Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cute as a Pumpkin

The post title is a take-off on a phrase I heard often when I was growing up and now in Second Life, "You're cute as a button." I had to take it in RL, but I get asked in SL, why, since you CAN be taller in here, in fact you can be anything you want to be, why are you short? Well to be honest I wouldn't know how to handle all those extra pixels:) So I'm short inworld and you use the aforementioned phrase at your own risk.

So here are two pumpkin-themed outfits based on the G Field Halloween dollarbie. The outfit on the right cost L$2 at the most, excluding hair and skin The [chuculet] crocodile brown earrings were L$1 I think. The "tights" are the burnt orange cords from the Celestial Studios' "Week of Love" a year or so back. And the boots are a subscribo gift for Maitreya, the Soho Boots in Pumpkin. I really like the Long Sweater from G Field, with its system skirt and large buttoned collar. [See there ARE buttons in this post.]

On the left the A+A feathers&bullets necklace has bumped the collar and I've added the new Zaara Nishar leggings in pumpkin, oooooops "Tangerine." The necklace was made for someone with more of a continental shelf than I have so I had to wiggle it around a bit to sit right. And the leggings ... the turquoise picks up enough of the green from the belt and buttons that I like the look. All together the leggings and earring added about L$360 to the outfit -- not bad at all! My skin is Jolie from Dutch Touch, Dew in Cream and Cameron in Pumpkin is from Truth

I'm one of those people that think Pumpkin is a terrific fall color, not just for Halloween. So "cute as a pumpkin" it will be :)

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