Sunday, July 27, 2008

HH Part Two

I figured the best present I could give hyasinth Tiramisu for her Rezday pressie was to purchase some of her wonderful outfits. I have to say her clothes have helped me find that little corner of me that can do a slightly goth look. It's nice to stretch your comfort zone a bit from time to time.

So here's one that I bought, The Caged Bird Lolita in Copper. Again the details flat out rock and roll. The bow and the jabot are beautiful drawn and lie perfectly on the body. And the color variation in the outfit is very subtle and interesting.

Now obviously that isn't ETD hair LOL. And I'm not sure about it. It is House of Heart Unkept in Black -- I'm wearing the demo. I've been eyeing all those flexi curls people have been wearing and gasping at their Avatar Rendering Cost, but I finally fell and went back and bought this one in the Natural Reds. Skin is Fleur's Lady Aurora. Shoes are a Halloween gift from Shiny Things.

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