Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Long Wait for July ...

Hart Larsson of PXL Creations has finally released his July skins. Why so long? Because Hart is a perfectionist. And with July he has nigh well achieved it! When I was given a peek at a beta back in July I was totally hooked on Kim and didn't think July would work for me, but whatever magic took place, July is now my November skin:) I'm showing you three of the makeups in the Natural tone, the one that suits me best. I am a total sucker for PXL's Spring makeups, particularly the rose ones with soft shadow drawn out to the sides of the eyes. I also am addicted to Hart's freckles. One thing I admire in July is that the collarbonre is just in the right balance with the face. Sometimes you have a beautiful face parked on wire hanger collarbones --not here!

The body continues the lovely consistency. I wanted you to see the bum in the center and the push-up cleavage [in my case pushing up not much!] on the right. Cleavage seems to be the new black and PXL does it well.

I'm wearing Blowpop's scrummy undies, Yvette in Burgundy and my hair is Exiles Fastball in Pyre. Otherwise it's all PXL all the way :)

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Grazia said...

you're such a vixen in that skin!!! HAWT PIXELS!!