Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rock and fall

(comes out from under her hiding rock and notices the temperature)
Oh wow... it's not summer any more! Not even in Spain! How on Earth did that happen? Must be global warming. Right, so I'd better save that bikini blog post for next year (Ha! yet again) and show something more appropriate for the season...
(rummages through inventory)

Yes, that's much more like it. The central piece of the outfit is the DuffelCoat in beige from Aoharu, truly primlicious in terms of detail. It includes not only a prim hood and prim buttons, but the lower part is also sculpted and it has pockets! Pockets! I think I'm not taking it off until spring. I had a bit of a conundrum as to what to pair it with, but freebies came my way to make my life easier: the black turtleneck sweater is a group gift from *COCO* (one of many, well worth sacrificing a slot to grab the whole lot from the gift wall at the main store), and I found the scarf, also free, almost accidentally while browsing XStreet. It's from a place called Edge Grafica (totally unknown to me, but hey, I live under a rock) and it's copy/mod, so it lends itself for nice adjusting (I removed the back flexi prims so they wouldn't interfere with the hood). And I totally dig the safety pin.

In keeping with the theme, I rescued the Destroyed Wash jeans from
Celestial Studios, an old classic of mine, paired with with the Unisex Classic Moccas from Armidi Gisaci (I read Milla's blog from under my rock, thank goodness for that, and thank goodness she's back or I'd be barefoot). The hair is (still)'s Cassie in jealous red, the skin is (still) Tuli's Hope in Onyx (the september picks reward), the Muted Hazel eyes and the Natural lashes are (still) Miriel's, and the poses are (still) from [LAP]. Some things never change.

Ah yes, the Tigers Eye earrings (which you can't really see, but I swear they were there the last time I looked) are from the
RH Engel Jewelry Sahara collection.

Check the full outfit details here.


Samara Barzane said...

Sorry about the bikinis LOL Good to have you blogging!

Elaine Lisle said...

Devastating, isn't it? *grins*
Good to blog back, even without the knowledge that I'll do it again anytime soon...