Monday, August 31, 2009

Elaine's occasional post

(Soft knocking) O HAI!
After almost a month without posting I fear Samara will soon start sending me intimidating notes, so I figured I'd better get to work before she puts the "on leave" sign on my picture too (coughs). She's nice, though ;-)

Now seriously, I've been photographing every outfit I've worn, but unfortunately this past month I couldn't find the time to edit the pictures, not to mention the energy to write something that made sense, so I figured it was better to wait for a suitable moment... and here it is. From now on my posts will be few and far between due to busy RL, but that doesn't mean I'm off the Fashionteer hook. Now on to the pic...

A long, long time ago... I went on a massive shopping spree at Aoharu (well, not massive, because their prices are so affordable) and I think this was my best find, the BT Floral Dress in soft blue, which comes with innumerable options - sculpty and prim skirt, separate belt and neck and back prim bits, which give the outfit an extra dose of floatiness. Here I'm wearing the sculpted skirt version, which works perfectly with the system skirt shape, otherwise if you have a full derrière like me it is a pain to adjust.

The shoes are an old classic, the Maitreya Frisky wedges in brown. They have been with me since barely 5 months after my rez date (I checked!) and I still wear them every now and then. They were my first decent pair of shoes and I was in awe with them, so I keep a particular fondness for this pair - they probably made me realise I was crappily dressed, too.

I accessorised with something old and something new, on my left wrist are the +plus June bangles, and on the right, the Exodi snakeskin bangles in ghost, both tinted to echo the colours of the dress. Earrings and necklaces were impracticable, so I left it at that.

The hair is the lovely Linda by Truth, and the skin is Tuli's Hope, my makeup of choice being Sultry, with muted smoky eyes and yummy red lips. Eyes and lashes are still Miriel (aquamarine and glamour, respectively) and poses are by Long Awkward Pose.

*Edit: for full outfit details, check my Flickr.

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Samara Barzane said...

Now would I do that ??? Nice to have you posting though!