Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Mashup for a November Wednesday

I bought the Magnifico Manolo boots in brown at the shoe fair--then the challenge began :) I decided to go for more subdued tones so as not to outshine the rich brown of the studded boots. So I am wearing the Isabeaux leather pants in brown from LF Fashion and a turtleneck in brown from the no-longer existing Frangipani Designs. My jewelry is the very 20s feeling Reversal of Fortune from Dark Mouse. Hair is Zoe in Copper from Truth and I'm wearing PXL Creations' July Spring Passion is Natural.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can you Adam'n' Eve it?

What a fabulous corset and knickers…leather and zipped. This undies set by Adam n Eve is wonderful in both design and textures. Took me a while to unpack it but when I did I knew I wanted to blog it.

All I needed to compliment the Zip it Gorgeous were the boots I got for my rl birthday, inworld. Bax Prestige Boots Black Leather are perfect with their changeable zips I could match the underwear!


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Truffle Kitten 3
Hair: Cake - Faith - Black - Flexi Hair
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake - Separated Lashes - Tintable*
Underwear: Adam n Eve Lingerie - Zip it Gorgeous Corset - Black
Boots: BAX Boots Black Leather

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rock and fall

(comes out from under her hiding rock and notices the temperature)
Oh wow... it's not summer any more! Not even in Spain! How on Earth did that happen? Must be global warming. Right, so I'd better save that bikini blog post for next year (Ha! yet again) and show something more appropriate for the season...
(rummages through inventory)

Yes, that's much more like it. The central piece of the outfit is the DuffelCoat in beige from Aoharu, truly primlicious in terms of detail. It includes not only a prim hood and prim buttons, but the lower part is also sculpted and it has pockets! Pockets! I think I'm not taking it off until spring. I had a bit of a conundrum as to what to pair it with, but freebies came my way to make my life easier: the black turtleneck sweater is a group gift from *COCO* (one of many, well worth sacrificing a slot to grab the whole lot from the gift wall at the main store), and I found the scarf, also free, almost accidentally while browsing XStreet. It's from a place called Edge Grafica (totally unknown to me, but hey, I live under a rock) and it's copy/mod, so it lends itself for nice adjusting (I removed the back flexi prims so they wouldn't interfere with the hood). And I totally dig the safety pin.

In keeping with the theme, I rescued the Destroyed Wash jeans from
Celestial Studios, an old classic of mine, paired with with the Unisex Classic Moccas from Armidi Gisaci (I read Milla's blog from under my rock, thank goodness for that, and thank goodness she's back or I'd be barefoot). The hair is (still)'s Cassie in jealous red, the skin is (still) Tuli's Hope in Onyx (the september picks reward), the Muted Hazel eyes and the Natural lashes are (still) Miriel's, and the poses are (still) from [LAP]. Some things never change.

Ah yes, the Tigers Eye earrings (which you can't really see, but I swear they were there the last time I looked) are from the
RH Engel Jewelry Sahara collection.

Check the full outfit details here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A side you didn't see before..

And you thought you knew this girl? You ain't seen nothing yet! *grins*

But seriously, I do believe everyone has two sides to their character. A bit like a public one and a more private one. Or a light and dark side. In best case they stand together well as a yin and yang.
And speaking of yin&yang - yes, I'm going somewhere :-) - Lion Jonesford just designed the perfect skins to display that diversity in character.

Her new line is called Yin & Yang. Yin being the softer, dress up styles and Yang the dramatic makeups. They are both available in the 5 skintones with each twenty different makeups, making it possible to find the perfect look for every mood.

I went ahead and choose my 6 favorites, which you can see in the pictures here.

Yes, Lion has done us proud again.
And she's becoming bigger and bigger. Check out the november 2009 issue of the "The Best of SL" magazine, page 114. You can read all about the adventurous girl!

For those who have never had the pleasure to meet the lovely lady herself, this is her infront of her store logo.

You go girl!!

Hugs, Noena

pic 1: detail of Lionskins Yin Dark 10
pic 2: left Lionskins Yin Dark 4 - right Lionskins Yang Sunkiss 1
pic 3: left Lionskins Yang Sunkiss 5 - right Lionskins Yin Dark 7
pic 4: left Lionskins Yin Dark 10 - right Lionskins Yang Sunkiss 6
pic 5: photograph by Lion Jonesford

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Long Wait for July ...

Hart Larsson of PXL Creations has finally released his July skins. Why so long? Because Hart is a perfectionist. And with July he has nigh well achieved it! When I was given a peek at a beta back in July I was totally hooked on Kim and didn't think July would work for me, but whatever magic took place, July is now my November skin:) I'm showing you three of the makeups in the Natural tone, the one that suits me best. I am a total sucker for PXL's Spring makeups, particularly the rose ones with soft shadow drawn out to the sides of the eyes. I also am addicted to Hart's freckles. One thing I admire in July is that the collarbonre is just in the right balance with the face. Sometimes you have a beautiful face parked on wire hanger collarbones --not here!

The body continues the lovely consistency. I wanted you to see the bum in the center and the push-up cleavage [in my case pushing up not much!] on the right. Cleavage seems to be the new black and PXL does it well.

I'm wearing Blowpop's scrummy undies, Yvette in Burgundy and my hair is Exiles Fastball in Pyre. Otherwise it's all PXL all the way :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Supporting Content Creators

There are two ogranizations today that are supporting Content Creators through a boycott. While it did work with lettuce, I'm not convinced this is the way to go here.

Of the two I recommend to you Step Up! as their sim is full of educational material as well as stunning art exhibits by many well-known SL artists. Here's your limo:

For me, though, the best response to content theft, other than following the procedures in place, is to BUY. So I did. I went and bought hyasynth Tiramisu's newest goody, Gloomy in blue today. Other content creators I am wearing are Digit Darkes, Violet Voltaire, Poetic Colors and Shiny Things. Poses by Penny Dreadful Arcade.

There are many choices for supporting content creators. This is mine.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cute as a Pumpkin

The post title is a take-off on a phrase I heard often when I was growing up and now in Second Life, "You're cute as a button." I had to take it in RL, but I get asked in SL, why, since you CAN be taller in here, in fact you can be anything you want to be, why are you short? Well to be honest I wouldn't know how to handle all those extra pixels:) So I'm short inworld and you use the aforementioned phrase at your own risk.

So here are two pumpkin-themed outfits based on the G Field Halloween dollarbie. The outfit on the right cost L$2 at the most, excluding hair and skin The [chuculet] crocodile brown earrings were L$1 I think. The "tights" are the burnt orange cords from the Celestial Studios' "Week of Love" a year or so back. And the boots are a subscribo gift for Maitreya, the Soho Boots in Pumpkin. I really like the Long Sweater from G Field, with its system skirt and large buttoned collar. [See there ARE buttons in this post.]

On the left the A+A feathers&bullets necklace has bumped the collar and I've added the new Zaara Nishar leggings in pumpkin, oooooops "Tangerine." The necklace was made for someone with more of a continental shelf than I have so I had to wiggle it around a bit to sit right. And the leggings ... the turquoise picks up enough of the green from the belt and buttons that I like the look. All together the leggings and earring added about L$360 to the outfit -- not bad at all! My skin is Jolie from Dutch Touch, Dew in Cream and Cameron in Pumpkin is from Truth

I'm one of those people that think Pumpkin is a terrific fall color, not just for Halloween. So "cute as a pumpkin" it will be :)


Trying to get rid of a bit of blogging backup here :)

The first one is more of a "Two-Off." I wanted to show off the Grim Bros Rose Shoes in all their glorious detail. They are available in MANY colors and the price, at L$277, means I will come back for more. The steampunk detail is softened by the curlicues AND the gears move! The blur in Annyka Bekker's fishnet stockings is NOT her fault--I was too impatient to let it rez fully. Her fishnets are the very best on the grid I wager. I'm wearing various parts of a ~silent sparrow~ lucky chair outfit. The pieces are recolors from hya's Gutter Glitter and Scraps collections, including the wonderful tattoo. I'm wearing one of the Audrey Little Miss skins in Medium and my hair is ETD Patricia in Auburn Burnt.

One the right is a Kuri Style dress available for L$2. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful the top is and how beautifully the layered skirt moves. For L$2 go find out for yourself. It does come with a leopard shrug, which didn't suit this look. On my feet are the Pinup shoes in Grey Python from Stiletto Moody. My hair is Chelsea Hotel from Tiny Bird --a 50 Linden Friday purchase.

On the left is Dutch Touch's new Jolie skin, the Dew makeup in Cream. I love the freckles -- they look very realistic. This is the first of the Dutch Touch skins that hasn't overwhelmed my avi and I love it! Hair is Elizabeth 2 from Truth and I'm wearing bits from Laila and Ebba by MichaMi. Earrings are from [chuculet].

A Silent Dark Night


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Ivory Vampy
Hair: CBC: Kitten with a Whip (Black beauty)
Eyes: -=Watchtower=- Black Eyes (souless)
Babydoll: Blood Tart ~silentsparrow~
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather