Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm mad too!

Please read Grazia's blog today -- it's important.

We're all too familiar with content theft and even with content theft as revenge, but content theft because you don't agree with a cause that the creator is supporting ... ummm okay ... there are plenty of polarizing issues. But Autism? I know from friends and colleagues that Autism is a devastating experience for all involved. But how can trying to find a cure or treatment for autism be something for which you oppose research?

So please, yes, pick up the dress [named Vanessa and shown to the right], but also contribute to the kiosk. We can vote here, in this case, with our contributions. I know there are plenty of causes out there [and for me The Relay for Life is my main one] but I'm going to drop at least a few lindens in every Autism kiosk I see from now on.

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