Sunday, November 1, 2009


Trying to get rid of a bit of blogging backup here :)

The first one is more of a "Two-Off." I wanted to show off the Grim Bros Rose Shoes in all their glorious detail. They are available in MANY colors and the price, at L$277, means I will come back for more. The steampunk detail is softened by the curlicues AND the gears move! The blur in Annyka Bekker's fishnet stockings is NOT her fault--I was too impatient to let it rez fully. Her fishnets are the very best on the grid I wager. I'm wearing various parts of a ~silent sparrow~ lucky chair outfit. The pieces are recolors from hya's Gutter Glitter and Scraps collections, including the wonderful tattoo. I'm wearing one of the Audrey Little Miss skins in Medium and my hair is ETD Patricia in Auburn Burnt.

One the right is a Kuri Style dress available for L$2. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful the top is and how beautifully the layered skirt moves. For L$2 go find out for yourself. It does come with a leopard shrug, which didn't suit this look. On my feet are the Pinup shoes in Grey Python from Stiletto Moody. My hair is Chelsea Hotel from Tiny Bird --a 50 Linden Friday purchase.

On the left is Dutch Touch's new Jolie skin, the Dew makeup in Cream. I love the freckles -- they look very realistic. This is the first of the Dutch Touch skins that hasn't overwhelmed my avi and I love it! Hair is Elizabeth 2 from Truth and I'm wearing bits from Laila and Ebba by MichaMi. Earrings are from [chuculet].

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Gabby Panacek said...

OMG! I love those shoes...I never spend enough time looking around Grim Bros. Adding it to my Sunday Shopping list NOW!