Monday, July 19, 2010

IFW10 :: Fun with Milena

Well *hangs head guiltily*. I didn't get the IFW10 blogging done before it ended. My excuse is that Relay for Life in SL 2010 was also this weekend and it is all-consuming. We raised almost $220,000 USD to fund the fight against cancer.

Now on to monica Outlander of MiaMai's beautiful dress, Milena, shown at the event, which she was kind enough to drop on me.

Milena is a beautiful tiered full-length dress that lifts up in the back a bit to form a semi-bustle. It also include a flexi bit on the bodice, which I have named a "floof."The textures are gorgeous, the movement soft and it comes in a number of colors. Shown above are red and green. In all pictures I am wearing PXL's Candy in Natural/Wine, Cameron from Truth Hair and Dark Mouse's Carnival jewelry. Poses are by /GEEZ/.

Then I decided to have some fun. First I mixed the Green bodice with the Blue skirt and chest floof. I think mixing them shows off the floof better. It is perfectly placed around the modest keyhole in the neckline

Then I did the Red and Black versions 2 ways. I prefer the red top/black skirt version by a small margin, but either is stunning. So I have given you an excuse to buy at least 2 Milenas :)

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