Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Swimsuits @ 5th & Oxford

Another quickie as real life is being a pain and demanding attention.

5th & Oxford have released new swimming costumes, the Narita swimsuits in both solid colours and hibiscus prints. Classic one piece, beautifully made. Seams and textures are perfectly crafted. If you are looking for that never go out of style swimsuit then you can do no better than the Narita.

Original picture here:


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: (5th&Oxford) Brooke MEDIUM Kitty 5
Hair: CBC: Sugar Biscuit - Black beauty
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, Seperated lashes, tintable
Beachware: (5th&Oxford) Hibiscus Narita Swimsuit- TOP *cream*
Shoes: *GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes -crimson
Sunglasses: [glow] Studio - Hepburn - Sunglasses

Monday, July 19, 2010

IFW10 :: Fun with Milena

Well *hangs head guiltily*. I didn't get the IFW10 blogging done before it ended. My excuse is that Relay for Life in SL 2010 was also this weekend and it is all-consuming. We raised almost $220,000 USD to fund the fight against cancer.

Now on to monica Outlander of MiaMai's beautiful dress, Milena, shown at the event, which she was kind enough to drop on me.

Milena is a beautiful tiered full-length dress that lifts up in the back a bit to form a semi-bustle. It also include a flexi bit on the bodice, which I have named a "floof."The textures are gorgeous, the movement soft and it comes in a number of colors. Shown above are red and green. In all pictures I am wearing PXL's Candy in Natural/Wine, Cameron from Truth Hair and Dark Mouse's Carnival jewelry. Poses are by /GEEZ/.

Then I decided to have some fun. First I mixed the Green bodice with the Blue skirt and chest floof. I think mixing them shows off the floof better. It is perfectly placed around the modest keyhole in the neckline

Then I did the Red and Black versions 2 ways. I prefer the red top/black skirt version by a small margin, but either is stunning. So I have given you an excuse to buy at least 2 Milenas :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

IFW10: SWANSONG's Mirage and Wisp

Before the International Fashion Week 2010 I never realized that AtomicSparkle Skytower of Atomic Bambi had another brand, SWANSONG. Obviously I do now and am happy I have been introduced. She kindly made Wisp and Mirage available to me to show you.

Both dressed share a tight strapless bodice and a full skirt, but then they diverge. Wisp is a luxurious intricately wrapped and draped dress, while Mirage is softer and floaty with a more corset-type bodice. Both are beautiful and available in a number of colors. I'm showing Wisp in Lavender and Scarlet. Skin is PXL Creations' new Candy in Natural with red lips and Cateyes with pale lips. Hair is Love Soul's *023-A* in Auburn. Shoes for the Lavender are Vanessa by Lyra Muse, no longer available. Jewelry is the Diamond Vine Silver from Dex's Jewelry. For the Scarlet Wisp I'm wearing slingbacks in Rose & Gold from Stiletto Moody and the New Grazia necklace and earrings from Lucas Lameth.

I'm wearing Mirage in Mint Green and Nude. Unlike the sculpty skirt of Wisp which moves as a unit, this skirt is flexi and floats. The jagged edge works more softly that it looks in a static picture. Skin is PXL's Candy Cateyes/Pale Lips in Natural, shoes again by Lyra Muse. Jewelry is from Dark Mouse. the Vintage 50's Diamond Pearl Set. Hair is !lamb Bang Bang Bob in Rotten Carrot. All poses are from /GEEZ/.

Now that IFW10 is almost over, you can look for these dresses at the SWANSONG store.

Friday, July 16, 2010

IFW10 :: Designer's Choice

I asked two of the designers at IFW10 to pick a dress for me and this is the result:) [I have trouble asking for review copies so this is a way of making me seem less greedy for specific item. Plus I get surprised! And I get to meet great people:)]

First Sonia28 Jie of Son!a Luxury Fashion gave me Meena. Not what I usually wear *coughs* but I must say with Bubbles Clawtooth's Twinkle Toast hair and some old *YS*YS* group gift shoes plus PXL Creations' new Candy skin in red lips/natural I was ready for the challenge. The roses and the gold chains that hold the "top" together seemed quite enough decoration, considering the beautifully detailed skirt. This dress will knock a lot more than someone's socks off :)

Gina Beaumont of Angel Dessous dressed me more modestly and, to be honest I was eyeing this one. This is Carrie Metallica. The textures on the jacket, top and skirt are detailed, soft and elegant. The jacket is entirely prim and it comes decorated with an additional matching brooch. Since any necklace would knock one of them off I decided that this dress could also stand on its own. Still wearing Twinkle Toast and PXL Creation's new Candy skin in bronze lips/natural.

All poses by /GEEZ/

The International Fashion Week 2010 (IFW10) runs from July 15th to July 18th and is organized by
GLANCE International Agency. http://www.glance-international.com/blog/


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

IFW10 :: Blogger's Choice

I was fortunate enough to be selected to blog the International Fashion Week 2010, which opens at 1pm SLT, tomorrow, Thursday, July 15 and runs through Sunday, July 18. Don't try the link until then k? Patty Cortes and her staff have done a super job bringing together many of the best fashion forward designers on the grid. Today I'm sharing a couple of my choices, which the designers kindly made available to me.

First up is Summer Dress Bouquet from Shiki Design. The funny thing is I actually acquired this at The 2010 RFL Clothing Fair, but due to a renaming or some such, choose it again. I guess I must like it no? The textures are floral and summery the bodice is done in such a way that the connection between the prims skirt and the top are barely noticeable. Other than the inevitable alpha in a skirt of this design, this is a beauty:) I'm also wearing the new Candy skin from PXL Creations. I'm always a slow adopter, so I wasn't sure I could move from Kim to July to Candy. But each time I have, happily.After a period of time LOL Shoes are the exquisite Jane Wedges from Shiny Things. And jewelry is from the talented Lucas Lameth of (luc) Fashion Jewelry, bought when it was still Earthtones. Hair is from *eha, very cutting edge. See details below for um yeah DETAILS.

*eha~ Yuki Sienna
(Shiny Things) Jane Wedges - white
-EARTHTONES- Triple Layer Necklace Silver/Rainbow
-EARTHTONES- Circles Earrings w/teardrops Silver
[PXL] Candy NAT Wine MEB FR
SHIKI-summer dress BOUQUET
Poses by /GEEZ/

I first met Geryn Sloane of GS Couture at The Clothing Fair, where I made her give me the dress off her back! Thus I am VERY pleased to be blogging one of her dresses from IFW10. It's called Chocolate Covered Cherry and, aside from making me hungry, I love its retro look and use of the system skirt. Jewelry was hard to find, but I chose Luc's Butterfly Frolic to tie together the Sea makeup [again PXL's Candy]. The blue picks up that tint in the dress I think.I'm also wearing the *eha hair again as well as Stiletto Moody shoes. See below for the details.

*eha~ Yuki Sienna
-EARTHTONES- Butterfly Frolic Necklace & Earrings Gold
Stiletto Moody Pinup (Grey Patent Python)
GSC Chocolate Covered Cherry
[PXL] Candy NAT Sea LEB
Poses by /GEEZ/

More coming soon from IFW10

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet as Candy in Alana Bikini

Boy have I been spoilt over the weekend.

First off, Nicky Rees most recent release, the Alana Bikini Set. A wonderful basic bikini, well designed with, as usual, the most amazing hand drawn textures. Included in this set are two skirts, one mini (not shown) and one long and loose. Both skirts move dreamily, being well thought out and created.

At the moment group members are enjoying a 100L$ discount in the main store on any colour of this new release. Offer lasts only until the 17th July.

Secondly, Hart Larsson, of PXL Creations, dropped me a pale version of his new Candy skin. I immediately loved it, so much so that I went to work in it. He also dropped me the natural demos, and after a trying on session I dropped by the shop to pick up some make ups in the Candy natural range. The face is stunning, a lovely sequel to his Grace skin, and the body, I think, one of his best so far. Lovely shading and tones make a nicely defined body ( see the shots above).

Finally, the Adorkable Poses surfboard and poses, from the surfer girl product. I have to admit to having a few problems moving the poses on as the menu flashed up quickly and disappeared. I dropped Adorkable a notecard asking for help and got an immediate response; she dropped me another board and the poses separately. As you can see everything worked perfectly. Now that’s what I call great customer service…thank you!


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT Wine DEB
Hair: >TRUTH<>
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, separated lashes, tintable
Beachwear: *DNR* Alana Swim Set Red
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied High Barefeet, tiptoes
Poses & Props: Adorkable Poses: Surfer Girl

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quick Cherry Sorbet

Just a quickie...

There has been a glut of goodies from 5th & Oxford this weekend.

First off a cute, exclusive Cherry Bikini for Fifty Linden Friday.

Secondly, due out at Hbox today, their new skin release... Sorbet, Touch of Sun. I chose the tan tone to preview as its hit here and I wanted to reflect that. As usual, great body detail and shading with wonderful 'make up', giving that just sunkissed on the beach look.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Fury :)

PS. Original shot here:


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: (5th&Oxford) Sorbet TAN Touch of Sun
Hair: Exile Monica/charcoal
Bikini: (5th&Oxford) Cherry Bikini *pink*
Shoes: NX Kurvy Pump Red
Prop: [Lyndz-Matic] Photo Beach Ball

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Up to No Good

When I heard Mischief was closing its doors I just had to go over and take a look around before it went. As such I picked up a few items that caught my eye…two of which were the Sports socks and the Sport Shorties. OK, so I splurged on the fat packs, as I thought ideal for mixing and matching. When I wore these items I immediately thought of boxing, and me being me, set about to shoot as such.

These purchases coincided with Sam introducing me to eha. How could I resist such cute hair? I immediately teamed eha’s Sang hair with the shorts and socks.

The Pornstar Hi-Tops were a natural addition to the look I was trying to create and the only thing left were the gloves. I eventually found WIN Aver Instinct Boxing Gloves which were ideal.
Skin is PXL’s Grace and eyes are Miriels.

Flickr Pic here…


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Grace NAT CatEyes NudeLips BlackEB
Hair: *eha~ Sang Black
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake, Seperated lashes, tintable
Shorts: **MIS** Sport Shorties (Modest) - Ebony
Socks: **MIS** Sport Sock - Ebony
Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
Gloves: WIN Aver Instinct Boxing Gloves -White
Boxing ring: custom, FuriousDesigns
Poses: Glitteratti