Thursday, February 28, 2008

I vant to be alone ...

With 56,000 other avies LOL

My reference is to the name of one of Sioxie Legend's super tops, "Garbo," seen here in three of its variations. Its silky drapes and plunging back make it a modest, yet sexy, top to wear for a special event. Sometimes showing less IS more:)

I have paired it with the skirt from Last Call's Bass dress [discontinued unfortunately]. On the left I'm wearing ETD's Orsay stilettos in red. [I think Elika's shoes are wonderful -- next time get out of the hair section if you can and take a look!] In the center photo I am wearing LAQUE in black by Storm Schmooz -- on the right ETD Orsay again, this time in navy blue. Jewelry in all three photos is Violet Voltaire's new Angel set in silver/black. Hair is ETD's Shanna in caramel burnt. Skin is Fleur's new Shoujo 3 skin in lily.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Nod at a Neighbor 's Creativity!

Now that Fleur Skins' sim, Fleur, has moved next to Nicky Ree's sim, Tropical Orchid, I have an excuse to wander over there and look around a bit more than I have in the past. I've got my eye on a few things, but wanted to share what was already in my inventory before I went mad and spent my last linden there LOL.

I DID buy the new tunic dress in aqua and that's on the left of the collage. It's a system skirt and a lovely one and includes the glitch pants that are so necessary for avi modesty ;) I "dyed" the G.L.A.M. free metallic tights to match the prim belt. The shoes are Storm Schmooz' LAQUE in black, part of my booty from my announcing "gig." In all three pictures my skin is Terre 2 in buff from Fleur of course and my hairstyle is Maaliyah from ETD in Cinnamon burnt. [again of course ;)]

In the middle photo I am wearing Nicky's Roslin, which I wore to the Fleur Casino Royale party and blogged here. The shoes are Spring in gold by Shiny Things. On the right I am wearing the Nicole pant suit in green, also by Nicky Ree. Nicole comes with a lot of primmy bits, which I have chosen not to wear. As a small avi I sometimes feel as though they are too much for me and they always need to be adjusted. But the system top, pants and "skirt" for the jacket bottom are wonderful -- and without the primmy bits, the lace detail shows more clearly. The shoes are again LAQUE in black.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunlight & Sioxie

Just when winter's dawn seems the coldest a content creator reminds us that summer's warmth, at least in Phil's Place, is just a system shirt and pants away:) I've enjoyed many of Sioxie Legend's Second Wave Apparel creations, even giving the wonderful SWA silk pants as Christmas presents to my female friends. But the minute I saw her new camis and capris the question was, simply, which ones?

I opted for the capris in "sunwashed" [see first paragraph for the reason ;)] and the cami in "tropical hibiscus." This was only one of many wonderful combinations from the options available at her Plush Omicron store. I had to wait my turn as others cycled through the options, but *finally* they were MINE. And I might add at a very reasonable price.

The formfitting capris are nicely detailed, as is the cami with its lush pattern and perfect lace at the neck back and front. Other credits are below, but I have to mention Violet Voltaire's new jewelry set Angel, full of crystal hearts and primmy delight. It comes in four stone colors and 2 metal colors, of which I have already purchased two LOL. I'm wearing the silver/black combo here. Violet isn't a prolific creator, but what she does is very wonderful indeed!

Skin: Fleur's Shoujo 3 in Lily
Hair: ETD's Maaliyah in cinnamon burnt [We're open again!]
Shoes: *Classy Kitty* SlingBack *LEATHER CORDS* in White [from a Simone sale]

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm mad too!

Please read Grazia's blog today -- it's important.

We're all too familiar with content theft and even with content theft as revenge, but content theft because you don't agree with a cause that the creator is supporting ... ummm okay ... there are plenty of polarizing issues. But Autism? I know from friends and colleagues that Autism is a devastating experience for all involved. But how can trying to find a cure or treatment for autism be something for which you oppose research?

So please, yes, pick up the dress [named Vanessa and shown to the right], but also contribute to the kiosk. We can vote here, in this case, with our contributions. I know there are plenty of causes out there [and for me The Relay for Life is my main one] but I'm going to drop at least a few lindens in every Autism kiosk I see from now on.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Odds 'n' Ends

I haven't had a chance to take any new pictures recently so I dug into my blog file and threw this collage together. As you can see I have been playing with PS and it's clear I have no idea what I am doing LOL. Please be kind ;)

On the left is the Septembre outfit from Fleur, which I bought before the rebuild and renaming. For my lindens it is a very sweet and well-done option for a petite avi. No refitting necessary -- I just slid the skirt around a bit. Now if I can just talk Roslin & CJ into putting the clothes back out on the new sim.

In the middle is Ivalde's Marit, one of the dresses in the recent fashion show I announced. I think I said something about the "delicious gathers", but don't hold me to that ;) It was the dress I ran out and bought after the show though. It does come with a black belt on the shirt layer, which both I and the model chose to not wear.

On the right is a "Graphic" t-shirt from a store on the new noir Silent sim, worn with one of Starley Thereian's Valentine gifts to group members, her cords in burnt orange.

In all images the hair is ETD's Patricia in auburn burnt [we reopen this weekend YES!], the skin is Fleur's Terre 2 in buff. On the left two photos I am wearing Shiny Things Lady slingbacks in cream, on the right Shiny Things vintage pumps in chocolate. [Available in the balcony discount section.]

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Busy Week Past : Technology, Art & Fashion

Was it last Thursday that I announced my second-only fashion show? I think so ... It was the VALENTINE Runway Show as part of the opening celebrations of The Museum of Earth Friendly Technology and was organized by Hermit Barber, with the assistance of my friend, Noena Merlin. It was held in a wonderful arena built by Hermit Barber at SmarterEarth on the Jeffrey sim. The clothes were by Neferia Abel of Ivalde with jewelry by Random Calliope, who was holding numerous butterfly hunts that day, and shoes by Storm Schmooz.

We survived the first show and then flew through the second show swimmingly. And I got to wear Ivalde's new dress, Dagmar in red, with Random Calliope's "The Pearl" jewelry set and the Schmooz LAQUE shoes in black. It is a wonderful dress, a bit prim-heavy, but at least I was standing still LOL
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On Sunday I attended the opening of the Art on Avatar exhibit consisting of pictures of avatars wearing the creations of designer Nicky Ree, held on SOA Adventure Island. The space was beautifully designed -- I especially enjoyed the wonderful quotations that underline the theme of fashion as art. Praise to Anita Cassini for arranging the exhibition.

There were also white sculptures of dressed human figures in the style of the late George Segal. My shot shows my friend, Noena Merlin paused in one of those groupings. She is wearing, as most of us were, a wonderful Nicky Ree creation.

It was also a lot of fun, if disconcerting at first, to see one's own profile picture on the wall. There were two places where the profile picture of the closest avi was displayed alongside the other photos and sculptures.

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Official!

Now I can say how happy I am to be working for Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot at Fleur Skins, as Roslin announced it in her blog yesterday! I remember tippy-toeing into TaP, as it was then known to buy my first of many Vivant skins, never dreaming that I would end up working with them! Can we say thrilled? YES!

I am particularly happy as their product is the perfect [and in my case frequent] companion to Elika's wonderful hairstyles at ETD. So when you see me working at ETD or Fleur I'll be wearing both! I am a lucky avi to be able to work for these wonderful creators.

The picture I am posting today was taken by my good friend, Noena Merlin -- wearing Fleur's new Boutique skin, Shoujo 3 in Lily and ETD's Patricia in Cinnamon burnt. The outfit is Nicky Ree's Nicole in green. Thanks Noena :)

BTW rumor has it that ETD will be reopening this week with some wonderful surprises -- so stay tuned ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

And what does YOUR heart say ?

Your Candy Heart Says "Hug Me"

  • A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.
  • Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!
  • Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out
  • Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking
  • What turns you off: fighting and conflict
Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best foot forward...

After featuring hair, clothes and skins I thought it was time for me to get to the bottom of matters! So I'm showing off three of my favorite pairs of boots.

On the left are the first pair of Maitreya Dune boots I ever purchased, in olive. I wish I owned them in every color as they go wonderfully with so many outfits.

On the right are Shiny Things Biker Boots in red, with the floral design. The combination of the hobnails and the "embroidered" flowers makes these both sweet and tough at the same time. I wish I had these in RL to wade through the snow we've been having where I live.

And in the center are my go-to boots, the ETD Calf Boots in black. Chances are high that you will see me wearing these if you run into me on the grid as the calf height suits my smaller avi better than many of the taller boots.

Nothing to say about hair, skin, clothes or jewelery today :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Make up your mind Sam!

My original outfit for today's Fleur reopening was Last Call's Elizabeth in green, with my usual Maaliyah in Auburn, Fleur Boutique skin Strawberry Parfait 1 and my new Airen jewelry set from Alienbear Gupte. I had even purchased new shoes from Adam n Eve to match the hem color of the gown. And I had my good friend, Fury, take pictures of me during our Saturday photo shoot. [The image on the left is by her] But the best laid plans ...

Then Roslin dropped the new Shoujo skins on me and suggested that we wear something from Fleur's new neighbor, Nicky Ree. My friend, Noena Merlin, suggested the Roslin gown [surprisingly enough NOT named for Fleur's Roslin]. I decided on ETD's Eglantine in Chestnut burnt at Noena's suggestion. My friend Fury then suggested something lighter so I landed on Sky burnt in Eglantine, but then Noena pointed out that I was covering the eye design on the Shoujo skin 5 that I had chosen to wear.

After cycling through my ETD styles in Sky we landed on the dollarbie, Phoebe, which I then wore. Thanks to Noena & Fury and Noena again for helping me find the right combination! I switched to Alienbear's Princess Nieve in purple for my jewelry. The spring heels from Shiny Things in the picture ended up being replaced by Aphrodite Outlander's Serenity in skinpink, mostly to reduce primmage. As it was we were all nailed to the grid by Sunday lag.

I worked the 1pm party -- we had a wonderful time -- many prizes were won and the guests enjoyed a great music stream and the hospitality of Roslin and CJ. Be sure to drop by the new store and enjoy the work of CJ & Roslin!

Credit: photo on the left by Fury Stapleton

Psssssst ... new skins at Fleur

Yesterday Roslin Petion dropped the new Fleur anime-based Shoujo skins on me and made my day :) I normally don't wear skins this pale, but the skin tone and the lip colors and eye makeup make it more than possible. As is appropriate for a manga-inspired look the body details are minimal, but oh those faces! The first two have eyelashes painted on the skin, wonderful for those low prim moments. There are 6 makeups in all.

I've chosen to wear the skins in the Lily tone -- the other is called Lotus. From left to right I am wearing Shoujo 3, Shoujo 5 and Shoujo 1. My hair is Maaliyah in Chestnut faded, Amethyst burnt and Chocolate faded [I think!]

And don't forget the reopening party this afternoon -- at two times -- 1pm SLT and 5pm SLT. The theme is Casino Royale. Come wear your best retro finery and Fleur skins and take your chance at winning some great Fleur prizes. I'll hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sam in Salmon from Ivalde

I was out on a shopping tour with my friend, Noena, and we ended up at Ivalde. I have to admit that I am not always partial to their work, especially the glitch skirts, but this sale item, Sophie in salmon, begged to be bought and I haven't regretted it.

It's nicely retro [such a modest neckline ;)] and the color blending in the skirt is nigh on perfection. Oh .. and the prim skirt fit instantly without adjusting -- the dream of every avi, especially those of us who are smaller. My finger hovered over a few others, but do go take a look at the Ivalde sale as I'm not sure how much longer it will be on.

My skin is Fleur Vivant Terre 2 in buff, my hair is my standby Maaliyah from ETD in auburn burnt and my boots -- again ETD calf boots in black.

Friday, February 8, 2008

A true "Fashion Emergency" coming to a water sim near you...

This morning on the Fashion Emergency group chat we were informed of a small bevy of mermaids at a store called Club Jellyfish. My interest was piqued and I can only show -- telling won't do it LOL.

For 170 L I got the mermaid outfit and basic mermaid AO. So of course I headed for the nearest ocean sim I knew... the rest should be pretty evident LOL. Seriously, this was pretty good value for the linden. It's called the Rosetail and the color is "verdant." Be sure to click on the image to get a larger one -- the detail is worth it!

Topping it Off! [A Bit of Spring]

I wasn't finding inspiration this morning so I did what any good avi does -- I rummaged through inventory. Ended up finding these three tops in green, more or less. We often focus on whole outfits or our mix and matches so I thought it would be a nice change to just look at a few of the tops that were tucked into the recesses of my inventory :) Plus the green reminds us of spring ...

On the left is Armidi Gisaci Classic Boucle Sweater in Ash. I'm fond of this because of the subtle color and the lack of primmy parts that need arranging on my small avi. In the middle is Simone Stern's Cuddly Sweater in Leaf with the rose necklace. Two things to note here: the prim parts are very well done -- none of those rolls at the wrists, and the rose necklace that is included on the sweater texture. The latter is very thoughtful as turtleneck attachments often bump any necklace you are wearing. On the right is Pixel Doll's Wraith top in Ocean Jade and again the primmy bits fit rather nicely.

All of these should still be available in a sim near you, so if you are longing for a bit of green in a gray February [at least when I live!] here's a good start on a bit of spring.

Hair is ETD Maaliyah in Chestnut Faded and the skin is Fleur's [TaP] Vivant Terre 2 in buff. BTW don't miss the opening of the new Fleur store on Sunday. Join the Fleur update group for full information!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Flight of Fancy

** I managed to fry my husband's laptop. Why is this important you ask? It had the better graphics card. *cries* So I am back to my desktop and less than ideal images to post until I can see if I can replace the graphics card in this machine. It was nice while it lasted :( **

On to today's post. I have visited Silent Sparrow on several occasions, mostly to view the wonderful surrealistic images of Jessica Ornitz. But I had never felt that the Silent Sparrow style was for me and the prices were a bit high for me to experiment. Then the fashion feed whispered "sale", so I thought let's give it another chance.

What I found was Poppies" in purple. It's a bit spooky, very elegant and more than worth the sale price of L$ 150. I particularly enjoy the detailing on the corset-type top and the wonderful filmy prim skirt. It comes with the wonderful long gloves, but I did have to make some glitch pants to protect myself from nasty system skirt breaks. Please designers -- including those makes an avi happy :)

I'm wearing the Princess Nieve set in lavender from Alienbear Gupte [bought in a post-holiday sale]. Maaliyah in auburn burnt from ETD, Miriel's Late Sunset eyes and the wonderful Fleur [formerly Tete a Pied] Boutique Parfait 1 skin in strawberry. My shoes are Shiny Things T-straps revamped in black [from the discount balcony section]

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Something's afoot at Fleur ...

Your intrepid pixelated reporter tp-ed to the Tête à Pied sim yesterday and found some big changes. Hiding behind some foliage she noticed the word Fleur ..... hmmmm ....

Tiptoeing inside and darting from potted palm to potted palm a new vision emerged. Tête à Pied is now Fleur and with a spanking new [and wonderful] CJ Carnot build in the colonial style, replete with lazily rotating ceiling fans.

Keep your eyes peeled for the formal opening announcement... [Your reporter runs off to find her best duds and favorite Fleur skin to wear... ]

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ruthing Around

I didn't have the time to take any photos today for the blog so I thought I'd share one of me spectacularly "ruthed" as Phil's Place is wont to do to you when you least want it. I apologize to Simone for showing her wonderful new Style Starts Here clothes under such circumstances ;)

And I did promise to show you an early picture of me with system hair -- so here it is -- my first profile picture standing in my first Phil's Place apartment. Was that only last April ?

Please help protect our content creators-sign the JIRA!

Please sign the JIRA and tell your friends and group members to do likewise. This is crucial to the future of ALL creative content on Second Life. Please do it now!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Support SL Content Creators III

Well I did the thing I know best, I shopped! I went and bought from 4 of the wonderful content creators in SL. In the two left images I am wearing the tag from the PROTEST AGAINST CONTENT THEFT Group.

I am wearing the *PERSONA* Itaparica pants in dark gray and the top [including the lace insert] in bluish gray made by Myllie Writer. The detail is nicely done and I like the way the top tucks into the pants. My boots are the new Eva Suede Boots in fawn from SLink , made by Siddean Munro. I visited the Kraftika Jewelry shop for the first time having seen some of Anuitka Barthelmess' work in a blog. Didn't buy the blogged item, but fell in love with No. 109 with its fan shaped pendant with a subtle gold heart and wonderful asymmetry in the placement of the beads on the neck chain.

But the BIG purchase was my first Abyss skin. I had been eyeing them for a while, but so many choices and even more lindens ... but with the attention paid to skin texture theft yesterday I wanted to put my pixels where my avi was so to speak LOL I am wearing the Abyss Jadzia Illicit 2 B skin and loving it. The surface of the skin is flawless, the B level of lip glossiness suits me fine and the eye makeup is among the best in SL. A lot of lindens for sure, but worth it even without the desire to support SL content creators.

Otherwise I am wearing Maaliyah by ETD in auburn burnt, Beauty Raine's brown rainbow fantasy eyes and Celestial Studios' Classic 6 eyelashes.
edited to correct the duplicate shot in the photo montage.
Also a reminder that Another Fundraiser ends tonight. Get those skins and support the creative content providers of SL!

Stop Content Thieves II

Others are following the ins and outs better than I can, although I was among those who were orbited and banned at Marwood. I have to say this is my first major protest activity since the Vietnam War [okay I'm dating myself!] and it felt good to be able to do something about an important SL issue. Maybe it's not world hunger or genocide, but the rights of creators to protect their work is one the the pillars of civilization. Just read the English philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, about what happens in the "state of nature" -- or as my students -- they'll be writing on it on their midterm.

What can you do? Well join the demonstrations, wear the Layniewear skin, but also vote on this JIRA: It's important -- please do it!

Oh and also go buy skins from the legitimate creators. I bit the bullet and bought one from Abyss last evening.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Support Second Life Content Creators

The sad story of content creators' work being stolen in SL continues, thus this post. Today Emilia Redgrave left SL because her skins were ripped off by Bonnie Arado.

The SL fashion community, through the much appreciated intermediary of a concierge level resident, was able to get the work deleted, at least at the Donahoe location. The Bonnie Arado account also seems to have also been deleted. Below is a picture of the demonstration during and after the deletion of the store. Let's be grateful that the Lindens responded in this case at least.

Many people can report better than I so here are a few links that, in turn link to other reports:

What can you do? First don't buy from thieves. Second file an abuse report for every creator who has been ripped off. Include pictures as as much evidence as you can. Don't use the word "copyright" in the header though, as the only route the Lindens recognize for that is the the DCMA process. But enough ARs and notice will be taken as we have seen.

Two Faces of Sam

Well at least it isn't three and my name isn't Eve.

The picture on the left was taken after a good friend's Rezday Party -- with a super live band yet!! I came home and, before I kicked off my shoes, I took this photo. The outfit is a mix 'n' match combining several elements. I started with the top from Last Call's Casey, because it went with the Nereid jewelry set by Tekeli-li . The set is color-change, but I love the seagreen/blues it comes in. The skirt is a very useful one from Ibizarre called "Mix it up." I colored the G.L.A.M. freebie metallic Lycra tights [light] and finished the outfit off with the Shiny Things T-straps revamped from the balcony discount section. Hair is AJ from ETD in cinnamon, skin is Celestial Studios Jade-Mid in champagne.

Once I got started taking pictures I wanted to see how Last Call's Aphrodite would look against this shot I took of a medieval courtyard in Arles, France. Hair is AJ from ETD in strawberry. The skin is one from Another Fundraiser -- [Fayray] Lf0 - Dark Angel (Another Fundraiser) by Shani Fayray. Then this avi left to make dinner in RL.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Never too much of a good thing ;)

I normally don't blog every day, let alone twice a day, but with a snow day called at my college, and the opening of Simone's new sim, Style Starts Here, well why not?

Here I'm wearing 3 of the wonderfully detailed lingerie items that are the heart of SSH. From left to right: the Blue Floral Body Thong [L$ 150], the Green and White Lace Bra & Panties Set [only L$ 75 !!] and the Black Lacy Bra and Panty Set[L$ 100] . My picture doesn't show the wonderful cutouts on the Blue Floral Body Thong at all!

Hair is AJ from ETD -- from left to right: smoke, cinnamon & strawberry. Skin is Celestial Studios Fall-3 in champagne.

Ssshhhhh ... it's SSH

Simone Stern has been tantalizing her group members with whiffs of things to come. And yesterday we were allowed in to see what SSH stands for. And it is ... Style Starts Here. It's a wonderful build full of quality casual Simone designs for both men and women. Especially of note is the lingerie for the ladies AND most of the items are priced at L$ 100 or lower. There is also plenty for the guy in your SL at the same prices. Here's the slurl: Style Starts Here

My first two purchases were the SSH White Crossover Knot Top and the SSH - Inked Jeans [the pattern is a tribal one...], both of which were L$ 100 each. I've taken the pictures in front of one of my photos of the parkland at Chateau Chenonceau in France.

Hair is ETD AJ in Strawberry, the choker is a freebie from Canimal and the shoes are the Elana Sandals (silver - taupe) from Shoes Simply Shoes on sale for half price. The skin is Celestial Studios Fall-3 in champagne

Thank you Simone!