fact there are two skirt options…1 plain grey, not shown, and the grey with white polka dots, shown in the pictures. Cute and sweet, I adore this dress.

Now, what to wear with it? Ballet shoes and flats are too obvious and not really was the way I was thinking. I tried various on then remembered the Lara Croft boots buried in a costume folder I have. Nicely crafted and textured, mid-calf boots with rolled socks as a touching detail.

OK, so now I have a more edgy look. Need a skin to really make it feel artsy. I went straight to my Fleur folder and the Allure Biba, special edition, with its dark, heavy smoky eyes and natural lips…perfect!

Finally, the hair…I admit I tried on a few ETD hairs but none really rattled my cage for this look. When I was searching through my short hairstyles I rediscovered the Discord Design dollerbie from this year Hair Fair. Its short dreads tied into numerous bunches was perfect. I tinted the hair bands to match the dress.

Have to admit I am pleased with the overall look…it’s quite different from my usual look and I am having a hard time taking it off my pixels…lol.

I would recommend visiting all the participating stores for the 50L$ Friday promotions…you never know what you may find!
PS. Fun shot here...

Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Truffle Biba (special edition), no longer available
Hair: -dD- Niobe - Adjustable (Midnight)
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big), no longer available
Eyelashes: Cake - Separated Lashes - Tintable*
Dress: This is a Fawn - Francophile Dress [grey]
Boots: AG -TR: Legend Outfit, Lara's Boots

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ain't it the TRUTH?

On a Saturday morning login I see that Truth has been up to it again. So just a quick post to show you my choice, Marianne, in Pumpkin. I love its pulled back top-knottiness with the side tendrils --sort of the way we would grab our hair, missing some and tuck it on top for a quick Saturday look.

The rest of my outfit was just what I had on from yesterday. Jacket is the Moroto from *Aleida* in Creme. The primmy bits were well done, but I couldn't he arsed to tint them to match so it's just the system layer that I am showing. Still looks fine I think!. Underneath I have a standby, the Cupcakes Shimmer Tank in Lemon. And my trousers are my Ibizarre favorites, the Soft Black Leather Pants. Jewlery is an oldie from Second Mirage and my skin is the 5th & Oxford Audrey English Rose group gift, no longer available, alas. My shoes are the wonderful chunky hyasynths from Shiny Things.

So get your pixels inworld and go try the Truth new styles!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Michami MIX

(Say that fast 5 times)

I'm a great fan of Milla Michinaga's work, although I still miss her blog. Her outfits are always chic and always offered in enough layers to satisfy even the most finicky avi. But for me the fun comes in the mixing and matching.

Briefly I'm wearing the leggings from Glitter Tube & Leggings, the bodice from the Orla dress and the sheer tunic from the Aaliya Bikini set. I could have worn the cigarette pants from Joanie or the Laila Skinny Pants, but the angle on the back of the leggings complemented the angle on the tunic. I also am happy with the little bit of back that shows between the tunic and the bodice.

My shoes are Marie in Black from Tesla. Hair is the new "freebie" from Amacci, Adena in Deep Copper. My skin is the second skin I ever bought. It is an old Gala Medium-Gray. Earrings are Violet Voltaire's Melancholy in black.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another one bites the dust

While I was out in limbo, another store happened to close down - and since (as you may have guessed by now) I like those little tribute posts, I put something together to commemorate the occasion. In this case, it was the Rezzable sims, and the store, Crimson Shadow. After the announcement of its imminent disappearance I went off on a bit of a shopping spree, and I came out quite satisfied with the booty. I'm not sure how familiar you were with the store, as it mainly sold gothic gear, but one of my favourite corners was the Poison Candy one, filled with lots of retro outfits with a twist.

This one is called Vintage Skull Dress - although it is deceiving at first sight, a closer look at my cleavage will shed some light as to where the skull could be located. Just take a peek... don't dwell on it! The skirt is completely sculpted, not system, and it was a marvel to adjust - completely seamless! Not to mention the textures... and I just had to take more pictures to show the cute bow tie at the back!

Of course, when choosing the hairstyle I had showing that bow as an absolute must, and in the end I concluded that the perfect match was Sildette v.2 from Novocaine (which happens to be on sale for 50L in the Truth yard!). Also, in keeping with the retro style I chose the dark blue peep toe pumps from SKG Shoes - free (or 1L, I'm not sure because I got them ages ago, but whatever price it is, it surely is a nice deal). Earrings and necklaces were undoable, so I just stayed unjewelled for once.

Other items shown are Tuli's Hope skin in the Gig makeup (yaaay fatpack!), Miriel's Cool Shimmer eyes and Natural eyelashes and Long Awkward Pose poses.
If you want further details or slurls, you can check them out on my Flickr.