Monday, August 10, 2009

A *Modest* Summer Shopping Spree

I sure my age is showing, but I'm not fond ofhaving my pants dip perilously close to my nether regions in either life and it's very hard to find trousers or shorts that don't have that feature in SL. Sure I can always wear a long top, but I'd rather have the shorts do the job.

Fortunately this fashion season there are several options for shy buttons. The first are the Stein Tailored Shorts from Whippet & Buck. The upper part is provided on all layers for easy mixing and matching with your choice of tops. On the left I am wearing the Stein shorts in Finch with the Mo Tube Top in Grasshopper from Miel. My shoes are my summer favorites, the SueShoo in Green from Periquita, now available in their outlet store at Starlust.

On the right I'm wearing the Stein shorts in Navy with the top from /artilleri/'s Jeanette Bikini in Red & White. You can't see, but I am wearing SueShoo in white! My hair in both pictures is Elizabeth 2 from Truth in Jupiter. PXL Creations Kim in Natural is gracing my pixels.

I discovered threse shorts from Beetle Bones when wandering around Creators Pavillion. It's a store new to me. There aren't many items there, but it's worth the wander. These are the Jasmine Highwaisted Pants in Cream. As always I had to play with the primmy bits, but they settled down nicely after a little coaxing. Shoes are the hyasynths from Shiny Things. Skin & hair are as above.

So a summer salute to Beetle Bones and Whippet & Buck for providing some summer modesty with a fashion flair!

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