Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hommage to hya :)

Yesterday was hyasinth Tiramisu's 3rd Rezday and she was kind enough to invite me to the pre-party. I looked through my outfits from ~silent sparrow~ and decided on the Beloved Suite in black -- the Lolita. I didn't wear all the bits and pieces as hya always provides more options than just about any creator whose work I know.

What I want show is the amazing detail in what is, essentially a "black" dress. The shirt and the jabot are rich in visible detail. I also wish to announce that the skirt dances divinely. :) Please click on the photo collage to see more of the detail.

Hair is ETD Patricia in Smoke Faded, skin is the special Fleur Boutique Shoujo skin made for The Black Swan project. I'm wearing makeup #3, in which Roslin matches the lip color to that the beak of the black swan. Shoes are ETD's Starley Pumps in Silver, and Celestial Studio's Week of Love group gift fishnet tights.

Here's wishing hya many more happy rezdays. Thanks so much hya for your beautiful creations and your friendship :)

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