Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ain't it the TRUTH?

On a Saturday morning login I see that Truth has been up to it again. So just a quick post to show you my choice, Marianne, in Pumpkin. I love its pulled back top-knottiness with the side tendrils --sort of the way we would grab our hair, missing some and tuck it on top for a quick Saturday look.

The rest of my outfit was just what I had on from yesterday. Jacket is the Moroto from *Aleida* in Creme. The primmy bits were well done, but I couldn't he arsed to tint them to match so it's just the system layer that I am showing. Still looks fine I think!. Underneath I have a standby, the Cupcakes Shimmer Tank in Lemon. And my trousers are my Ibizarre favorites, the Soft Black Leather Pants. Jewlery is an oldie from Second Mirage and my skin is the 5th & Oxford Audrey English Rose group gift, no longer available, alas. My shoes are the wonderful chunky hyasynths from Shiny Things.

So get your pixels inworld and go try the Truth new styles!

1 comment:

Elaine Lisle said...

Super - I love how you've mixed casual and formal, the jacket totally dresses you up. The hair is a win, too - and the skin looks amazing on you!!