Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Busy Week Past : Technology, Art & Fashion

Was it last Thursday that I announced my second-only fashion show? I think so ... It was the VALENTINE Runway Show as part of the opening celebrations of The Museum of Earth Friendly Technology and was organized by Hermit Barber, with the assistance of my friend, Noena Merlin. It was held in a wonderful arena built by Hermit Barber at SmarterEarth on the Jeffrey sim. The clothes were by Neferia Abel of Ivalde with jewelry by Random Calliope, who was holding numerous butterfly hunts that day, and shoes by Storm Schmooz.

We survived the first show and then flew through the second show swimmingly. And I got to wear Ivalde's new dress, Dagmar in red, with Random Calliope's "The Pearl" jewelry set and the Schmooz LAQUE shoes in black. It is a wonderful dress, a bit prim-heavy, but at least I was standing still LOL
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On Sunday I attended the opening of the Art on Avatar exhibit consisting of pictures of avatars wearing the creations of designer Nicky Ree, held on SOA Adventure Island. The space was beautifully designed -- I especially enjoyed the wonderful quotations that underline the theme of fashion as art. Praise to Anita Cassini for arranging the exhibition.

There were also white sculptures of dressed human figures in the style of the late George Segal. My shot shows my friend, Noena Merlin paused in one of those groupings. She is wearing, as most of us were, a wonderful Nicky Ree creation.

It was also a lot of fun, if disconcerting at first, to see one's own profile picture on the wall. There were two places where the profile picture of the closest avi was displayed alongside the other photos and sculptures.

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