Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best foot forward...

After featuring hair, clothes and skins I thought it was time for me to get to the bottom of matters! So I'm showing off three of my favorite pairs of boots.

On the left are the first pair of Maitreya Dune boots I ever purchased, in olive. I wish I owned them in every color as they go wonderfully with so many outfits.

On the right are Shiny Things Biker Boots in red, with the floral design. The combination of the hobnails and the "embroidered" flowers makes these both sweet and tough at the same time. I wish I had these in RL to wade through the snow we've been having where I live.

And in the center are my go-to boots, the ETD Calf Boots in black. Chances are high that you will see me wearing these if you run into me on the grid as the calf height suits my smaller avi better than many of the taller boots.

Nothing to say about hair, skin, clothes or jewelery today :)

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