Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's still spring here...

In my part of the US Midwest we've avoided the worst of the floods, and have been fortunate enough that our weather is more spring-like than the heat we normally have by July 1. I'm not arguing though ;) But we can still anticipate in our clothing choices we make in Phil's Place.

On the left is a summery plaid dress from Ivalde called Eidrun. I'm wearing it in purple. This dress shows two of the reasons I love Ivalde dresses. 1. The textures are nigh perfect and 2. the skirts usually fit without any adjusting for my smaller avi. I'm wearing ETD's new Celia in auburn burnt as well as my favorite shoes of the moment [make that since they were released], Elika's Heel Strap Platforms in teal. My skin is Fleur's Vivant Terre 2 in buff and I'm again wearing Earthtones' charming Butterfly Frolic in gold.

On the right is an outfit from ::eLDee::, the Kiki 5 in peach and red. I really like the high-waisted look of the pants paired with the bright tank top. And it's only L$125! I'm wearing the Fleur Vivant Lady Aurora skin in buff, the ETD Heel Strap Platforms in Persimmon and ETD's Emily in Auburn burnt. The necklace was a relay for life special by Caliah Lyon that came with a dress by Tuli.

So when the weather throws its summer at us, I'm ready, vritually at least :)

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