Sunday, July 27, 2008

HH Part Two

I figured the best present I could give hyasinth Tiramisu for her Rezday pressie was to purchase some of her wonderful outfits. I have to say her clothes have helped me find that little corner of me that can do a slightly goth look. It's nice to stretch your comfort zone a bit from time to time.

So here's one that I bought, The Caged Bird Lolita in Copper. Again the details flat out rock and roll. The bow and the jabot are beautiful drawn and lie perfectly on the body. And the color variation in the outfit is very subtle and interesting.

Now obviously that isn't ETD hair LOL. And I'm not sure about it. It is House of Heart Unkept in Black -- I'm wearing the demo. I've been eyeing all those flexi curls people have been wearing and gasping at their Avatar Rendering Cost, but I finally fell and went back and bought this one in the Natural Reds. Skin is Fleur's Lady Aurora. Shoes are a Halloween gift from Shiny Things.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hommage to hya :)

Yesterday was hyasinth Tiramisu's 3rd Rezday and she was kind enough to invite me to the pre-party. I looked through my outfits from ~silent sparrow~ and decided on the Beloved Suite in black -- the Lolita. I didn't wear all the bits and pieces as hya always provides more options than just about any creator whose work I know.

What I want show is the amazing detail in what is, essentially a "black" dress. The shirt and the jabot are rich in visible detail. I also wish to announce that the skirt dances divinely. :) Please click on the photo collage to see more of the detail.

Hair is ETD Patricia in Smoke Faded, skin is the special Fleur Boutique Shoujo skin made for The Black Swan project. I'm wearing makeup #3, in which Roslin matches the lip color to that the beak of the black swan. Shoes are ETD's Starley Pumps in Silver, and Celestial Studio's Week of Love group gift fishnet tights.

Here's wishing hya many more happy rezdays. Thanks so much hya for your beautiful creations and your friendship :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sum ... Sum ... Summertime:)

For some reason when I dress for summer in Phil's Place I end up in green, yellow and orange. It must have something to do with the sun I guess ;) So here are two quick summertime outfits from my inventory.

First is the relatively new Pixel Dolls Dotted Wrap in Orange which I have paired with Callie Cline's "Eastern Inspiration" Jeans. The little bit of color on the pockets helps tie the outfit together I think. My shoes are the *GF* T-Strap Sandal Rose in Orange. The detailing is great with little beaded bits that pick up the blue of the jeans. Hair is ETD Maaliyah in copper burnt. Skin is Fleur Boutique Parfait Deux, #1 I think, in strawberry. The semi-transparent fluttery prim cap sleeves are delightful, stirring up a small welcome breeze in the summer heat.

My second outfit was tossed together on the fly when my Phil's Place bro, Daaneth, took me for a ride in his new car. Naughty us, we roared down the Relay for Life track the day after the Relay finished. No one seemed to mind. I am wearing ETD Jessica II [a 1 linden style], which fortunately has a hat well attached to your pixels. This is Jessica II in copper burnt. I am wearing an older Simone dress, Sun Spot Baby, with the HAYSURIZA-MIKI Spring Wedge. My necklace is one of the new ones from Gisele. My skin is Fleur Boutique Parfait Deux #4 in strawberry. My sunglasses, necessary for that ride in the open convertible are ETD's Aviator in Gold.

May your summer be as much fun as I had putting these two outfits together!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Odelia on my Mind!

When I saw Persona's Odelia on the fashion feed I was SURE that I wanted one of the butterflies, but when I got to the store .... the green leaves came home with me ;)

Myllie Writer of Persona goes from strength to strength. I remember visiting her first store and getting the then freebies, but over a period of time I have acquired a lovely range of her designs.

These dresses are nigh perfect. The skirt prims fit straight off -- the criss-cross back straps are absolutely unexpected and well done. And there are 3 hem patterns in 3 colors each! At a very reasonable price too!

I'm wearing Periquita's SueShoos in Green, Dotted Pantyhose from *Sheer*, Earthtones Grazia necklace in Everglade/Gold, ETD's Patricia in Auburn Burnt and Fleur's Limited Edition Emma RFL 3. [Only available through this weekend at the Fleur main store and The Passionate Redheads Relay for Life campsite on Heroes 18.]

Monday, July 14, 2008


Noena's last post piqued my interest about the Shoe Fair being held right now. So off I went with my SL "bro,"Daaneth Kivioq. We were ostensibly hunting down goodies for his sweetie, but we got sidetracked by these beauties.

I had eyed the Detour Mixflip Sneakers in their main store, but was {censored} if I was going to pay L$350 for a pair of sneakers, no matter how marvelous. But when I hit the fair, I justified my expenditure by muttering to myself that at least I wasn't buying the L$600 ones sold at FNkY!. There are a number of patterns available in the Mixflips, but there was never any question -- it was going to be the Pink Hearts for me!

Daaneth's response to the Akeyo Chucks in Flame was succinct-- "I WANT" And so he got them. They resize by clicking them, pretty cool. Mine came in small, medium and large.

Here I am wearing my Mixflips with ETD Vintage Capris and SWA's Pink Plaid Camisole. Skin is Fleur Shoujo Florence in Lotus. Hair is ETD Patricia in Strawberry.

I guess I'll have to go back to look at the elegant shoes LOL

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shoe heaven!

When several months ago a friend of mine told me she was going to organize a shoe fair, I was impressed by her courage. I think if you would ask me to do that, I would run away screaming like a mad woman :P

From time to time I would catch up with her, curious on how she was doing and how things were rolling. And then the big moment was there. She let me have a sneak preview! And the "wow that's brave" changed to "waaahaaww!!".

The brave lady I'm talking about is of course Phoenix Chapman. And yes, I'm really impressed with the shoe heaven she created. The setup is gorgeous, the city theme perfect, with every designer setup great and all shoes begging to be bought. (or was I the only one that heard them talking to me? :)

So let me, in Phoe and her team's name, invite you to the first annual SL Footwear Expo, running from July 12 - 27th. You'll find over 65 designers. And to make it even better: all this is for the benefit of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Need I say more? Go get some shoes!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank you Grazia!

I believe in giving credit where credit is due! I loved Milla Michinaga's new Bustiers, but couldn't think how to wear them, and Grazia helped me out HERE. Grazia was wearing our Fleur belts -- can we say d'oh! So off I went and bought my Bustier in Coffee!

The next question was which of the endless supply of yummy Fleur belts to use. I then remembered one of Kat Park's dresses for her former store, Immortelle, that mixed brown and turquoise [I miss you Kat :(] Turquoise ... So the color match was found.

MichaMi Bustier in Coffee
Fleur Patent Leather Belt in Turquoise
ETD Starley Pumps in Teal
ETD Patricia -- Copper Burnt
Fleur Parfait Deux Skin #4 in Strawberry
Earthtones Juliette Necklace and earrings in Everglade/Gold

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Noena learns to stop and smell the roses

One of my personal characteristics is "getting what I know I want". It may take a while before I know what it is tho. But when I do have my mind made up I'm very focused.

Same with shopping, when I know what I want to buy, I don't dawdle, but go straight for the desired item. That has some disadvantages, one of them is not seeing much more then the thing I want. Because I TP in, buy and TP out, I miss a lot of the surroundings. For example: I sometimes by accident discover that two of my favorite stores are actually next to each other :/ And a groupnote of one of those favorite stores of mine made me realize it once more that I miss out like that.

Fleur recently send out a note mentioning a fish-game, that is located in the back yard of their clothing-section. Curious me went over there to check it out, only to discover the sweetest little beach! With a landing for the fishing game and a great campfire! With the loveliest atmosphere when enviromment set to midnight.
And that was there for all this time without me knowing it!

From now on I'm going to try to keep my eyes open and lose the blinkers. So storeowners be aware: Noena will be snooping round your shrubs from now on!! :P

Outfit credits:
hair: ETD Janine II in blond
skin: FLEUR Vivant Buff Feline 1
vest: LAST CALL Damara Vest
watch: JCNY Mariner Le

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jumping into Summer!

There a lot of great new summer clothes at Phil's Place, but I have always craved a little jumpsuit such as this one and when VG Republic made it in black, with a zipper from your "guggle to your zatch" [a prize will be given to the first person that correctly where that phrase is from] I was smitten. I bought without knowing about the heart on the back that says "Glamour Chick" so I am doubly smitten.

I bought the sneakers last year from TomBoy on the Callie Cline sim in red. They come is two sizes and laced and unlaced versions. I'm such a klutz even in Phil's Place that I chose laced LOL. BUT -- I was over there yesterday and could not find the store again :( [Again, a small prize to whomever helps me find it first :)]

VG Republic Glamour Chic Jumper in black.
TomBoy Sneakies [laced] in red
ETD Patricia in auburn burnt
Skins are from Fleur of course :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy 5th birthday!!

Who wouldn't like to have a 2 week long birthday party? I know I would :-)

And as always, time flies when you're having fun, the first week of Second Life's 5th Birthday has already passed by.

It has become a real celebration and the expo looks great with all the variety, that only SL can bring. For example, as a part of the fashion theme, CHM, one of the model agencies I'm part of, has build a grand runway, where you can experience how it feels like to be in the fashion show yourself. And there is much more: arts, music, business, health care,... The expo is a true celebration of exactly that what keeps me coming back to SL for more: all the different levels of creativity of all those free minded spirits.

If you haven't been there yet, do at least try to catch a glimps of it all. You'll be sorry if you miss it.

Hugs, Noena

Outfit credits:
IVALDE Serenity purple dress
ETD Sofia - Chocolate hair
FLEUR Vivant Buff Dig Ophelia 3 skin

It's still spring here...

In my part of the US Midwest we've avoided the worst of the floods, and have been fortunate enough that our weather is more spring-like than the heat we normally have by July 1. I'm not arguing though ;) But we can still anticipate in our clothing choices we make in Phil's Place.

On the left is a summery plaid dress from Ivalde called Eidrun. I'm wearing it in purple. This dress shows two of the reasons I love Ivalde dresses. 1. The textures are nigh perfect and 2. the skirts usually fit without any adjusting for my smaller avi. I'm wearing ETD's new Celia in auburn burnt as well as my favorite shoes of the moment [make that since they were released], Elika's Heel Strap Platforms in teal. My skin is Fleur's Vivant Terre 2 in buff and I'm again wearing Earthtones' charming Butterfly Frolic in gold.

On the right is an outfit from ::eLDee::, the Kiki 5 in peach and red. I really like the high-waisted look of the pants paired with the bright tank top. And it's only L$125! I'm wearing the Fleur Vivant Lady Aurora skin in buff, the ETD Heel Strap Platforms in Persimmon and ETD's Emily in Auburn burnt. The necklace was a relay for life special by Caliah Lyon that came with a dress by Tuli.

So when the weather throws its summer at us, I'm ready, vritually at least :)