Friday, August 7, 2009

Michami MIX

(Say that fast 5 times)

I'm a great fan of Milla Michinaga's work, although I still miss her blog. Her outfits are always chic and always offered in enough layers to satisfy even the most finicky avi. But for me the fun comes in the mixing and matching.

Briefly I'm wearing the leggings from Glitter Tube & Leggings, the bodice from the Orla dress and the sheer tunic from the Aaliya Bikini set. I could have worn the cigarette pants from Joanie or the Laila Skinny Pants, but the angle on the back of the leggings complemented the angle on the tunic. I also am happy with the little bit of back that shows between the tunic and the bodice.

My shoes are Marie in Black from Tesla. Hair is the new "freebie" from Amacci, Adena in Deep Copper. My skin is the second skin I ever bought. It is an old Gala Medium-Gray. Earrings are Violet Voltaire's Melancholy in black.

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